Promobot terms of service v7 +1.5% for STEEM bids

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Promobot is meant to be used to get more attention to your content by raking it higher and does not give votes worth more than the amount paid for promotion.

  • Protection from overbidding that limit your promotion cost to 6.5%.
  • Improved price feed for vote value estimation. (live feed)
  • Votes are made when voting power is at 100% (2.4 hours or less).
  • Posts that purchase more than 20 STEEM worth of promotion get resteemed.
  • Minimum payment 10 STEEM or 10 SBD.
  • STEEM bids get an extra 1.5% and SBDs -1.5%.

Reserve the right to retract an upvote without refund if used to promote:

  • Slanders.
  • Vote trading services.
  • Resteeming services.
  • ICOs (Contact us before,
  • SMT crowdsale before the SMT software is out.

Reserve the right to retract an upvote with a 25% refund if used to promote:

Reserve the right to retract any up-vote with a 50% refund.

Note to shareholders and delegators:

  • Delegators or shareholders providing 10% or more of the total SP have the ability to request votes to be retracted in exchange for 50% of the amount paid for the vote.

The refunds on retracted votes are not taken from the bots revenues, they are funded externally by one of the shareholder/delegator providing 10% or more of promobot SteemPower.

Interested in extra revenues? No need to sign-up anywhere, just delegate and start getting paid daily.

Promobot pays back 99.5% or more of the STEEM and SBD earned proportionally to the size of your delegation.

Tool for setting up a delegation :

For more information or support contact us through our discord

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I have sent you 10 sbd and you have not upvote for me :


Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. Your vote has been already casted. Have a good day!

You already have 802,106 SP, so the delegations are a mere addition. Is there a reason, not to give more votes, even though, you may not have enough bids ? Ideally the bid bots should give the highest percentage to the highest bidder ?


Hello Sir,

This is a promotion bidbot. As so, it's configured to lower promotion costs, not to maximize "negative costs" instead.

We believe in bidbots as a solution for visibility by providing a fair relation investment-to-vote.

If your content is good enough, a bidbot is just a mere tool that will provide you with the enough attention so that you can monetize by human curation.

I hope we express our vision clearly enough. We respect your own personal vision on bidbots though.

Have a good day Sir.


I am not talking of negative costs. If you have your VP remain at 100 percent and still not vote, then its waste of use of SP. In stead why not give it to the bidders ? That will also make you popular.


Because bidders sending liquid SBD/STEEM are not necessarily invested in Steem and apparently don't want to be for a safe 2.5% discount.

We often up-vote community initiative manually when vote is idling.


That's good then, at least its getting used for the community.


I've sent 10 steem 5 hrs ago. I would be pleased if you up vote my post or refund my money:)


Excuse us Sir for the inconvenience, we were running some tests and the server was temporary down. Therefore your bid wasnt tracked real time.

Your vote has now been casted with a some extra weight.

Sorry again for the trouble and have a good day!