Steem Witness Forum Starts this morning!

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Hey all. One of the best things that I think I do for this platform is help get my fellow witnesses out of their man caves and into the spotlight a little to talk about what they are working on, the state of the network, and what are the good and bad things that we need to address as a broader community. Part of that is having @andrarchy on the show who is the Director of Content for Steemit Inc. He usually starts off the show by talking about some of what Steemit has been up to and a little insight into the water cooler discussions there.



I have two maybes with @jesta and @yabapmatt (the backup witness for this).

I'm expecting another great conversation.


Show starts at 11 am EST (1500 UTC)
Show happens in The Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Channel

You can also listen live at

A note about PALnet

If you've never been in PALnet before please make sure you register. Registration costs 0.001 steem, which is returned to you. You'll get an automated message with instructions. Registration unlocks your ability to speak in the channels.


Please make sure you come a little early to get audio checked. It's important you don't have sounds from your speakers entering into your mic.

When you arrive head into the "waiting room" and we'll check your audio and then you'll get dragged live on air. You'll be placed on mute while music plays (so you may want to listen on until the formally starts at 11am EST)

PALnet rules

You are welcome to express any thought you have regarding anything discussed, but you're not allowed to be purposefully antagonistic about it. You have a whole internet to act however you want. We enforce some decorum. All thoughts are allowed, but not all presentations of the thought. Find a way to express frustration in a healthy way if that's what you're choosing to share and be prepared to be kicked if you can't do that with civility. That includes while you are talking to Steemit employees, witnesses, and guests in the chatroom.


I'll make a recording available. I'll put it on the previous post, this post, and a post I write after the forum with some notes about the forum. Feel free to share or simply copy the youtube links and put around the web however you choose to do so.


Hosting these conversations are part of my ongoing witness project, and the projects that the witnesses discuss are part of their ongoing witness projects. If you hear things that you think add value to the network please consider adding your votes to the guests.

If you're unclear on what a witness is or does I recently wrote a post about it here

Update with the recordings



Will you record it?

You had shared a good informative post, associated links are more educative too.
But whales @pharesim is not too much active or is totally inactive since last two month. I always used to wait for his post. He was or even is one great whales of steemit.
@jerrybanfield is totally on steemit. He has even suggested that steem will replace Bitcoin as largest
cryptocurrency to the end of 2020.
Do witnesses help minnows or only do the technical work, I mean others?

which my friend said and my friend is really very true once my friends are amazing I really like the words of this friend, I am new comrade friend

Thanks for sharing this post.

Consider streaming via dlive too

I love this kinda. Innovation it shows team work. And omg jerrybarnfield would be there. Awesome

I have always missed out due to bad timing. I will check in today.

Thank you for the update, I'll try to be there to see our witnesses today!

I have prepared a question for @andrarchy too, if you have the opportunity to ask him, that would be perfect! I is posted as a comment to your last post about Steem Witness forum, and I guess this is the perfect moment to address it, with Steem getting listed on Huobi Pro.

Again, thank you so much!

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nice informatins @aggroed
thank you for sharing

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