Running for Witness: Embracing the Crypto Life™

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Dear Steem community,

Recently over coffee, a friend asked me questions about real-estate properties and businesses on the blockchain, seeing that I have been advising a few small projects over the past year. It was a long talk, but I'll try to summarize it. It has a lot to do with both Steem, Tau, and my decision to run as witness:-

  • There are plenty of unsolvable problems that no blockchains or any other technologies will ever be able to solve. For example: really knowing what's in the real world around us, from legal ownership to the things that I'm saying here in this post. Blockchains or any records of anything in life would rely on sensors (or oracles, human-beings, etc) to sense. But sensors ultimately require input, which is something that cannot be 100% trusted since we can just provide kind of signals, true or false, as input. So relationships and social networks still matter in the end even if we are to use the blockchain as a trust protocol for meta-information.

  • Calling something smart-contract and printing data into it doesn't immediately make it trustworthy, obviously. So if an entrepreneur is going into the business of trying to shove things like identities and real-estate titles into a blockchain as proof-of-something in the real world, is it actually going to hold water if there are no massive communities revolving around it, using the platform's token as an everyday currency?

  • Just about every popular language out there is based on Turing-completeness, all of which are undecidable in nature. We can express and build anything that we want with infinite complexities. This phenomenon isn't only restricted in the realm of human languages like English or Chinese, but also in most programming languages like C++, Java, Solidity, etc. If you've wondered why our human laws and computer programs can sometimes be so unexpectedly buggy and insanely messy, then look no further beyond this problem with the meta-language that we've been using to intermediate our communications, which are all based on infinite and unrestricted computational complexity. This is why bringing this state of affairs into the heart of blockchain architectures may not be the best use case of the innovation all along.

  • Seeing that blockchains or decentralized applications are ultimately social platforms that aim to go beyond the downsides of traditional structures, I now think the choice of languages being used so far might actually be a huge technical flaw that blockchain protocols ought to avoid inheriting. Solving this very specific problem will give rise to many first-time features that are socially useful. Indeed, this is why I think Tau might very well be the giant leap in blockchain magic. If you've never heard of it before, check out their fresh new website at Try some of the blogposts too, such as Tau and the Crisis of Truth.

  • So again, here we have a scenario where we may have poor choice in meta-language being recklessly brought over into the realm of blockchain protocols for the past decade. This is why building stuff on application-general blockchains like Ethereum, Tezos, and such typically consume plenty of time and resources, sometimes even prone to inspire the solving of unsolvable problems. Perhaps even moreso than the Internet bubble in the 90s, seeing that there are no centralised hands to tame the infinite complexities involved and getting things done in some certain way that works for the mass market, so to speak. There's just no one single company dedicated to work on these platforms. Instead, everyone can and should take a part. But with the game as it is now, it has been difficult for users to connect with trustworthy applications, projects, and communities that are relevant. It's really a different ballgame when it comes to building a world of decentralized networks.. that work.

  • So it's getting clearer these days that it may just be way more convenient, affordable, and secure to build on platforms that only deal with limited complexities such as Steem, even though any development on its codebase still works on the basis of turing-completeness. Fortunately, here we have significantly lesser problems to worry about: we're on an application-specific blockchain afterall, which is why it is much easier for development. Its simplicity is built around proven utility with some form of rigidity. With the upcoming Smart Media Tokens, developers and entrepreneurs can innovate around certain powerful ideas extensively without being dragged down by uncertainties.


On being a deviant.

With those points out of the way, I went on telling my friend that I thought I may be too opinionated to be an adviser for entrepreneurs looking into the blockchain hypetrain, as I couldn't even recommend anyone building on the popular platforms like Ethereum now. For fun, maybe, but I just can't recommend it anymore seeing that it's currently sitting at tens of billions in market cap, but only serving about 10,000 users a day in its decentralized applications. It's just still not good enough compared to our centralised counterparts.

