You are kind. Go! GO! GO! Succeedgoodluck.jpg.

Thank you very much @praise-eu for your support. Great to have you on-board!

Done voting you as a witness. Goodluck

Thank you very much! We really appreciate it!

thanks for SBD from you ...@yuriks2000
I will make you my witness ... continue to support me

Hi there, thanks for the SBD tip! Interesting strategy; you have my attention and I am now following. I still have unused witness votes so I'll keep you and your team in mind!

Thank you very much for considering us as witness!

thanks very much, i hope u'll be leader..

Thanks for your kind comments! We are on the right path ))

Very cool. We really need a functional mobile app with a clean UI. Will keep an eye out for the app!

That is right, we are striving for that. Thank you for your voice!

I have vote u Screenshot_2018-04-02-13-25-00.png

Looks beautiful, thanks for that!

i upvote you for Witness, what is reciprocal to me?

Thank you for your support. By voting for Witness you really make the Steemit Blockchain stronger. Plus, we are developing a mobile App for Steemit and it will help us to develop it faster. Every vote counts. Thank you for your vote!

to use steemit on mobiles?

Yeah, that's right. In the first version you will get a comfortable posting experience and in later version, great post viewing experience (which will be poster really soon as well)

That is going to be incredible!

done voting you as witnessScreenshot_20180404-044408.png

Looks beautiful, thank you for screenshot and your support!

Hi @yuriks2000, what app are you working?

Hi @asbonclz, we are releasing an app called SteemApp really realiy soon. Beginning of next week. First release is aimed mainly on easily writing posts. Next release will have feed and many features later on such as footer templates etc. You can read more about it in this post. Thank you fir your support!

hi all friends..don't forget my upvote yes ..

We will not forget, thank you @appsteem!

i upvote you for Witness

Thank you for your support!

I upvote you for Witness, @yuriks2000. Thank's!

Very kind of you, thanks again!

Thanks for sharing

No problem, thank you for reading!

Thank you for your support. By choosing your Witness actually makes Steemit Blockchain stronger.


Thank you for kind words and for such a lovely picture ;)) Always nice to see.

I have upvote you for Witness. Good luck

Wow, thanks a lot @singingland for your vote!

Hi, Yuriks! Nice app. Go ahead!

Thanks @bereginja-steem for your support as always!

I have upvote you for Witness @yuriks2000

Excellent, thank you for your help @sanhtun!

If I choose you, what is the guarantee you can give me

We guarantee that we will release the app next week and that we will support Steemit blockhain as much as we can. If for any reason change your mind, you can also vote differently.


I have chosen @ good-karma as my proxy, because he often upvote me, Thanks

Good to know, @good-karma is a good witness. Great choice

I have upvote you for Witness and I follow you

It really means a lot to us, thank you very much for supporting us! Every vote counts.

Thank you yuriks. You have my vote :)

Have a great day!

Excellent, love ur support!

I have just voted you as a witness. Good luck @yuriks2000 !!!

Thank you for supporting us!

Hi @yuriks2000 ! You requested me to vote by sending 0.002SBD. So you voted. You got 100% of the votes from @jahidul74 .

Thanks, @jahidul74. Great to have your support!

Believing in you. Voted you as a witness. Keep up the good work and your help to general steemians

Excellent, thank you for trusting us @marytser15. With the support of the Community great work can be done!

I never knew this until I receive a memo from u just now. I will vote for you. Looking forward to ur Steem App. Thanks for this.

Thank you for supporting our development, will keep you updated!

Done! voted. Follow me if you want. Good luck.

Thanks a lot!

I voted you for Witness and upvote your post and hope your project goes well good luck.

Wow thank you for your kind words and support @ychaudrys!

done voting as witness


Hi @yuriks2000 I have done witness just now I want to be succesfull on steemit so guide us to make our family and our community living happy
thanks for the support to me

Thank you, will do what is in my power!

HI there, help me how to be famous steemian... :(

Be social, try to make 100 thought through comments tomorrow, write quality content every day or once in two days, interact with other steemians. Try that and tell me how it goes.