@yabapmatt's June Witness Update

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I’m guessing everyone here knows what I’ve been up to recently (unless you’re living under a Giant Roc), but there’s also some other things I’ve managed to find time for outside of Steem Monsters and I’m overdue for an update!


I have recently removed my price feed bias since SBD has fallen back much closer to the intended dollar peg. It seems to mostly be moving with the general crypto market, and while I expect it will have its ups and downs in the short term I expect that over the long term it will eventually settle back around $1.

I very much look forward to the day where we can sell Booster Packs for 2 SBD and not have to worry about price feeds and conversion rates and all that nonsense.

I fully understand the value and benefit of having increased rewards for content publishers as a result of the higher SBD price, and I myself have been a beneficiary of those increased rewards; however, I would much prefer that those higher rewards come from an increased STEEM price and have SBD once again function as the stable currency it was intended to be.

Post Promoter Curation Initiative

This started a couple weeks ago but I haven’t had time to post about it so consider this the announcement! A portion of my earnings each day from running the @postpromoter content promotion service are now going towards rewarding great content posted on the Steem platform through a manual, human curation process.

The posts that receive an upvote through this initiative are not posts that have paid to use the Post Promoter service. The initiative is being run through the @postcurator account, so you can follow that account to see what post has been chosen each day. The @postcurator account will reply to the chosen posts with the following comment, and purchase a vote from @postpromoter for the post.

Congratulations! This excellent post was chosen by the new curation initiative of the @postpromoter content promotion service to receive a free upvote!

This post exemplifies the type of great content that we at @postpromoter enjoy reading and would love to see more of on the Steem platform. Keep up the good work!

Of course, finding the best, undervalued content on the Steem blockchain can be like finding a needle in a haystack day in and day out. Luckily, I have some help with that. I would like to formally introduce @crystalhuman as the lead curator for the Post Promoter Curation Initiative! In addition to his great curation work he is also a great person and a valuable member of the community. I highly recommend giving him a follow in addition to the @haveaheart account that he runs.

Spreading the Word

In addition to the regular monthly #steemphilly meetups, hosted by the amazing @hypnopreneur, I have also been asked to talk about the Steem platform and the advantages and opportunities it provides at two other blockchain/crypto events in the Philadelphia area over the next week.

First, I will be hosting a Steem table at the Blockchain Bash event this weekend in Conshohocken, PA. It looks like it’s shaping up to be one of the biggest blockchain events we’ve had in the area so it should be a great opportunity to spread the word about Steem!

Second, I’ve been asked to talk about the technology behind the Steem blockchain and the opportunities it provides for developers and content creators at the June Philly Blockchain Tech Meetup next Thursday evening. For that I’m going to have to prepare a 20 - 30 minute talk with slides and the whole deal, so hopefully I will be able to find the time to put that all together!

Thank you for your support!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has supported my projects and voted for me as a witness. I love the fact that this is a collaborative rather than competitive environment in the sense that we are all working towards the same goal of increasing the value of the Steem platform which helps all of us who share a stake in it.

My primary focus is going to be on the Steem Monsters project for the foreseeable future (in addition to promoting Steem at local events), but feel free to reach out on Steem Chat or Discord if you ever have any questions or need any help and I will do my best to respond as soon as I can!

Banner art by the amazing @nateaguila!

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Very good job on taking some of your profits and moving them to a curation mechanism to help the community! You are setting a perfect example for others to follow and I hope people start to do so!

I think you have done an amazing job on Steem Monsters and I very much look forward to what that game can do for you and the steemit community is general. It is cutting edge and can really show people how the blockchain can be used to increase the functionality of the games and thus create increased value that we all will benefit from!

Great job... and I'm happy to be one of your witness voters and also to let others know you are a really good guy!

I think @postcurator is an absolutely great project exemplifying your contribution to the community. I’ve witnessed your low-key support to others like the fundraiser event for lynncoyle1 and briancorteau and the “Welcome to Steemit” rally by abh12345 (and for many other small fishes you come across on your feed). For many, it’s not as obvious and I’ve always felt there was something amiss with people not knowing. There is now the @postcurator account that others can witness your way of giving back to the community!

I looked up the Blockchain Bash you mentioned. Definitely too in-depth for me. The June meetup, sigh, too late on a weekday. Maybe when steemmonster is officially launched we can all help with a monster sign-up event that occurs on a weekend. :)

(unless you’re living under a Giant Roc)

It's a pleasure and I am honored to serve the community here on the steem platform.

Thank you for the opportunity @yabapmatt, this "job" is by far the most enjoyable one I've ever had.

Which reminds me, I made a meme around the time I first joined steemit about 3 months ago..


