@drakos Has the initial wait time before voting changed from 15 min to 1 min.?

1 minute was too short, so the final concensus was decided on 5 minutes.

Very exited to know how it works..!!

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Let's see if that "culture shift" comes?!

I have very mixed feelings about this fork, or the EIP especially. If these free downvotes are used to apply corrective pressure in the right spots, where value is constantly being siphoned off the platform, it might just end up being good for the culture around here, eventually. It will remain to be seen how that plays out, though...

After all, a platform like steem, or any blockchain for that matter really, is a social experiment and the community around it will make or break its value(s).

Happy hardfork! I am ready.

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

It’s just not about writing good content. It’s about playing voting games. I think I’m too old to play games. Lol!

As authors we were getting really discouraged, especially if you had put a lot of hard work and effort into your posts.
Now it's better with HF21. Thank those who put it into place.

Bring it on I say.. more curation rewards which will hopefully improve engagement in this platform

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You got my witness vote for testing HF21 on testnet!

The truth is that I don't know what to think in relation to the proposals to encourage the content. I have more than 3 years on the platform and I still have the same fight in relation to the community as a whole.

My native language is Spanish, and despite the large amount of content produced by that community, we continue to be a great minority, which is not heard at all, partly kidnapped by a project that was enriched and partly contributed.

But not enough, I use his power to attack instead of adding. Fight several times, seeking support with other users. and we weren't heard, they don’t care.

I am really wondering how the equal reward 45% for authors and curators will affect the number of new posts on the Platform ;-) Such a move is probably aimed at encouraging people to buy more STEEM and vote on left and right instead of creating valuable content. But time will tell. ;-)

Happy hardfork, well done @drakos ;-)

So if the number of people who make valuable content reduce... meaning there will be few people to curate hence less curation rewards!!

The biggest affected content creators are those who use platforms/dapps ..!!

Good job @drakos. Great to see a proactive witness. You already have my vote 🤓. I’ve recently started a witness (@untersatz) with @organduo. Happy days!
!giphy empty+wallet

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// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

Not only down to 45%,but also on an altered curve. Only linear at 20 Steem and upward. So in the end even less.

I'm ready... I'll be glad to have it behind us.

I have mixed feelings about it, but am making a choice to choose NewSteem.

Thanks for the honest update and view!

"That's a significant 30% drop to the author."

Is this some Common Core math?

Previously author rewards were 75% of payout on posts and comments. Adjusting the rewards to 50/50 halved author rewards. That's a reduction of 50% already, before adding in the impact of the 10% tax for SPS, and the reduction that will be caused by the semi-exponential curve.

Things just don't add up sometimes.

Let's say a post made $1, that's $1 coming from the reward pool. After HF21, 10% tax goes to SPS, we end up with 90 cents. Then that mount is split 50/50, so author gets 45 cents, curators get 45 cents. For the author, the old 75% for the post's reward, minus the new 45% equals a 30% reduction. But, in relative terms, the calculation would be (45 cents - 75 cents)/75 cents x 100 = -40%. So the author is losing 40% relative to the initial 75 cents (not half as you mentioned). The percentage is different depends how you look at it. Add the new curve and beneficiaries, and the author will get less.

so hypothetically the 10% is given to stinc for development and onboarding and we should see some type of action in the terms of their response to the community needs? will their be an accounting of this ten percent?

The 10% allocated to SPS is not given to Steemit Inc.

The SteemDAO was a concept proposed by @blocktrades to allow Steem users to publicly propose work they are willing to do in exchange for pay. Steem users can then vote on these proposals in almost the same way they vote for witnesses It uses stake-weighted votes, but voters can vote for as many proposals as they want.

ok cool ty for explaining that.

So.. do I win by not making content and just upvoting whichever post is at the top of trending each day? Let's find out! lol ;)

You don't win by upvoting whatever is already at the top of trending. In fact you'll probably get very little for that because curation rewards come from votes after yours.

If a post is doing well, or even at the top of trending and I vote on it, but I get in early and lots of other people also do the same, then I'd get paid out. I was really, though, more thinking of being able to look at who is at the top of trending - perhaps due to their high stake and self voting, or through use of bidbots and then autovote their next posts after 5 minutes.

If you are able to get in early, sure. But it won't be at the top of trending at that point or even near it.

autovote their next posts after 5 minutes.

No doubt there will be others competing to do the same thing. That's not going to be easy money.

I meant 'get in early' before others compete for the same curation.. But yes, I understand that it's not optimal to vote for a post that's already at the top.
It seems like there is very likely to be a vote sniping contest to see who can do the autovoting at the optimal time. We shall see.

It seems like there is very likely to be a vote sniping contest to see who can do the autovoting at the optimal time.

Anyway, I never cared when to vote on a post and I still won't care. :)

It seems like there is very likely to be a vote sniping contest to see who can do the autovoting at the optimal time. We shall see.

Absolutely. That is by design.

I'm talking about sniping of voting on posts just because you know they spend a lot on bidbots or are whales and self upvote.

Yes that is by design.

It's easy to make a list of the usual trenders and upvote them before the others do.

