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RE: Hardfork 21 Tomorrow

"That's a significant 30% drop to the author."

Is this some Common Core math?

Previously author rewards were 75% of payout on posts and comments. Adjusting the rewards to 50/50 halved author rewards. That's a reduction of 50% already, before adding in the impact of the 10% tax for SPS, and the reduction that will be caused by the semi-exponential curve.

Things just don't add up sometimes.


Let's say a post made $1, that's $1 coming from the reward pool. After HF21, 10% tax goes to SPS, we end up with 90 cents. Then that mount is split 50/50, so author gets 45 cents, curators get 45 cents. For the author, the old 75% for the post's reward, minus the new 45% equals a 30% reduction. But, in relative terms, the calculation would be (45 cents - 75 cents)/75 cents x 100 = -40%. So the author is losing 40% relative to the initial 75 cents (not half as you mentioned). The percentage is different depends how you look at it. Add the new curve and beneficiaries, and the author will get less.