Aftab I voted for each of them as well! Would you consider adding me to your existing votes also because I would appreciate it?

Sure @jerrybanfield, you are the one whom I saw on facebook and joined Steemit. You are the one adding value to Steemit, for sure you will be voted and supported in every field by me dude :)

Voted you dude :)

We can vote just one time to one witness in our 30 votes?
Tell if we can vote more I will vote you more :D

Opps I nearly pasted my Account password, pheww thank God I didnt :D

Well I want to share some ideas too.

Maximum of the Steemians do not know about it at all, and I know maximum of them are just newbies or the ones not active. Steemit should remove their voting power who is not active, and also give voting power to those who participate in the community actively, and voting power should be given to those who has at least 500 followers and active.