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VIP Is Runnig For Witness!

Yes that's right, VIP is coming back and as a witness. VIP will still be distributing liquids from post rewards(more info on later post). This particular witness post will not. Funds from witness posts will be to help maintain the cost running this witness server.

After spending sometime in the Steemit community, Most of you know I was a bit discouraged at the road things were headed. Thanks to the help of fellow steemians and witnesses, it has encouraged me to run a witness node and continue to help the platform grow.

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Witness server:

  • Google VPS
  • 8 Core CPU
  • 52 GB RAM
  • 100 GB HD

Updated to latest version 0.16.0

Seed node:

VIP's goal is not to become apart of the top 19 witnesses, but it would be nice.
I am continuing to learn what is takes to be a witness as it is a huge responsibility and do my best to be a great witness.

Special Thanks:

Thank you to the witnesses that have helped setup this witness node. Even when I was making rookie mistakes you had patience with me.

You can find me in Steemspeak or join the #vip-trail on Discord.

Please give a vote for VIP witness .

Thank you,

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Very great, keep it up!
Little question: How do you add the Steemit logo in your title?


Thanks @future24. The logo appears when you do a 100% power up post now :)


Ah ok great, thanks for the information!

Your post has been chosen by the @robinhoodwhale initiative as one of our top picks today.

Learn more about the Robinhood Whale here!

The Steemit community looks forward to more great stuff from you. So, please keep on Steeming!

Good luck!



Oh wow thank you @robinhoodwhale. This is very encouraging words getting a response from you :)

So glad to see VIP is coming back - and as a witness no less. You are awesome. Proud to vote for you!


Thank you for the kind words :) Yes coming back with a vengeance :P

Welcome back!
Look forward to working together some too!
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Thank you. Oh yes, I look forward to it too. More details later :)

Glad this is back up! I think this will be a great success with more exposure! Resteemed!


Thanks man. I appreciate the support!

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