We already covered this in the sibling reply thread. Yes it is easy to do which means many people will be doing it (in fact already are today, but with the higher starting rewards competition will likely intensify), driving the votes earlier and earlier and returning more and more of the curation rewards back to the pool.

That's the EIP incentive :) Just be aware that flags will be flying too on the trending page lol. So you may still end up with nothing.

So... I just need to vote on whoever has the most flagging power and who also pays the most for bots on their own post? Basically, I need to support whoever the biggest jerk is. Got it. ;)

You know who they are 😉

Great work with testing, and thank you! I admire you so much!!

The strategy is clearly to attract more investors, but I believe that the objective for which it was created is overlooked, Steemit is a social network based on blockchain technology where you can receive positive votes for publications or comment with quality, where the scourge and spam. Many try to grow, but can not, because it depends on what sympathy can fall before large mammals. That's why you can see in the trend sections of the different communities.

On the other hand, I know that sometimes dasometric measures must be taken to prevent the ship from colliding with the iceberg and joining.

I hope this HF21 has benefits for many, including those who have Steemit as their only means of income.

this makes us very nervous.

Happy forking!

Any word on how soon the SPS front end / submission / voting system will be rolled out and integrated into I have a couple things to submit right away.

thanks for your intense testing and this post :)
heard you were one of the few on testnet?

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I still don't know what's going on but I'm having funnn!

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Highlight of my day, made me smile.


You downvoted me for no reason weeks ago, you thought I had forgotten about it? So I'm downvoting you for no reason. We're even.

lol, sounds like a reason to me xD

STEEM hits 21 so it’s now old enough to drink lol probably what we should be doing tomorrow to celebrate or commiserate either way it’s going to be interesting! Hold on to your SP boys and girls


Interesting, so now when I upvoted your post your payout got reduced by one cent, whereas before the hardfork nothing would change :)

That's because I'm getting downvotes from all over the place from users I never heard of. We have a HF21 downvote spree.

I guess it has to do with the strong use of bid bots on this post...

No, it's @coininstant's bots at work, many people have issues with him.

There's also a few thefty individual downvotes on your post. There is a move to remove rewards from overly bid-botted posts, as I'm sure you are aware of.

I write these things instead of downvoting, as I like your content. But I agree with those judging it not to be worth that much.

IMO those individuals didn't read the post and downvoted just because of the bid bots. I present important information here, not crap. I'd rather see informational posts trending (bid bots or not) vs the shit posts that we've been seeing for months.

Awesome stuff!
I guess I joined this community at just about the right time.

Thanks for the summary! A few hours to go! :)

Happy Hard Fork! And, thanks for your commitment to Steem ❤

I was actually damn to think that I as a content creator takes 50%!!!

I had completely forgotten about the beneficiaries which most of us use.

It is unfortunate that some beneficiaries take more than meaning an author will be left with only 30% hahaha.

First of all, thank you for testing the Hardfork and checking out almost every detail

Now, good thing is that with all the Steem -engine tokens we can at least reduce the $ damage that we authors will suffer.
So now if I upload a video on dtube and hits the 10 $ mark, with hf 21 I'm gonna keep 3,50$ right?

This sucks to us content creators but I hope whales will wake up and start curating. Of course I am not expecting everyone's posts to skyrocker in terms of payout but if this is positive and attracts new investors, I am in.

Here's a much better post than steemit's Hahaha! Thanks

I don't see how the authors could get an increase of curation, just to stay at the same level of curation as before HF21 they need 30% increase so to earn more... I know that we are in the world of crypto but to take the authors for deep fools....

Especially if there is an increase in the number of votes, where will it come from? Mainly account has 0.001 steem of curation (new account) and not installed account (or explain to me how the other accounts will do to vote at more than 100% power), so don't be fooled.

Example: a post with 1 steem curation before HF21 must therefore obtain 1*0.3 = 0.001*0.45x which gives us 0.3 steem = 0.00045x or 667 additional votes (good luck, guys)

Okay then the winners will be the small accounts? Okay, so that's good, but are you sure? What is the actual distribution of steem wallet by size? I let you do the research by yourself :)

As long as the distribution does not take into account the SP in its calculation mode to really help small accounts to develop (both at the author and curator level) then the system will remain unfair and arbitrary.

Steemit has really failed at all levels, an author wants above all to be read (by humans) and then rewarded for the adequacy of the work done, a reader wants to easily find and read things that interest him and will enrich him intellectually while being rewarded for the attention he has given to his reading.

But both of them are frustrated. The first one because the learning-to-use phase is to hard and it's impossible to know how many human readers it will actually have had. The second because nothing is done to accompany him, to help him find what he is looking for and that the dream we sold him is far from reality. I am not talking here about all non-core person who are doing their best to give steem more humanity and more accessibility with their means, far from equaling what the core team could do.

As for the witnesses, we can't say that steemit did much to highlight them. It's more like you can manage on your own! Once again it is the external teams that try with their means to do something (like Steempeak where it only miss a Witness section in Explore to make one more step for the witnesses).

It's a real shame for a blockchain that has so much potential

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