Community funded Mobile App is in Beta - You can test it NOW

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This post was funded/promoted by @DevFund using a budget of 500.00 USD on ~20 voting bots.

100% of the money donated to or earned via upvotes to this account will be used to fund and promote Steem ecosystem development like this one.

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Thank you.

How would that help? Lol. Both are by the same user. Maybe because of the duplicate votes?

Both help, I think the goal is to not have it as the very top comment

Yeah.. You are very much correct..

Wow, you are so helpful! Thank you, thank you, thank you. This really keeps our devs motivated to work harder and faster :)))

Just an hour ago we have added qr code reader for iOS

The work is awesome!!!!!

I have search so much for this type of app before to no avail.....

But thanks be to God who uses people like you to bless and make things comfortable for all....


[email protected]

Android phone...

Added you to the list @eghireme2, thank you for your kind compliments. We are trying our best. Thank you for becoming our tester. With your help we can make the final product much better.

You can try to access this link in a couple of minutes:

Please provide a google email. Otherwise it does not work.

Lol, you got so much money for this. I'm proud. Thank you for making the effort you made without a promise of remuneration. <3

Wow thank you. Had to look up this word google :)) Now I now a new word

An app like this would significantly boost content production for people on the go.

It can be a pain trying to get a desktop or laptop sometimes.

Thanks for doing this, it is much needed!

We are thrilled to see so much feedback about the mobile app! I know what you mean about getting a desktop. Most of the time we are with our mobile.

Thank you for your support!

Much needed quality steem mobile frontend!
It will be a grea step forward as many new users only have an acces to internet using mobile devices.

If i may I have a few questions.

  • do you integrate multimedia steem applications - dtube, dlive, dsound?
  • do steem major stakeholders know and support your work?

Thanks to @aggroed for resteem! I hope other witnesses will join.

Yes, we are working on a good quality mobile frontend. Right now we are in Private Beta and would love for you to join.

do you integrate multimedia steem applications - dtube, dlive, dsound?*

We are planning on making videos uploads via mobile either through ipfs or directly dtube. But that features is definitely a must have. Hoping that in the future there will be much more of course, so that we can speed up the development process. Yes, I agree @aggroed has been very helpful and many others, too.

do steem major stakeholders know and support your work?*

In the credits section above we have a lot of supporters, but not that many major stakeholders I would say.

Thanks for your response!
Where can I reach you - discord or something?

Discord or nickname yuriks2000

Hi, please send a link for invitation for android phone. [email protected]

Done, you are in! Try using this app in a couple of minutes to download the beta app:

Thanks again for becoming our beta tester!

GOOD to see such applications, I think it is better than esteem.

Well we are just starting. This is our first version, first beta :)) But we are working hard to expand on the functionality ASAP.

i love google play story because they are have everything means any kind of app they have thank you google and also thanks @yuriks2000

The app looks great, Good work!

Nice to hear this from you! Thank you for supporting us.

wow, amazing. I will expect it.

Please send an invite to [email protected]

If it is for Android than you are in. Thank you for becoming our tester! Use this link to download the app:

Finally, it has been in the market!

Not yet on the App Store and Google Play, but will be soon enough. :))

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Looks really cool! I am very exited for the esteemapp update to come. Please stay us tuned!

Most certainly! We will! Thank you for supporting us!

Good post . Thank you for supporting post . It's help my work .

Don't know what you mean... Helps you to make posts with our SteemApp. Glad that we can help you!

This is the next obvious step for steemit. Great to see that you are working on bringing the site to even more people. I would love to test it out with you. Android.
[email protected]

I agree with you @niallon11. We are trying to make Steemit more popular and also would like Steemit to have a comfortable mobile application.
Only @gmail is supported, you can also send it to our email if you would like [email protected]

You can use [email protected] in that case. Just the article never specifies that it must be a gmail account in case you get that a few more times.

Done have added you to the list. Thank you very much for your support!
Thanks, will correct the article.

I think steem mobile app needs many improvements right now. It should be smooth as I feel more better in website than the app. Hope this update fixes the issues.

Of course @arslan786, after we fix all the bugs with the help of the steemit community it should be perfect. I will not accept any other outcome. Later on we will add more and more features.

Thank you for your feedback!

Looks really cool! I am very excited for the resteem app update to come.

Great to see you so motivated! Yeah

Hey @yuriks2000, here is my first post using the app and a video follow along:

There are a few bugs but I can see the potential of this app and I'm looking forward to the future updates. Thanks again so much for letting me be a beta tester!

Excellent video @brandonfrye, thanks a lot for testing and making such a cool video! You have helped us a lot.

