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Mostly a bugfix and cleanup update, this release also adds Poloniex as a feed provider for Steem (used to be Bittrex only) and adds feed publishing for the BTS asset "BTWTY" (


0.4.3 (2016-10-30)

  • [steem] new config var 'steem_dollar_adjustment' to help maintain SD stability,
    price is published so that bias shows properly on
  • [steem] added Poloniex feed price provider for Steem
  • [bts] new asset feeds: BTWTY, GRIDCOIN (currently disabled due to black swan)
  • [bts] fixed precision bug when publishing feed price for expensive assets (eg: BTWTY, GOLD, ...)
  • [all] updated seed nodes list, faster page rendering (cache seed nodes status)
  • [all] general cleanup fixes, deploy script WIP

What is bts_tools?

Documentation homepage:


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