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the following post is a translated version of Proyectos de Soñadores's post made by @jimhutch.

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Greetings Stemians, in the past days changes we have been made on the @reveur community, which are part of a renovation plan of the project, plenty of new ideas that are becoming true. We are stronger than ever.

The @reveur’s vision becoming a Training School of Conscious Citizens, to bring the knowledge they have about Steemit and teach right ways to being on the STEEM blockchain , avoiding to break the balance that it needs and get every user a common welfare.

Reveur looks to spread a social vision of team work for the benefit of everyone, and tries to eradicate as much as possible, the bad habits that damage the chain, which in one way or another affect the progress of all.

Beyond the virtual field that Steemit embrace, the training looks to teach an ethical sense of life, contributing its bit to make the world the place we dream. Also, they look to discover a person’s skills and abilities thus improving personal growth and offer them the tools to drive on the right path.

All those dreamers who share this philosophy and want to be on this journey are welcome.

In the training process, are some activities that take place daily, on the Discord server of this school. If you have any interesting proposals they will be welcome, I will make a brief review of each of the activities that are now performed on the server.



Drafting and grammar workshop

It is a very important activity for everyone, especially in the Steemit world, because this would let you improve the presentation and quality of your posts, having more chances to get better rewards of your content. This is a new activity in the server, made by the citizen @marlenyaragua.


eSTEEMados - the BOTman Show

This is a special importance activity, made by @nnnarvaez where he share with us all of his knowledge about the chain, in order to get users make the best use of it. This activity is focused on getting benefits for all the users, without damaging the system. You can also clarify your doubts and talk all kinds of issues or concerning of the STEEM BlockCahin and its Steem platform.


The power of your voice

The citizen @miiguelgr provides us the tools to use the power of our voice in this Radio couching activity. Here you can learn how to express yourself to others, and some techniques you can use to make people hear you and get the things you want.


Literary gathering

@kruznik and @danvel are the hosts of this activity in wich they want to incentivize the literary criticism and analyze, for intellectual wealth. It is frequent discussions to happen in this activity with everything related to this topic. No one can denay the power of literature and how they could change your world in the minute you decide get into it so if you want to let your imagination run free this is a perfect fit for you.


STEEMAprende Competencias

It's an advance workshop host by @vanessapinedos presenting tools to make a good use of our ability within the platform, having the chance to optimize our abilities and swim like a fish on the platform. Also this activity could work perfectly not only for the platform but the offline world as well.



This is a terrific activity for photography lovers where @yaibak and @nairesc share how to master the multiple techniques and go through all photography themes. It will make you to improve the quality of your posts photography, becoming you all expert photographers. Every week they’ll left you a homework you must do.


Live curation

you can come here and share the post you consider being quality content that deserves to be cured, justifying your reasons for assessing it. All together we discuss the content of the posts. Remember, people who share third-party posts have priority. The hosts @ikasumanera and @mballestero will accompany you as moderators. Having a microphone in perfect condition is needed in order to defend your proposals.

The goal of the project is to encourage the fishes to learn the curation process and give them the power of being reward, encouraging the search for quality content to value them and decrease the ones who are lost among the saturated labels of SPAM, by the misuse of many users.

This habit has made it increasingly difficult for curators to get quality content for their evaluation. With this project we try to work against this situation, making each one of us a trained curator.

Things you must know before participating

In @bebeth’s posts, specifically the curation reports, you must leave at least 3 links of the posts you wish be curated, that is valid within the period where they can be voted and the respective explanation of why you selected them to be rewarded. Postulated posts must be from third parties only.


In addition to that, there's a couple of requirements you need to know:

  • Belong to authors with less than 3 months on the platform.

  • They must have a reward of less than $ 1.

  • Moderators and curators of projects must refrain.

  • Follow @bebeth and reesteem the post.

If you postulate a post does not imply that it will be voted. Everything will depend on the decision of the curation team.

50% of the SBD reward, will distribute among those who provide links, of the publications made by @bebeth, however, only those that come to be approved by the @bebeth team to be cured would count.

For more information about the project you can visit the profile of @bebeth .