So it is a bit of a killjoy for most developers and entrepreneurs when I recommend both Steem and Tau, blockchains that aren't ranking highly enough on Coinmarketcap to inspire confidence. It certainly has affected and limited my opportunities as a wannabe adviser and content producer in the space, since my investment thesis now mainly resides in these underdogs. But my good friend was quick to remind me that I might actually be giving the best unpopular advice that serious entrepreneurs need to hear. Am I?

I'm definitely not fudding here at all. Just speaking my mind. If anything, I'd recommend any communities with good sensible ideas to consider building on both Steem and Tau, even if that may entail waiting for the painfully long developments.


Embracing the Crypto Life™.

So my buddy's pat in the back made me think that I should now just continue to pursue my interests 100% in this space, wherever it takes me. So what's this Crypto Life™ about? It's just a clickbait and it really just means me being invested in my investments. That's how it all becomes currency I guess. I think it's a powerful idea.

Cryptocurrency makes this a possibility. This is why Steem Power is still appealing to me as some unit of investment after two years more than everything else, although I think it could do way better with some modifications. It's just a hard conversation to sustain and keep track of at the moment. Anyway, if Tau works out well in the future, then we may begin to truly scale discussions and figure out better economic incentives. Perhaps even develop and deploy them easily. The better model will eventually rule the markets anyway, so no time will be wasted on debates.


Making Steem & Tau my business.

I’ve also been advising a small group of talented folks at Trybe this year to keep track both Steem and Tau for their blockchain needs. That would mean a lot of patience waiting for the right tools, so we will not be rushing into announcing any Smart Media Tokens and all of that just yet, if ever, so the integrations with our applications like Moo'lah and Oske are still very much a work-in-progress.

With that, I would like to announce that I'm running for witness on Steem, bringing along a part of the team at Trybe onboard to support the ecosystem when it becomes feasible to do so. So if you’re a developer who’s very familiar with Steem and the upcoming Smart Media Tokens, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] because we would need your help at some point to get things up to speed, especially on dev-to-dev communications about Steem-related technicalities.


Avoiding Turing-completeness.

Human life is full of uncertainties even in the things we think are certain. So other than sturdy buildings and well-crafted machinaries, can't we also finally have social protocols that are decidable, dependable, and is useful to all of us? It's been years since my last dayjob when I was still doing corporate sales, selling stuff that I don't even care about, so hope you don't mind if I indulge explaining a little more of what I think about these products:-

  • Steem is an application-specific blockchain with low-friction adoption and development. Its simple form and function deals with a limited and manageable set of complexities, but with wide potential use-cases for all kinds of communities. For the lack of better words, I think i's fair to say that it's way harder to screw up something like Steem in the long-term due to its simplicity like Bitcoin. If you're not a Steem user, but reading this, please do check out the recent CoinCentral articles here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

  • Tau is an application-general blockchain with highly non-trivial designs where users can deploy any kinds of peer-to-peer networks. It's also going to be the world's first implementation of a self-defining and decidable non-Turing-complete meta-language based on FO[PFP] with PSPACE-complexity that will support an internet of languages; thus enabling the scaling of discussions, consensus, collaboration, and production of knowledge worldwide. I believe that Ohad Asor, founder and developer of Tau might be hitting on a technological homerun here through leveraging the magics offered precisely by what I think is the language of decentralization, something which he figured out after years of research. It's now under intense development. But there's only a small group of us watching, probably thinking we're the crazy ones. Are we?

  • Steem is like candy for users to show up and share. It also has the ability to easily reward users on any applications for whatever reasons, tapping into the power of subjectivity. On the other hand, Tau is a semantic social platform that will likely enable us to discover people and applications that are highly relevant to us, collaborate across communities with convenience, and participate in a kind of digital knowledge-cash economy that's based more on objectivity. All backed by an ever-evolving logical framework enabled by Tau's paradigm of human-machine-human communication. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.


There's no conflict of interest running as a Steem witness in massive support of Tau.

Both of these projects can greatly benefit each other. At the risk of sounding too far-fetched, I also think there may be a possibility for the Steem protocol to be ported and deployed on the Tau network sometime in the future, if and when it becomes alive. There's just no reason not to, if my take on it is accurate. Imagine the Steem network and its sub-protocols evolving according to our discussions. Tau could also benefit from the crypto-ready communities and applications available on Steem. We will see what happens when the time comes. If anything, Tau could use more attention. Take a look, and write about it on Steem!