  1. From your video we could see that it is not very clear that you can actually swipe through the bold, italic, heading icons to find more of them to the right. That is so cool that you made us notice that. We will try to make it more clear to all the users.

  2. Turns out, image upload is also not very clear in our app. You can actually do that with a camera icon on the right of the keyboard. That was the way we planned users would add photos. But we will make them upload even if you just past them like you did.

  3. It is so cool to see video test like yours to help us improve the app. Thank you so much!

By the way we fixed the bug with the title, which you experienced. Working on fixing the rest before the release.

good idea

Amazing but wont this be a duplicate of esteem by @good-karma?

I think it's okay to have different mobile clients, just like we have different desktop clients right now

Agree with you. It should benefit the Steemit blockchain, better to have many apps. Some people like one, others will prefer another one. Good to have a choice.

Interesting, meanwhile my own steemit Android App I've been working on for a few months now, gets no attention
You can already browse and post with my app :'D

Wow @edgar-trem, awesome that you made an App as well. Is it both for Android and iOS? I will most certainly check it out. It might have been that @devfund has not seen your post because most of the support came from them. Awesome that you are trying to make Steemit a better place!

This is currently only for Android, I did plan to hopefully support iOS once I get a Macbook, But since it's just me working on the app it would still be a while. The only major features missing on my App are commenting and upvoting, I'm actually in the process of implementing these already. I added the posting feature about a month ago. I like that we took the same approach and made this enhanced specifically for mobile.

I also integrated a video player just yesterday.

I am interested in your version, It looks like we are working for the exact same thing, It's good to give users a wide variety of options to choose from. :)

I agree with you @edgar-trem, in the end we all benefit from Steemit's growth. The more apps are available for Steemit the better. Will be cool to see App developed with Smart Media Tokens from Steemit.

Please send an invite to [email protected] for Android App

Done, you can visit this link to download in a couple of minutes:

Thank you for participating in our beta testing!

Hello yuriks2000!

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Thank you for your resteem!

Bugs I have found -

  1. Unable to post, even when I was logged in. Here is the screen shot.


  1. Sign in and Sign out messages has spelling mistake. Sign is written as Sing

  2. Need to mention explicitly that Active Private key is required. The hint at sign in page simply says private key.

Very valid bug information you provided here! Thank you very much!!!
Already noted and will be fixed very soon.

We want to make in the future a small gif animated image that will show how exactly to get Active private key from so it will be super easy to do. Also the QR reader helps a lot, but needs instructions, too. Because on Steemit you firstly have to press on the QR for it to show you password.

No ads, no in-app purchases, no installation costs-that's good..
SteemitApp, is a tool primarily for posting content so easily ..

Keychain!!!!best phython based software..and also sQ injects..
Keychain is the password management system in macOS, developed by Apple. It was introduced with Mac OS 8.6, and has been included in all subsequent versions of Mac is so useful tool and so secured..

well script,sir @yuriks2000

Thank you for a deep analysis, glad you liked it and thank you for your support @lafzaia!

I remember the old mobile app 'eSteem'
It didn't work the best but it was the only mobile app out there I could find on steemit.
This new steemit app looks juicy good :)

Thank you my friend @cryptonewb. We will try to keep it this way, while adding more and more functionality!

Wonderful initiative @yuriks2000.

SO timely. Only yesterday, a friend who has just joined Steemit was asking if it would be possible to post to Steemit from her mobile while she is away from home for a few weeks.

I'd love to be a beta tester for the android version of your SteemitApp and have just sent you an email with my gmail address.

Thanks so much for all the work done already in reaching this stage of the app's development. 🙏

Wow, thank you so much for your support. We are trying our best to bring in a good app for Steemit community. Sorry it took so long to reply. Invitations have to be sent out by hand.

Seriously love this, it’s projects like this that thrust the blockchain ever closer to mainstream use would love to try!!

Wow, so pleased to read your comment. Hopefully we will achieve this with the help of the community! Just send us your email and platform (iOS or Android) and you will be ready to go!

Thank you for your kind words!

Its great to see that steemit community is being developed day by day.l am loving to taste this piece of we can connect with steemit easily

Yeah, @anneflores! Thank you for your support. We would also like Steemit to grow and flourish.

I've been waiting for more about the mobile Steemit community. Cheers!

:)) Glad that we are fulfilling this need.

You might want to offer a bounty on bugs or simply allow people to comment bugs within this post so that others can upvote them and the bug writer can be acknowledged/compensated.

