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Hey everyone! We've got some big news for the @ocd project today! We have gone ahead and set up a witness account for the project under @ocd-witness!

We have been thinking for some time now on how to further evolve the project and this is one part of that and will allow us in the future to continue growing and be able to cover more and more posts. The price lately has gone up a lot and made it possible for us to reach more newcomers, we are still in the process of re-assessing the way we curate and there will be some more info coming in about that soon. The beauty about these open-source platforms is that growth and price often come exponentially and we will make sure to grow the amount of curators at the same pace.

This will be a curation witness account, which means that the potential rewards will mainly be used to continue curating with them and the @ocd account and at the same time they will spread among everyone involved in the team.

Our plans in the near future are to re-steem more posts and keep the post rewards from the compilation posts at a profitable amount for the curators incentives. The witness account will be helping us to afford re-steeming more while adjusting the voting on post rewards!

The project has been alive for over 6 months now and many of the curators worked with minimum incentives when prices were low, since the majority of them believed that the price would go up at one point and have invested half of their rewards in the @ocd account and in their own SP it is nice to see them being rewarded for all the hard work they have provided in the past.

With the recent price surge and depending on where Steem will settle in the near future, we have a lot of adjusting to do with compilation post voting and also the posts that we curate. It gives us a great chance to grow and remain as one of the largest curation projects on the Steem platform.

Some short info on what @ocd does

We have over 35 curators both for english and over 10 other languages looking at posts age 0-5 days that have gone missed by most curators and have remained undervalued. We ask these authors to be nominated in our compilation posts which offers them more attention from our 3000+ followers and then the @ocd account, the curator nominating it, myself and @anomadsoul reward the post with votes.

We also re-steem posts that have been tagged with #ocd-resteem and will be growing the amount of daily re-steems in the near future.

The curated posts receive 2-2.5x higher votes than the curators who found them get rewarded.

Me and @anomadsoul also incentivize manual curators of the platform to front-run us on votes on the curated content by voting on it a day later. For more info on the possible rewards you can earn this way, read this post by @miniature-tiger

An analysis of user retention shows that over 80% of users who have been featured by OCD are still active on Steem (73% have posted within the last 14 days, 84% voted within the same time period). This is a huge percentage in comparison to the 10% user retention seen overall.

This quote is from the same post showing user retention of the authors that have been nominated by @ocd, bear in mind that this retention rate was before the surges in price.

These are the Witness specs

What you can do to continue aiding @ocd

Throw some votes, doesn't matter how much of your daily voting power they take, on the curated content which increases your curation rewards dramatically.

Vote on the @ocd compilation posts and the re-steems.

Vote on us as witness here: https://steemit.com/~witnesses

Bear in mind that this action requires your active key. Scroll down on the page and you will find this box:

Thank you for all the positive feedback so far, Steemians! This year is going to be epic!

(and I don't use the word epic often) :)


That is some good retention stats, I think it is one of the most neglected areas so great to hear them. I will get on to the witnessing and sign my name in the bloods

Haha, thanks!

Awesome! This is definitely a big step forward for the OCD Project, bud! Can't wait to see what you guys do in 2018! (Also, 35 curators now? That's some big growth there when you think about it. I remember when I first met you there was only, like, 16 members if I recall correctly? Really cool to see how far you've expanded the project, dude.)

Although am new to steemit and got to know about @ocd from @anomadsoul. These stats are great, am yet to experience ocd, but i hoping i do soon.
2018 looks like you got it all planned out lets see how it goes though, hoping for the best from ocd and i believe @deadspace you have been longer here, i can see you highly recommend them.

Advice for someone new to Steem? Do these programs really help new users?

I will follow you if you down-vote the comment from @abdsamadsakhi and up-vote my comment.

@acidyo Nothing but respect and support for OCD.

2018 is going to be our year!

and thanks for explaining the context again! will visit the ocd posts regularly. already discovered great stuff!

This is awesome! @ocd has helped many authors on their steemit journey, and this will only allow us to encourage and reward so many more... Voted witness and glad to be part of the @ocd crew :D

i voted for witness

Thanks! :)

Nice job strengthening and building up the OCD community to promote new authors and give back or encourage them to evolve. Just now read a little bit more about OCD, OCD-RESTEEM and I see the actions behind the words that are written. Hope this community will grow and we all work together as this is the only way we can achieve great things.

This is cool:

An analysis of user retention shows that over 80% of users who have been featured by OCD are still active on Steem (73% have posted within the last 14 days, 84% voted within the same time period). This is a huge percentage in comparison to the 10% user retention seen overall.

Congrats on doing this successfully for past 6 months and taking this next step. Your role for Steemit community has been very supportive!

Excellent job @acidyo.

Steem On!

Awesome, off to vote.

whether later in the future @ocs will make a bot for voting ?

We have something in the works for that. Hopefully soon!

we hope that in the near future we can see the @ocd is on the boards on steem bot tracker.