This close relationship is something that I'm proposing as both a witness and user of the platform. I hope it's clear over the past couple of years that I'm invested.

My only role on the developer side of things is just to invest in good partners and providing advice, even though if that just means telling people to wait for the right technologies to come. That said, I would like any developers I happen to work with to have the freedom to innovate on new and existing enterprises.


Who am I?

I started on Steem a little over 2 years ago and have since been on the rollercoaster ride. Also helped a bit in kickstarting initiatives like @curie and simply investing in others through voting. Mined my first and last batch of Bitcoins back in 2009. Forgot all about it until Ethereum came about. The incident with The DAO led me to my first post here.

My academic background is in the field of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, which honestly is something I'm not very good at when it comes to the heavy-lifting. Work-wise, I've some experience here and there, dealing with some music, semiconductors, computer vision, copywriting, marketing, sales, and just about anything accessible through a computing device these days. I find joy taking the time doing some writing, researching, investing, and just having a good chat.

An honest node.

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 - 4c/8t - 3.8GHz /4.2GHz
RAM: 64GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz
Storage: 2x450GB SSD NVMe
Network: 1gbit/s

Nothing fancy at the moment and I'm still learning. Will expand accordingly upon market conditions. With the feasibility of using large NVMe and later Optane drives, Steem's infrastructure may be on its way to enjoying a much better cost of quality operations. Maybe? With the recent v0.19.10 update, it seems that it is already encouraged to place the shared-file entirely on the NVMe disk without having it at all committed into /dev/shm/, ramdisk, or memory. Had a test run witnessing on v0.19.5 a couple of days ago. Now my setup is running on v0.19.11.

Ready to witness.

All support for my witness will be prioritised towards securing reliable nodes. Any bonuses will be going to building the Crypto Life™, which for me can be characterised through the spirit of both Steem Power and Tauchain's Agoras. Will continue spending the time to create content, invest well, and try to take the platform to a better position. If whatever I've been talking about here seems okay, please consider voting for my witness account and share this post. Thank you ありがとうございました. Also, thanks to @krnel, @timcliff, @pfunk, @liberosist, and @brandonfrye for the guideposts in setting up a node.

Note: Please bear with the setup as I may be trying out different strategies that require disabling my witness intermittently over the next few weeks.

How to vote:-

  1. Go here:
  2. Look for my userame @kevinwong and vote.
  3. Alternatively, you can vote through Steemconnect here:

Contributions welcome.

STEEM: @kevinwong
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Not to be taken as financial advice.
Always do your own research.


@kevinwong - shameless as I am I will rape the reward pool by upvoting my own comment with my massive SP to confirm i am voting for your witness. A MUST for 3 reasons: 1 - You DJ, 2 - You been one of the first 5 on Steemit to engage with me, 3 - You take care of the community. Will vote tomorrow!

hahahah....i like your style @uwelang <3, when you run for witness I will do the same for you :D

thanks @uwelang lol funny as ever *off to go engage more for more votes*

@uwelang, If you ever visit KL, Malaysia, you should definitely meet up with Kevin. He is one awesome cool guy who willingly support the community and doesn't want to be in the spotlight area. As one of Team Malaysia member, I am super grateful we have Kevin here. I have met him a couple of times, but I didn't dare to talk to him because he is THE Kevin Wong. But deep down inside, I am really thankful. And totally support him as witness. Voted! And confirm voted!

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:D Thank you for your post and for all you do here on Steem!

Hey Kev,

I don't know if you're currently top witness material, but you surely have the potential to get there. I'll always remember how you took my recommendations for complete strangers I was curating before I even knew that Curie existe, and how you were the first whale who came by to upvote an unknown startup community like @comedyopenmic so generously and putting your faith in us experimenting with a volunteer base community with rotational leadership of international jokers trying to disrupt the blockchain with a little humor.

