Steemdice audit, rpc node upgrade

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My public RPC node at has seen a spike in traffic in the recent days. Sorry for the resulting inconveniences! New nodes are being added to the cluster right now, everything should be smooth again.

The overloaded nodes lost some steemdice transactions, and I used this situation to write an audit script. It will run every 15 minutes from now on and resend missing payouts for winning bets.

It's also going through the last 5 million blocks right now, that's about when the block height started to be included in the return memo. I'm taking the risk that there's a few manual transactions the script can't assign, thus paying out some wins double, to make really sure that every win actually was paid out.

Check it out on

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Thanks for updating us , and great work

Yeah, need to recover rapidly, great decision by you, the overload will more general for managing this situation @pharesim

Thank you for all you have been doing to the community @pharesim.

Thank you very much for information, sir.This post resteemed and big vote !

I voted for you already, and I will vote you a million more time if its possible cheers @pharesim I love you

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I will give you my vote for steem witnesses.if am to say you have everything to be steem it value you have not added or what else? My dear you are there already we are with you.

i haven't heard about until now.. i didn't know we can play dice here too with steem.. Cool 😎

Upvoted as witness @pharesim 🍻

Very useful post thanks @pharesim

i tried the steemdice .. the first two attempted was failed and the last one i won... haha i had fun but i dont have much luck.. hehe

very well post dear bro @phaarsim this post is very Important.many many thanks for well i resteem your post

keep it up

I did upvote you as a witness at upvote for witness, good lucky and always success @pahresim

I don't really understand witnesses but I have plenty of votes. How do I do it?


Follow this link and click the upvote button next to the witness you want to vote. To vote for those below the top 50, enter the name in the input below the list.


thank you

I know what most of those words mean but I can't make any sense of this. you can gamble with steem?

@pharesim Wow Jerry that was a lot of work, thank you!
I will check them out when I get home this evening and can sit down and,share

Well, its nice to read your post even I am not familiar about it yet atleast i already have knowledge about it now.

Cool, thanks for the update. Just voted for you for witness - you're my first witness vote ever! Fun plugging more into the community here.

~ Kevin

hope that the node upgrade will bring steemit platform muchbetter development. look forward to it !!@pharesim. good job.

Thanks... but I do not have sufficient balance anyway

Thank you very much for your information.

oh! it went in a ...loop?! :O

If your page is really very successful, will you come back to me

The @greek-trail supports your witness. One of the most honest persons on the blockchain. You have a great vision about the future, I hope everything to work out for it.

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Thank you soo much for info.@

good post dear

Ok... :) info up good .

You are my witness now :)

Nice.. thanks for information

will support you , hi @pheresim
do not forget support me too and follow/upvate

I've seen you post
After I read the article, i got knew knowladge

Helpful Information ....Thanks for sharing ....@shoot👍

very informative post .
thanks for sharing

Awesome post!You've got my vote.

impressive ... many nodes had problems on the last few days... load traffic?
i'll support you as witness
thanks for your work.

Would be nice to hear from you, how is it going in near future. I am newbie in nodes/masternodes and really interested how they work :)

Nice, good job.

Thank you for sharing. I had tried but probably the traffic still on.

By the way, thank you for all the support. I noticed that you were one who had supported me in my earlier post.

Thanks. Cheers.

Thank you very much for information


I will gladly support you as a witness. Your contribution to the community is great. Thank you for your work and your support.

wow. what an informative post @pharism. I learned a lot from your article . I hope you will support my post thank you :)

I will definitely support you on witness race! Please keep sharing this informative posts... I am sure I will learn lots from you to be become a good steemian... Because this is my full time job for the future!

I will vote for you as a witness I've never done it let me go on that link I'll figure it out but I'm technology ignorant lol have a beautiful Thursday😊

Nice post @pharesim, the info served me a lot.
I voted you in the witness. >.<

I support you, many lessons I receive in each of your posts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and information.

@pharesim. I would like to support your work on Steem but will take some time to research your site.

You are my best witness keep it up all our support for you

you are doing a great job brother my best wishes are with you .

Thanks for adding value to the steemit community.

Halo mas, upvote & resteem my introduction dong. Salam hangat dari Aceh hehe

nice to hear that ' New nodes are being added to the cluster right now, everything should be smooth again.'

Who's gonna get a double payout? It's a roll of the dice ;)

sorry pls forgive me,never meant to boarder, i see you almost everywhere and decided to check on your blocks, seems i recognize you when i came into this platform newly as a minnow, thank you so much,

thanks for you upvote!

Your post is very qualified, I was inspired after reading your writing, may I more regularly in writing for the future. Steady, keeps rich ...

Came by to say, thank you for all that you do... 🎕🎕🎕
You're one of the first I voted for witness! :)

I saw you upvoted one of my recent posts, a big thank you! All i can do for now as a newbie here is to vote you as my witness! :)

great work dear... I have also designed a similar game with a bit different rules and it has some pools.. You may be interested to see that too.. Now I am just wondering to improve that game... I will send you the link if you are interested to have a look and offer some guidance.. Thanks!!!


Here is the game I designed it looks a bit similar to yours but rules are different I will wait for your reply....


That's nice. Seems to be working fine, what kind of guidance were you talking about?


I have designed it so it works manually like.. A when a player visits a pool a memo is generated when he/she sends the SBDs to @itwithsm and confirms it he/she gets entry to the game. And he/she may start playing.. Upto this step all the things go automatically.. I was trying to figure that when 5 players have done playing the top 3 players should get their winning amount automatically.. Till now I send the amount to winners manually...

Thanks for giving me the postvote just before @pharesim I am waiting for your support again.

Great work...

postingan yang bermanfaat sangat bagus
good luck brader

You are doing geart work for steemians like me. I upvote you as a best witness . And thanks for supporting me ..

Hi @pharesim! I had sent a message to you in your wallet but I think you didn't read that.. That's Why had to send message via comment.

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Many thanks, @pharesim, for your continued support. I've just voted for you as witness & wish you continued success.

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I learned a lot about steemit reading your posts

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Amazing. Thank you for sharing update information. Good job@pharesim

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thanks for your information. good job ,i think everybody enjoy it.

Thank you for upvoting me.
I didn't know you.
Did you use google interpreter to understand Korean?
Have a nice day!
I really appreciate you.

Esto es lo que debería hacer todo verdadero lider, reconocer sus errores sin verguenza de haberse equivocado, no vovler a cometerlos y hacer lo posible para que el error pasado no tenga consecuencias en el futuro, gran trabajo por parte de alguien que creo puede ser un gran ejemplo a seguir.