I gave you a vote re witness, great work good people, not sure how you do it, but you do it good :-) regards, Darren.

Great community effort with incentives for participants you are providing. You get my vote!

Thank you!

That is pretty awesome.
You definitely got my vote as a witness so thanks for all your great works for this steemit community.

Thank you @acidyo for your huge contribution to the Steemit community

Another great expansion to the project! Yay!!

Ps - voted for witness!

Great - Just voted ;)

I'm on the Steem train and I'm gonna ride it to Valhalla!

Go OCD project, this will help many.

Big ups from me,

Will the account be OCD? :D

it's @ocd-witness and it will be delegating rewards to @ocd to curate with them! :)

Awesome! Look forward to it!

Excellent!!!, hope to be part of the community, I feel this is going to be a good year for all steemians!!! Thank you @acidyo!!

This is all really encouraging to hear, @acidyo, thank you! Nearly 2 months in and, I admit, I still don't fully understand how Steemit works.

Sometimes, I'll get lucky, and receive many eyes on a post, for which I'm very grateful and motivated to do more. Then, posts of equal quality throughout the week will sit there ignored, or viewed by 2-3 people.

For my latest post, a poem composed for a writing prompt on Steemit, I did as you advised and included the tag #ocd-resteem

I hope it helps & wish you continued success with your good work, Yahia

PS - Off to vote ocd-witness :)

Done. You should have done this earlier.

Never too late. :)

Ah this is awesome. I love our user retention rate. I wonder if this is from the manual engagement from our curators as well?

you just got another vote here @acidyo! great job! I am new here. please re-steem my latest writing. Thank you so much! :)


Thank you!

God bless you.

Thank you @acidyo for another great project. I am going to vote for it.

Will support the ocd project, if i can! Keep on the good work!

Nice @ocd-witness just got my vote. Love to put my support behind causes I like and witnesses I trust.


Finally! This is amazing news brother. I am glad to see OCD team (which is one of the most best teams in Steem) lead by an amazing person who has a huge heart, to finally be where they belong :)

Awesome, you have my advance witness vote :D

this is my support to you @acidyo

very nice project..upvoted

I wish that everybody would show as much support to the steemit community as you do! Upvoted and voted as a witness.

Thank you very much for this awesome project. Upvoted and also voted for old-witness. Keep up the good work and let us know when we can support you!

I love the way you support the whole steem network. Upvoted and also support you as a witness.

If you need some more curators (Filipino - English), just notice me sometime. ;)

And from all your hard work and epic involvement in the community, you definitely deserve my 9th witness vote. ;)

Cheers for an EPIC 2018! God bless you @acidyo, @ocd, @ocd-witness!

Have you any OCD-witness?

i will vote ,,, keep it up mate

Great to see one of the important community in witness category! I am glad to cast my vote for OCD as my witness. Hope you guys keep up with the good work!

Excellent news is a great project for everyone on this wonderful platform 👏👏👏 An applause for The Titans

Some good concepts figures, I think it's so great to hear them in the most neglected areas. I'll be a witness and sign my name in blood. Thank you.

Many many congratulations on hitting this milestone:

Hey everyone! We've got some big news for the @ocd project today! We have gone ahead and set up a witness account for the project under @ocd-witness!

I've witnessed this project since its beginning helping minnows get the right exposure. It would be justified to call you The Voice Of The Weak. Sorry if it sounds too political. :)

Salute to you @acidyo. You're a leader.

This year is going to be crasy with steemit our future based on steem and steemit and working hard and be pasion

steemit is true..

I think you accidentally double-voted, but thanks!

Hi! You have nice post and I like wittness

Aprovechen este impulso diario, esta aceleración que invade las redes sociales de información sobre bicoin . Diariamente van subiendo posiciones plataformas de diferentes funciones y calidad, el consejo es hacer las cosas bien y después de sentir que esta bien volverlo mucho mejor. Éxito acidyo.
Take advantage of this daily impulse, this acceleration that invades the social networks of information about bicoin. On a daily basis, platforms with different functions and quality are rising, the advice is to do things well and after feeling that it is good to return it much better. Success acidyo.

Just voted! Respect for OCD

an excellent extension of the project.

Your post is really super intresting and i like your way of writing.
Impressive thoughts and much appreciated efforts.
Steem on

reSTEEMED, witness vote cast.
Top project.

Fingers crossed!

I thank the community of okb for supporting new writers.

Witness vote recieved! You guys do great work. I was found by one of your curators last night while I slept. Always nice to wake up to a comment from them. Exciting times ahead!

Cool! Can't wait to see what else the future holds for it! :)

hello a loving greeting, here I am following you and supporting you. Congratulations.


