Witness Update - 4th July 2018 - v0.19.5

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Witness Update

July 4th 2018

Please read my witness thread.

Frozen Blockchain

You probably heard that blockchain froze at block 23847548. An account @nijeah powered down negative amount of vests. A patch was issued by Steemit Inc team and now we have v0.19.5 Steemd. I missed 3 new blocks, but now my node is updated to v0.19.5 (I'm still waiting or new block).

Delegations and Comunity projects

I'm delegating 250 SP to @sirsensei for his #drawitbetter contest. He will get 500 SP next week.

I'm working on Steem frontend website for #teamslovenia and on community voting bot.

All my witness settings are same as in last update.

Witness settingsSettings
Account creation fee0.1 STEEM
Max Block Size65536
SBD APR0.00 %
Price FeedEvery hour

I'm witness #100 (active rank) and #144 (total rank). Thank you for your support.


(Click on the button)

(Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

Please read my Witness Thread and support me by voting @fbslo for witness.

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