I've always seen your devotion the the little peeps....the heart beat of Steem, aka the minnows, I've seen your passion to curate and bring reward to the talented, but most of all, your joy of giving of yourself to others, in art, music, philosophy, positive inspiration, and even with your mouth covering bandanna mystique 😁.....that kind of sharing, that's your passion.

I'm honored to give you my witness vote, I've been asked by a fellow COMer for my witness proxy, nevertheless in the interest of supporting big hearted witness who I believe will help take us to a new generation here on Steem, I will ask him to support you, I'm hopeful he will, either way, you will surely have my vote sooner than later.

Welcome to the witness club, I don't know what you have planned as you climb the ranks, but I'm confident it will be exciting and will be looking forward to seeing your creative ways to disrupt the blockchain. Do us all a favor and raise the bar for all witnesses. Also when you do come up with something cool, let us know if we can help!

Will get the word out to the the community of @comedyopenmic, we got your back!

Steem On!

Drop by discord, let me introduce you to everyone who haven't yet had the opportunity to get to know you <3

COM Discord:

happy to plonk a vote down on a Wong. I have noticed your name often and always in support. Hope you crash into that top 20 and shake shit up my man!!

Eh that's too much good words lol. really I don't do much at all, just autovote all day long here most of the time now. Got no plans to climb other than what I've already offered on the table here on this post. Up the community dedice and share it out if they like it. Just want write stuff here and keep building SP.

ah you're too modest, you probably come from a culture who exemplify humility (ironically it's often not attain by most in such a culture).......your generosity, optimism for the future, and belief there is still space for altruism in humanity brings balance to our current world of so many who are over-focus on just resources, monetary value, and being self-centrict

you don't know yet, but this is just a first step for you into another're an elected official of Steem now, be it by popularity, by good vibes, by old-school big fishes, or by doesn't matter. What matters is that you can start shaping the direction of where you want Steem to steer as we journey together.

Come say hello in COM Discord.....we need leaders like you to drop by even if it's just to visit our rabbit hole, it will greatly encourages the peeps!

Hey @kevinwong, 加油 (jia you)!

Hey @kevinwong, 加油 (jia you)!

There's my vote, @kevinwong. Thanks for everything you've done for COM and for Steemit in general.

You also have a supporter here :) ! I like your honest and straight to the point way of putting things @kevinwong and while I don't understand much (or about nothing) on tech and programming specifics I can agree on how we need to build communities that create points of interest for new and potential users. As a musician I've been finding a great joy networking around here and building new relationships , also it has allowed me to have some sort of revenue for my own art , also helping others is a possibility for me here , even as a minnow account I've been able to push and support initiatives that I like . After being kidnapped and blackmailed ....ahem....invited by @diebitch and @dj123 to the COM family I've come to see one of the hardest working communities around here and am also grateful for your support over there :) ! Cheers!



Many yap. Few act. Kevinwong doesn't talk much but he does a whole freaking lot. Add to the mindset of never overselling or overpromising aka shilling. It's called honesty and that is more scarce than "good coins" in this cryptosphere filled with greedy b*rstards.

Give him the votes people!

I still remember how in my first weeks here, I'd always come to your posts for some insight, humor and of course, upvotes. lol Also I've seen how you're always supporting the little guy, educating, and inspiring steemians in general to let loose every once in a while so, of course you have my vote.

P.S I still listen to "the girl from ipanema" from time to time so cheers for that too.


I also join the wave of support. I trust Dj's eye. We wish the best for the platform and we will support any initiative that ensures the good of it.

This is awesome, He's not much of a talker but I always know he's in the background, lurking and searching for quality to curate. Thanx for the smiles, the nudes the upvotes and supporting comedyopenmic community.

I've always seen your devotion the the little peeps....the heart beat of Steem, aka the minnows, I've seen your passion to curate and bring reward to the talented, but most of all, your joy of giving of yourself to others, in art, music, philosophy, positive inspiration, and even with your mouth covering bandanna mystique 😁.....that kind of sharing, that's your passion.

Ditto that from me. I have kept up with this guy and he seems perfect as a Witness. Look forward to that :)

Kevin easily got my vote. Good luck.

