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RE: HF 21 - More Steem Power More Fun!

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Let's hope the best...
Maybe this is an offer we can refuse, Godfather ;)
In any way Steemit should focus more on "outside" marketing,
and not expect their community to do it for them mainly (that is the
answer i got from Mr. Spud4)
You talk about the Spirit of Ubuntu, are you also a creator of Ubuntu/Linux?
I am planning to use Ubuntu/Linux on a new Laptop. Do all Steemit Apps/Programs run solid with Linux/Ubuntu?
Thank you
Buona domenica :)


Grazie Luca, I agree external marketing is key. I know Steemit Inc has done some press releases and there is a HF countdown on Coingecko and there have been loads of media articles this year, I have archived as many as I could here, Steemit inc have improved a lot, I know they are working hard, they know the Godfather is watching them, haha!

Regarding Linux, you assume me to be more of a Pezzonovante than I really am, sadly i’m not the Godfather of that; and yes Steem nodes run on Linux Ubuntu, which was actually a distro developed in Cape Town, in my birth country of South Africa, by millionaire Mark Shuttleworth, so in a way Linux Ubuntu runs in my heritage so you were kind of right.


Te Salud!

Ciao Bello ;) Thanks for your answer and the infos, but this here:
...just f... it up for me today. Please read also the comments.
No more energy/time/motivation...
Soon come

Here's the update ;)
(Answer to Blocktrades)
It worked with Opera, not with Mozilla this time, but last time..?
Are you sure it's the computer clock?
Where can i send my invoice ;)
Maaan, how many hours i spend since i joined last year to "work around"
stuff and problems on steemit...
I'm just saying, maybe yall should think about this.
Stuff should work before it's public.

Luca, Blocktrades is not our service, they are competition to which was the first original market for Steem Power leasing and still remains the original P2P delegation market, whereas Blocktrades leases SP to you directly from their account. If you have issues with them please contact them via their website.

Blocktrades sells Steem & SP, right?
What i buy there, remains mine.
So can i buy Steem and SP from dlease, too?
Or only lease..?
Blocktrades is the direct link from the Steemit Wallet.
So i thought it's Steemits Bank or Partner at least...
This place is a mess or maybe just decentralized, right ;)
:) But it's all good...

Blocktrades is an exchange, they have some affiliation with Steemit Inc, a place on their board i think. The Steem project was started on Blocktrades premises at first before Steemit got their own offices. Dlease doesn’t sell Steem or SP, you can rent SP from other users in P2P fashion from the market for a fraction of the cost of buying it, for as short as 1 week.

Ok, good to know ;)
Yo, i just got flagged by a witness i think (frederikka..?)
for my Geoengineering Report that i bring out on the regular..?
Check my Dtube/YT
Could you please take care of this, Godfather ;)
And please make sure he remembers, Godfather ;)
Mille Grazie