The @reveur project, in the search for benefits for all, promotes the WordPress plugin, which allows you to publish from your external blog to Steemit. Reveur always provides an opportunity to make life easier.

Testing STEEMpress @reveur will ease access to this WordPress service to all Steemit users who publish in @castellano language.


  • It allows you to generate extra income if you have a Google AD-Sense account.

  • Benefit from the vote and the curation of the creators of the plugin, Steempress-io.

  • Publish even when the Steemit nodes present problems.

  • Own a website with a custom name to show your content.

  • Customize the way your content is visualized.

  • Support and personalized help (basic or specialized)

  • If you keep 2 of the categories by default, additionally, your posts will be review it by our curation team, opting according to their quality to receive a vote of a pool of 55 thousand SP.


  • Basic Service (5 monthly STEEM): includes Wordpress hosting, subdomain (ex:, dns, email address, ftp access, unlimited themes.

  • Medium Service (10 STEEM per month): includes Wordpress hosting, subdomain (ex:, possibility to address your own domain name (ex:, dns, 4 email addresses, ftp access, unlimited themes.

For more information about the service, visit the following post by clicking here.


In the last week on the Discord server of @reveur, the ReV token has been promoted. The ReV has a fixed value with parity 1 to 10 with respect to the SBD, in other words, 1 ReV = 0.10 SBD.


What is the ReV used for?

For now this allows you to leave the link in the VIP showcase of the @reveur discord server to postulate your posts to the daily curation that takes place. Leaving your link for the promotion has a cost of 1 ReV. After leaving your publication on the server, you enter the queue waiting for an automatic vote when the VP of @banca reaches 100%, of a pool of 1000 SP (or more).

Banking-BOT is not a voting robot. The vote you receive from @banca is to reimburse you for the ReV cost you paid to place the link on the @reveur server.

How to get ReV’s?

First of all you need to activate the ReV wallet on the Discord server with the first buy. In any channel of the server where you can write, use the following command:

.balance it will tell you if your portfolio is already active and will give you the ReV balance you have.

If it is not active, you must make an first purchase of 5 ReV for a cost of 0.50 SBD, when using the command:

.comprar 0.5 YOUR_STEEMIT_NAME (without the @)

For example: .comprar 0.5 jimhutch

The Banca-BOT robot will give you a SteemConnect link to continue with the purchase in a simple way. If you want to do it manually, it gives you the instructions to make the purchase from the Steemit wallet, sending 0.5 SBD to @banca, with the memo that you provide.

Once your portfolio is activate, you can purchase ReV in the following ways:

  • In the daily activities of @reveur will be awarded as rewards, for your contribution and collaboration.

  • With SBD (0.10 per ReV) using the command .comprar 0.50 YOUR_NAME_ON_STEEMIT in the Discord of @reveur

  • With Bs (0.08 SBD per ReV at the moment change) in the #casa-de-cambio that operates in the Discord of @reveur

When buying in Bs you get a preferential rate, 20% discount.
Contact the operator of the #casa-de-cambio @laguia.

There are users who have been awarded for their collaboration in the different activities already. Join the activities of @reveur and be part of the users that have already won ReV for their participation and collaboration. Remember to have the wallet active.

For more information about this service, visit HERE.


As we have started talking about robots, we are going to give the turn to a beautiful robot - very sexy by the way - who works in the Energía Votónica at the foot of Mount Fuji. We welcome Aphrodite A, who is in charge of transforming the SP she possesses into voting energy.

afrodita a.png

A voting bot?

Yes, is a voting robot, however, no voting robot is more sexy and effective among the robots (although there is a song later, which is fighting for the throne of the sexiest).

The difference of this voting robot is that the links go through persons, who read them, value them and report that it is quality content, help to promote the authors and share their posts.

It sounds familiar to you?

I think you do. Of course, that same team of curators that works hard in @bebeth, are the filters of the content that reaches to Aphrodite A, for which, it is not a public robot neither a Bid-BOT.

In other words:

It is simply an optimization and control tool that replaces the vote button in Steemit with some Discord channels.

For more information you can visit the next publication


Speaking of robots, there's another sexy one. @delega is BACK, strongest, biggest, recharged and for all who missed it, here it is.

Are you interested in belonging to its troop?