Yes! Steemit needs to go mobile urgently, so I am glad to see something is moving in that direction 👍 will go and check it out

Yeah, @raci, we want the community to have a chance to make our own app in the most desired direction. New features will be voted on and we will be implementing them as soon as we are finished fixing bugs in this version.

This is really great. Only today I was asked about a mobile app for Steemit Now I know what to say. I will be sending my details for testing. This is going to be an indispendable tool for all active steemians

We are planning to release the Apps in the App Store and Google Play for everyone in 7-10 days.

Hello friend. I'm new here. I would like to introduce Korean culture, K-Pop, and food etc. Please follow me then I will follow you :)

Will be glad if you do try it and give us your feedback!

Great Steem app project. We commend you for taking the initiative on this. Also nice to see some of the Steem community's heavy hitters.

Looking forward to future updates.

Wow @ebargains, thank you for noticing and following our development process!
Will keep you updated

Is this safe 🤔

Can I trust something other than the steem site itself 🤔

Is this something I can truly believe in, as much as I believe in steem itself 🤔

We have made the app in a way that it only accepts you Active posting key, this way the app 100% cannot make any transactions for you. And if you want you can always change your Active posting key with your master key in Steemit. So in a way you are never under any risk of losing funds.

There are many apps build on top of Steemit blockchain such as Steepshot, eSteem, Utopian, Minnowbooster, etc. I think all of them make Steemit a better place, so it is always up to you to decide what to trust or not. We (SteemApp) are not motivated to harm Steemit or it's users in any way.

It's may be a dumb question, but is this application open source?
If no, are you planning on making it open source?
If yes, could you provide the github link?
Thanks in advance!

Hello @ah101, it is not open source at the moment, but we are considering this option.
If there are any updates about this, we will let everyone know.
Thank you for an interesting question.

If it's completely community funded, is there any reason for it to not be open source? I (and probably a lot other crypto users) would trust it a lot more if it was open source - especially when it has access to steem account, which has monetary value.

You are making a very valid point @mysho, that is why we actually want to make it open source and also more developers can help us make the app better.

First of all we want to fix all the bugs, publish it on the App Store and Google Play and only then we can make it open source.

Thank you for bringing this up. It is a great idea and we are considering it

Thanks for this information
[email protected]

Hey there @hlit, thank you for your desire to become our tester. I have added you to the list. Google should send you the invite soon.

[email protected] on Android look forward to testing Thanks

Have adde you to the list: you can try this link in a couple of minutes

I would love to test this out. Please send an invite to [email protected] for iOS app. Thank you!

Done, thank you for becoming our tester. We love your support @brandonfrye!
You should be receiving an email from apple soon. Make sure to download the TestFlight app from the app store and then just click on the link in the email.

Will do. Thanks for letting me test it!

Hi @yuriks2000, I may be jumping the gun in anticipation but I never received an email from Apple. If you need to use another email then you can try [email protected] But it may be that it just hasn’t come through yet.

Update: I received the email and got it installed. Thanks again!

Hi, please Send a link for Android Apps
[email protected]

Thank you for participating in our Beta it really helps us to improve. Remember, this version may have some bugs. With your help we can make it better.

Have added you to the list and you can try to access this link in a couple of minutes:

The app looks Great! You got to get going to get good, don't wait to get going! I'm excited for the future!

Well i hope this does work. I hve been using steemit only on a tablet based andriod and have come across alot of problems from using it. I have created a log. There are alot of people miss user if you no what i mean. Your server and whales can be miss leading. I hope u start to support me.

Don't know what you mean. What is that log about, can you send it to [email protected] ?

Hi @yuriks2000 this is a great thing that you are doing.
I was literally just looking on the iOS store for a mobile app for Steemit , as i tend to like to post and view while I am on the go rather than sitting at the PC.
However can you please clarify something for me, I note in the "Apple store" that there is an App "eSteem Mobile" - I haven't logged in / used it yet.
How does that differ to your "Steemit App" - feel free to email me directly if you don't want to be seen as saying negative comments about another App in public (my email is: [email protected] ) as I would really appreciate your guidance. - Thanks

Hehehe, I don't want to say anything bad in private or in public about eSteem. It is a good add done by @good-karma. You should test it out. Our app is in Beta right now, his app has been in the App store for a long time and has good functionality.

We just want to make something different. We want to make an App that we would love to use every day. At the moment with our App you can only make posts, not view them. But that functionality is on the way as many other features.

Hi yuriks2000, (and @good-karma ) I will definitely load up "eSteem" and have a play.
And I look forward to playing with your App when released.
Have a great day!