Seems even more fitting now that I am an Official Curator. :D


I'm really glad you're enjoying it, and I'm extremely happy to have you on board! I love the meme too! I haven't actually seen that movie...maybe I should watch it one time when I need a break from Mischievous Mermaids and Frost Giants and Fire Beetles (oh my!).


yes @yabapmatt u must have to watch this very nice movie and i like all ur articles and upvoting u same expected at yu side thnku


As much as I hate to admit it, I really enjoyed the movie. I like watching the dad kick the crap out of the guys that abducted his daughter. Haven't seen the second one yet, but I've heard it's good too.

Really enjoying Steem Monsters, just having them in our collection is exciting, we are both looking forward to the tournaments like a couple of little kids about to get ice cream.

No breaks for you! We need games! :D

Hi Yabapmatt! Really love your projects and time taken to give to the Steem community that we all are here for. I'm wondering since you've been a developer for most of your life, what advice would you give on how to start and manage new software projects and how do you verify that you've achieved your original goals? Also whats your team management method that works for you?

Voted for you for Witness! Keep it up.


Those are all pretty involved questions and i'm not sure I can adequately answer them in a short comment, but i'll try my best!

Starting a software project is easy, finishing / releasing it is hard. I try to always make sure I'm realistic about what I can accomplish and what time and resources I have available so that I don't bite off more than I can chew. Also I like to stick to languages and tools that I'm familiar with and that I know will work since it's easy to get distracted with the latest new fancy things which often wastes a lot of time.

Verifying if you've achieved your goals is easy. Just write them down when you start and you can easily check if you've achieved them or not.

As for team management, typically I find that the better the team you have, the less management is needed. If management is becoming an issue then it's an indicator to me that there are issues with one or more of the team members.

Hope that helps, and thank you for your vote!


I know its impossible to cover such topics but really thank you for your brief but great insight! I've always been in the IT field and enjoy using a wide variety of skills and technologies. I always find I enjoy too many hobbies/technologies and rarely find the time to finish side projects or get particulary amazing at any one.

I'm currently juggling Node JS and Django projects and going to stick with these for the time being :)

What are your favourite frameworks or guilty passions? (Mine is a inhouse app built using Paradox off a trial CD that pretty much ran production)

Really enjoy SteemMonsters and wish it is even more successful once the fighting/trading is out! :)

I think when the SBD price becomes low, it will be very difficult to power up, because the Steem price is always higher. Thats what I have noticed as a newbie here.


I'm not disagreeing - it's definitely good for content publishers right now. But it will also be just as good if the price of STEEM goes up instead. Though you may not be able to power up as much, what SP you do get will be worth more.


Ah OK I got it 😀 I am new here and still learning. Hopefully everything works out the way you planed.

PostCurator sounds like a wonderful project- i have followed and am really looking forward to discovering fantastic new content creators through it.

Hope you have a brilliant time at your events and sending you lots of luck for your talk- you'll ace it.

Brilliant to meet you here.
E x

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Hi @yabapmatt
maybe you are not aware but steembottracker.com is promoting a scam:

the bot "promobot" show a Min / max ROI of "-2% / 2.5%"
but the reality is "-6.5% / 0%", as explained by promobot here

the estimated ROI in the details section are also totally wrong for this bot.

You have to remove it from your list

That explains a lot. I remember when bot tracker was uncensored. Miss those days. I loved having many bots to chose from instead of a select few. But now I see why.

Just show all or none. Don't be particular. Offer a service that reflects what you claim it to be. Many bots not on your list now, I can only guess why. Include all because some of us rely on you to be honest.

Hi @yabapmatt,

(if we logged) Could you please save our Favorite bots on your server.
When chrome updated we are losing all.

I voted for you as witness because of your bot tracker. That has been very helpful for me to not only find credible bots, but to understand who the bot-vote works. I used other bots not on the tracker and got scammed once. But with anyone on your bot tracker list, they all performed as promised. Thanks for the super-value added bot tracker.

hi @yabapmatt , i am new on steemit (2 months). i invest little by little in my post. As the price decrease my payout is also decrease as well, where invest 5 SBD there i am getting 2-3 SBD in return. Hard to recover the loss. Is there any suggestions for me?

Since I do actually live under a rock, I thought I would take some time out and post in your comments section for the time. Let's be honest, I'm only here to suck up to you, for the slim hope of being chosen as a @postcurator candidate sometime in the future.

Now that I have that out of the way, the real and only reason I came here in the first place, is because of the lovely lady @beeyou at the top of the comments section. The second reason, is the not so good looking @davemccoy, but I still like him because of his 'personality'.

