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This is just a short post to let people know that v0.20.10 has been released in binary image format for Steem-in-a-box (SIAB).

If you aren't already using Steem-in-a-box to run your witness, seed, or other Steem node, check out my post The Easy Way To Install/Upgrade to Hardfork 20 with Steem-in-a-box

v0.20.10 is a security update, and so it's strongly recommended to update your servers ASAP.

Here is the description from Steemit Inc:

This release is recommended for all nodes.
This release fixes a vulnerability in how the pending transaction queue is treated during block application. In the worst case, the previous behavior could result in block propagation delays and general instability/denial of service of the Steem network.

To update from 0.20.9, it should be as simple as:

cd ~/steem-docker
git pull
./run.sh install
./run.sh restart

If you are on a version older than 0.20.9, you may need to replay (./run.sh replay) after installing 0.20.10.

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Can confirm this update is working as intended. Great work man!

I also confirmed.

I may not know the core value of this update reason being that I’m not a programmer, but I’ve known you on Steem to be so industrious and helpful. Thanks @someguy123 for your sacrifices in Steem Network.

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