I think this is great! Sounds like an effective way to make sure the best content is getting attention. Upvoted!

pretty cool, voted:)

Thank you very much for posting so beautiful a post to us

Oh, I was looking for few more witnesses to vote.
So you say to vote for ocd? ;)

I love what is going on here, working projects to ocd-resteem are very forward-thinking in that if there are difficulties now in letting quality content and individuals fall by the wayside, when the real "exodus" comes from other social platforms look out. I am new to the platform, about three weeks, and am amazed at how there are so many successful people on here ensuring ongoing success through development of new users here at steemit. Stellar stuff @acidyo keep up the great work, let me know if there is anything of value I can do to help here!

Thanks @acidyo and the entire @ocd community,you are doing a great job, I once got a resteemed from @ocd and the cash out was great, keep.supporting post,

Keep up the goid work...youre doing amazing things!

Lovely Can you follow me

Great work. I would like to be in..how can I do that?

well done @acidyo, thanks for sharing

I really want to get in on this but I have up-goat-for-1.jpgnot enough ram

Wow, it's so super cool. So you actually check undervalued posts and help new members of the community grow.
I think it's worth of voting for that witness then.
Thanks for your hard work!

I am very excited.I think many of steemians get helped in his steemit journey . Thanks for sharing with us.Share it on Facebook,Twitter and just voted as a Witness

that's good to know...

i am new here in steemit will please help me how to be part of you? i'll be thankful if you will and assure you that i'll do what i can to contribute

thanks a lot ...

Thank You for bringing this to my attention I am new but I love how this community works together and helps each other succeed it’s like a big ship 🚢 in the CryptoCurrency (blockchain) space and we each have a seat 💺 with a fantastic view of a beautiful new never before explores Ocean 🌊 God Bless this project and make it fruitful!

nice one there

What a great idea, I wish you good luck and you have my support!

This is amazing! I really want to continue to post content - it is quite hopeless though without followers and without enough time to be active to find ppl I resonate with, etc...
It'd be great if there was an algo which found undervalued content which needed to be seen, at least then people like me would be inspired to continue to create. (I AM INSPIRED TO CREATE)

This is really a great idea i would love to be part of it

Great work, I really like the fact that you're trying to help more starters out there and I hope your plan works out to its best.
I noticed many newbies on the steemit platform get to forget about the idea of steemit after posting great content and they are not been rewarded.
especially looking at the Nigerian community, there a lot of complaints here and there and this is as a result of not been rewarded for their write-up. I was told of a user that wrote about 2500 words in a game review with images and all and wasn't even rewarded with 1sbd for the work.

I feel you're here to stop that and you have my full support on that.

Go OCD lol

Wow! Great work @acidyo
Now it's clearer than crystal that this project is here to stay, and can go no where but higher! Kudos, team!

And @acidyo, I swear, words can't express how much I agree with you when you say this year's going to be epic!

**This Year Is Going To Be Epic!!! **

I can't scream it well enough!!

Voted man as Witness. Best vote I've made! Let's keep on making Steem Better!

good to see OCD growing and growing! great job with this project @acidyo! and yeah this year will definitely be EPIC! :) see you around!

It's quite the time now for OCD to join the witness ranks.

I have admired your work since I was 25 rep and got nominated <3

Love ya @acidyo !

Thanks for all you do on this platform. Many undervalued posts out there and it is nice to see someone upvoting them. The retention on Steemit is not good right now because of this. People get discouraged and quit.

Funny, I was just thinking last night on how I can vote for you as witnesss and I saw this blog as I checked Steemit this morning. Great work on finding undervalued posts. I was already losing hopes because its hard to get noticed by curators, but when I learned about the #ocd-resteem tag, it helped my posts earn not just few cents. Hehe. Thank you so much @ocd! You deserve my vote. ☺️

I'm always learning more and more about the witness program and still trying to get a hang on it. I have only voted for a few people for witness so I added OCD-witness to that group :).

Amazing! This is veneficio, a great step forward, forward excellent vlog, and for all ..

@acidyo Congratulations on your success more.

That is truly amazing.
much obliged for all your extraordinary works for this steemit community..

♥Upvoted and resteemed♥

Awesome just voted
Follow me @chideramalachy

@ocd, thank you for improving this platform and helping it grow. Because of you guys, right people get noticed and that's what it's all about. Giving attention to valuable content that makes this platform better day by day. Continue with the great work, we salute you :)

Hello friend, I'm trying to read your post but because I do not understand the platform so much, there are doubts that came up. What is a curator? you have some tag so you can see some post? Maybe the questions are a bit silly on my part but I'm still trying to understand this platform that I like so much! beforehand thanks for your answers, and I speak spanish my english is thanks to google translator


This is my way of saying thanks for all your works @ocd! :)

I am just begining to understand what witnesses are, and their impact on the network as a whole, I'd like you to know, you've inspired my first witness vote, Happy New Year, 2018 is gonna rock!

This is great news! I will help @ocd now!

This is interesting. What a good way to support the community!