I do however think it's great that you have implemented a manual curation process as part of your routine here. I hope it has a lot of success, to the benefit of all.

Have to go back to my rock cave now...later!


If I didn’t think of you as a good writer, I would tell you to go back to that rock cave and stay there! No need to spam Matt’s post with our silliness. 😝


Careful, I will kidnap you and take you with me.


Barbaric caveman 🙄

Thank you @yabapmatt for this update.

I have just voted you as witness and I found you as the most valuable witness and with the latest development like @postcurator you have now become most valuable to this community.

Just have few queries.

(1) Is there any specific tag to get curated by your @postcurator.

(2) After posting an article, do I need to reach you for submission or any other means you have set up.

(3) Is there any specific category of post or it could be of any category.

Thank you.

Clearly, you are busy but I just wanted to express my appreciation for your efforts to build here. Good content comes in a lot of different forms.

Steem Monsters is one of the great projects with a bright future. Keep up the good work!

There seems to be a problem with steembottracker with a few bots that claim not to cap ROI ... the details running up to the bid confirm that there is no cap and then when the votes comes in it has been capped. Most recently ... this happend with @inciter. I would be going through him but he does appear to have a dependable way to contact the admin of the bot.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 10.05.03 AM.png

I am sorry if that is too small to read but we each received a 5.59 percent upvote and not 20 percent one.

Please advise.

You have recieved a free upvote from minnowpond, Send 0.1 -> 2 SBD with your post url as the memo to recieve an upvote from up to 100 accounts!

Of course, you are one of my favourite witnesses and you have my vote, even to this very moment. But your @postpromoter is one of the most likely bot to deliver a negative ROI because of the 20mins min voting age. Kindly look into that. Regards.


When the bots deliver a positive ROI it encourages spam, so I prefer to keep the settings for @postpromoter as they are. The value of using the service should come from increased visibility of the post, not from the service's vote itself.


a veces tambien se tienen perdidas en lugar de ganacias es como una promocion que incentiva a dar mas visibilidad al post de las personas o sea depende de la calidad del contenido para obtener mayor cantidad de votos eso entiendo..


Another perspective. Sounds convincing.


I agree with you on this. @postpromoter and others are great promotional tools within the Steem ecosystem.

Great update btw. Thanks for your contributions to the platform.

I would much prefer that those higher rewards come from an increased STEEM price and have SBD once again function as the stable currency it was intended to be.

I would be fine with $1.00 SBD being worth $1.00 USD, if my 0.001 STEEM curation rewards were worth $1.00 USD each! I know that would mean STEEM is valued at $1000 USD, but hey, it could happen.


You got a 26.54% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @yabapmatt!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

excelente informacion gracias por notificar de este nuevo proyecto y evento

Dear respected sir/madam,

You can see that the steem/sbd rate going down day by day. So according to this rate you should need to decrease minimum bid amount. I am just requesting you sir/madam. if you do it then it is most appreciable step by you.

Thank you sir/madam

Taking some of your profits and working in a curation arrangement to help the community work very well! You are setting a perfect example to follow others and I hope people will start doing it. I think you did an amazing job on Steam Monster. Indeed people can be shown how using blockchain to increase the effectiveness of games and thus increase the quality that we will all benefit from.Great job ... you're really a good man.

Hi Matt ... Sorry for placing this here but I do not know where else to leave a comment wrt the steembotracker. 11 hours ago I put in a bid with @edensgarden. The transfer shows in both our wallets. I did not receive an upvote or reimbursement. I left a comment on his blog and have not received a reply. I see from his blog page that this is a frequent problem with this bot. Please advise.

This is the post that should have been upvoted.


Thanks for all the work you do awesome job. I have a question know1 will answer.
I gave sbd to @booster and never got my vote or refund. What is the best way to go about getting a refund back from a bid bot. I have the proof and was going to do a post on it but i wanted to ask a seasoned vet on steemit. And since i have you as my witness I thought maybe you might help. Thanks for your time and sorry to bother ya.

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

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I am not sure if this is the right place to ask for this, but can you overlook if and what bots leave comments in the comment section?

There are a lot of bots that have the mark meaning they shouldn't leave comments, yet they do.

its my first time reading your post although ive been using some of your services, an author like you who share the true purpose of steem as written on its whitepaper and blue as well worth being voted for a witness.
i took my time to go through your blog to see if you worth it amongst the top 10 witnesses and indeed you deserve it all.
Cheers @yebapmatt

I think you got writing talent by blood becous its extra ordinary

Sir i have sent 10 sbd to @postpromoter 2 hours ago and didnt recieved upvote yet.But others whoever have sent the bid it voted them after a couple of minutes but i havent recieved it yet.
Please check and reply