BlockTrades, Is This Request/Consent Normal!?

in #steemit6 months ago

Hi Steemians,
i just wanted to buy some SP,
like i did a month ago.
But when i tried to log in to BlockTrades with
email and password,
first the page "jumped" back to the frontpage,
like not letting me enter....
and when i clicked "already have an account/log in"
this window popped up, asking me for permissions
BlockTrades didn't ask before..!?
I denied it.
"BlockTrades is requesting access to my BlockTrades"...hmmm??
and "change my email and password"!??
Is this a fraud?

Thanks for your time!
Enjoy your weekend




While you are here, I've been watching what .015btc would get me in steem, and last night it dropped from 1085 to 895, and I couldn't find a reason why.
Did btc drop?
Steem isn't up 15%.
What gives?

No, BTC was more or less the same this morning
like yesterday... on my trading platform.
I wanted to buy in ETH - the value was ok what @blocktrades
was showing, but then that (Blog) happened..?

Hi, this message is generally meant for when someone is logging in to our site from a 3rd party site. But we were still working on some bugs on this until yesterday, so it could also occassionally show up on our site, if there was a time difference between the user's computer clock and our server's clock. It's fixed now.

Not fixed!
I tried it again and i got the same result/ consent request.
What now?
For sure, i denied it again.
How should i buy SP?
I am using Mozilla and Avira Pro on Windows7 , and i bought like this already.
Messin' up my business moves and wasting my time for the second time...

It worked with Opera, not with Mozilla this time, but last time..?
Are you sure it's the computer clock?
Where can i send my invoice ;)
Maaan, how many hours i spend since i joined last year to "work around"
stuff and problems on steemit...
I'm just saying, maybe yall should think about this.
Stuff should work before it's public.