It's easy, you just need to make quality content and have the willingness to grow and invest in the platform, with the aim of reaching the goal of increasing the curation capital in the Spanish language.

The advantage is to help with votes to help you grow, as long as you give quality content and take part delegating a part of your SP to increase the pool that is created among all its members.

Seguro pensarás, esto es un "Circle Jerk" (anillo de votos) .más. Error, en un "Circle Jerk", no son bienvenidos los pequeños, 10 personas delegan una cantidad importante y lo usan para votarse entre ellos. Como tienen el voto garantizado, dejan de publicar contenido de calidad y terminan cayendo en las malas prácticas que vienen dañando la cadena, recibiendo votos enormes por publicaciones poco trabajadas y hasta sin nada de trabajo (colocando una foto y listo).

The benefit will be proportional to your percentage contribution multiplied X times ... It sounds somewhat complicated; nevertheless, a simpler way to explain it, is you will receive a vote between 20 and 100 times what contributions to the SP pool.

Sure you'll think, this is a "Circle Jerk" (vote ring) .more. Error, in a "Circle Jerk", smalls are not welcome, 10 people delegate a significant amount and use it to vote among them. As they have the guaranteed vote, they stop publishing quality content and end up falling into the bad practices that are damaging the chain, receiving huge votes for little-worked publications and even without any work (placing a photo and post it).

The members of @delega's troop are evaluated constantly; if you stop creating good content you will lose the benefits. In addition to that, the little ones are welcome to join the squad.

To join, you need a minimum delegation of 100 sp (sometimes are sponsors from 50 sp). You will ask, how do I delegate 100 SP if I am small?

When you do not have the minimum SP to join you can rent it, delegating at least 50 SP + 1.5 STEEM, every 28 days you rent the 50 missing SPs. If you do not have the 50 SP yet, with 2.5 STEEM, every 28 days you can rent them.

You can have more information by clicking here.


Last but not least we need to mention that the Ethical Bid-BOT @zenozama, She is no longer with us. But we remind her with love and respect.

If you want to know what happened, just visit this post.

Finishing the robot topic, I go ahead to speak about @castellano. A team formed by the citizens @vanessapinedos and @miguelvargas, who have done a great job adding efforts, developing strategies for the constitution of a Witness, which aims to create bonds for the Spanish-speaking community.

Among the activities that are going on are

  • The planning of the editorial calendar
  • The disclosure of the tools proposed by users
  • The moderation of the witness account @castellano
  • The witness's brand image construction
  • The design and implementation of the digital strategy
  • Public relations

The Users Speak in Castellano: is a showcase in which the team takes the comments of people who interact with @castellano through their posts, transforming them into a publication where not only is the author given credit but the opinion they have is expressed by the user.

How to participate?

If you want to use this tool that we have created for you, follow the following steps:

  • Be sure to stay tuned to the posts of the witness @castellano, we publish the days Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

  • Discuss your impressions, opinions and ideas in the comment section. We do not ask for Shakespeare, far from it, we ask for honesty and comments that contribute ideas. You can comment on the usual "@castellano I support you", if you wish; however, keep in mind that this kind of comments will not count to make them resonate on Monday.

  • Each week will be chosen one or several comments that have built ideas in some of the post of the @castellano witness.

Note: there is no need to upvote, resteem or follow our blog. Nevertheless if you wish to support us like that, your contribution will be well received. Remember it’s your support who motivates us to continue working.


Check out the blog of @castellano to follow their activitys

You can find @reveur at the Discord channel #comienza-aqui here you will find most of the answers to your questions, only try to read them. (in spanish)

In @reveur we have a trail, in Steemauto, for those who want to follow it and support with your vote join here


If you do not know exactly the purpose of a Trail, I will explain it to you, so we will avoid misunderstandings. The Trail is not based on what you are going to receive a vote for, the main reason is the support you give with your vote to the posts curated by it; Remember, do not think about yourself but about others, at some point the Universe will reward you.

That having said, I look forward to seeing you soon

Images Sources Steempress, Monte Fuji, Afrodita A, Zenozama,


fenix baner final.png

"We have the ability to be reborn after failure,
get up and move on, just like the
Fenix does it from his ashes"

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