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RE: Running for Witness: Embracing the Crypto Life™

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@kevinwong - shameless as I am I will rape the reward pool by upvoting my own comment with my massive SP to confirm i am voting for your witness. A MUST for 3 reasons: 1 - You DJ, 2 - You been one of the first 5 on Steemit to engage with me, 3 - You take care of the community. Will vote tomorrow!


hahahah....i like your style @uwelang <3, when you run for witness I will do the same for you :D

thanks @uwelang lol funny as ever *off to go engage more for more votes*

@uwelang, If you ever visit KL, Malaysia, you should definitely meet up with Kevin. He is one awesome cool guy who willingly support the community and doesn't want to be in the spotlight area. As one of Team Malaysia member, I am super grateful we have Kevin here. I have met him a couple of times, but I didn't dare to talk to him because he is THE Kevin Wong. But deep down inside, I am really thankful. And totally support him as witness. Voted! And confirm voted!

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:D Thank you for your post and for all you do here on Steem!

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