Hi, Please send an invite to [email protected] for iOS app.
Thanks so much for what you are doing - you rock!
Rocking Smiley.png

Hello, at the moment the list is full and Apple is not allowing us to add more testers. I will add you to the list once they give us more room for testing. Will keep you updated
You are added to the waiting list.

Hehe, thank you for the compliment :)) Nice to read such posts

Fact: Google is giving us a list of 1000 testers while Apple only 11 at the moment

Thanks I appreciate that.
I think you have just hit the nail on the head as to why i avoided going Apple for so long - it seems like a closed shop, but once you are in (and have most of your info connected to Apple Apps) it is hard to leave.
Good luck with your App testing.

Thank you for compliment!

Dear @walid321,

Thank you for participating in our Beta it really helps us to improve. Remember, this version may have some bugs.

Have added you to the list and you can try to access this link in a couple of minutes:

Please let me test the app!!
Mail: [email protected]
I‘m using ios, thank you!

Done invite sent. You should receive it soon, thank you for stepping up!

Hey mate @yuriks2000 I'm keen for the Android testing. Can I provide my email privately.

Looks so awesome, would love to test the iOS app! My email is [email protected], been waiting for a good Steemit app for a while. Great job dev team :)

Hello, at the moment the list is full and Apple is not allowing us to add more testers. I will add you to the list once they give us more room for testing. Will keep you updated

You are added to the waiting list.
Fact: Google is giving us a list of 1000 testers while Apple only 11 at the moment

really awesome

I would love to be a tester for this, I am 100% behind steemit and the power its giving back to content creators. My email is [email protected] , I really appreciate the effort you guys are putting in. regards

Thanks @lunasvision testers are what we need right now to make this version perfect!
Is that an Android? If so please provide your gmail email.

Please send an invite to [email protected] for iOS app.

Dear @bitcoincrypto, at the moment the list is full and Apple is not allowing us to add more testers. I will add you to the list once they give us more room for testing. Will keep you updated

Fact: Google is giving us a list of 1000 testers while Apple only 11 at the moment

Please send an invitation to [email protected]

Hello @empowermite, that will be Android, right?
If so I have added you to the list and you should receive a link to a Google play soon.

Yes android, I will check it our right away

It looks great!
Could you please comment about security of your app?
Thanks for your outstanding work.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, forgot to mention. Will add this info to the post. Thank you for reminding.

FAQ: How secure is the app? Can I trust it?

We have set security as the highest priority. Private key will be kept locally on you device's keychain. This private key will never leave you device in it's original form. It will be used for signing posts and will be hashed in a way that it proves that you have it, without actually showing it. We have decided to ask users only for their private posting key, that way you can be sure that your funds are all safe.

Looks good, thanks.

Thank you :)

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Thank You! ⚜

This is beyond fantastic. I cannot wait to try it out. Finally I can post while on the go.

Thank you @tbarrett, we will keep you updated hopefully it will be in the App Store and Google Play in 7-10 for everyone to use.

yours post is very important in users of Android

I see your post more more help us the post. that's all my dear

That's looks like a sweet interface.

Well done to the developers and supporters and thank-you for generously providing it for free!

Wow, @apsistrading, nice to read such pleasant comment!

I would love to be your iOS app tester. My email-id is [email protected]

Dear @acdevan, at the moment the list is full and Apple is not allowing us to add more testers. I will add you to the list once they give us more room for testing. Will keep you updated

Fact: Google is giving us a list of 1000 testers while Apple only 11 at the moment

Noted with thanks! All the best with getting SteemitApp tested & bugs eradicated!

Good post

Thanks, trying to keep it up

Hey there! I'd really like to try out the Steemit app. Please send me the invite.

email: [email protected]
Platform: Android

Wo w amazing

Thanks, we are putting all our efforts into it

Lovely post i like it kika kayboard

Sweet! This will definitely improve the community. We have been looking for something like this to make it easier for our project bridge the rift between other social platforms and convert them to steemit. Can't wait to play with it. I'd like to try it out. I also code (PHP, CSS) If you guys need any help with anything feel free to reach out. Definitely got my upvote!

All right @justinadams, thank you for your support and proposition to help. We will let you know if there is anything you can help us with.

Please Give the Android version of steemit apps.
My email: [email protected]

Done @malay11, added you to the list. Soon Google should send you the link.

I see. Your post give a new information. Its good for us. Thank you. In bahasa we say Terima Kasih

This is wonderful progress. I am glad to see the development.

100% upvote and I sent you an email.

I would love to try it out on Android.

Thank you for kind words and your support, will add you to the list ASAS.

I want be a android tester [email protected]