Hey @kevinwong! You inspired me to keep steeming way back when, and you gave me one of my first "heavier" upvotes. It felt good seeing someone with your rep and SP give me those words of encouragement! I believe you will make a great witness, and I thank you for all the support you give throughout the steemit community! You got my vote for sure!

So after about 10 attempts to cast the witness vote and steemit not showing me any indication, I realized the added/removed spam via steemworld. Sorry for the vote spam if you noticed it :P

Hey thanks! I don't think I noticed btw :)

@kevinwong has my vote as well!

Hi Kevin,

When I think of Steemit you are one of the first names that come to mind. I'm on my way over to support you as a witness.

加油 (jia you)!

Or as we say in Korea,


You rock!!

Hey thanks for the support! I really appreciate it. Will try to write more content frequently.

Kevin had my vote at Running. All the best in this journey @kevinwong. Thanks a lot for your effort in helping bring up Steem and Steemers.
Keep going, we gotcho back~

PS: Dope avy.

It is great, witness.

I stumbled across a resteem on my feed about your post.
In the last two days I have dealt with the topics "complexity" and "quality" and read some scientific contributions. As a balance, I read those of philosophers, historians, systemists and people working on environmental issues.

From the respective perspective of these people and views, there are urgent and important topics that all want to be dealt with and observed.

When I focus on complexity theory and what mathematicians and computer scientists say, I read that ...

The complex interdependencies of computational ecologies violate the traditional requirements for a hierarchical decomposition into technical, industrial, or administrative modules as used in traditional management. Modern technical communication networks are growing open systems which must be used without central control, synchronicity, or consistent data from other agents like machines or humans.
Thus, the dynamic theory of informational and computational ecologies, which incorporates the features of incomplete knowledge and delayed information, will provide well known evolutionary patterns like fixed points, oscillations, or chaos.
Under the conditions of complexity more and more control functions and human activities must be ceded and replaced by artificial intelligent systems. Human responsibility is not abolished, but restricted by collective and nonlinear effects of complex systems which cannot be forecast or controlled in the long run. Thus, we do not promote any kind of biologism or reductionism. But, under the conditions of complexity, it is not enough to have good individual intentions. We have to consider the nonlinear dynamic effects of computer technology, Artificial Life, and Artificial Intelligence for the future of human society.


You're talking about Avoiding Turing completeness and

a self-defining and decidable non-Turing-complete meta-language based on FO[PFP] with PSPACE-complexity that will support an internet of languages; thus enabling the scaling of discussions, consensus, collaboration, and production of knowledge worldwide.

I looked up the definitions, but I can't make sense of them. Can you explain a little more? I am a systemic consultant by profession and have been a supporter of the systemic view of life and interaction of systems.

Do you think that future human communities will no longer be able to cope with the tasks that await us according to the theory of complexity? If I understand it correctly, the conclusion is that we cannot predict the machine-controlled work, i.e. the communication from machine to man and machine to machine.

I had anxieties when reading and I'm afraid of this kind of technology. Do you have an opinion on that?

In any case, I read your article with interest. It's good to see that you give some of your personal thoughts on your decision.

somewhat related (to understand what PSPACE is under finite complexity), interesting vid too :)


Thank you @etherpunk for the courtesy & video.
I watched it one time and will watch it again. This guy talks really fast! :)

It's an interesting topic but I want to find out where it relates to the world I live in and how I can make connections.

Awesome video. Thanks for taking me to oatmeal school.

I looked up the definitions, but I can't make sense of them. Can you explain a little more? I am a systemic consultant by profession and have been a supporter of the systemic view of life and interaction of systems.

It's quite a new thing so it's hard to find elsewhere, although the gist of it is actually the Semantic Web by Tim Berners-Lee, but of course, with some somewhat serendipitous twists enabled by a blockchain that stores the rules of the network.

Do you think that future human communities will no longer be able to cope with the tasks that await us according to the theory of complexity? If I understand it correctly, the conclusion is that we cannot predict the machine-controlled work, i.e. the communication from machine to man and machine to machine.

Just avoiding turing-completeness at the metalanguage, in which an internet of languages can be supported with semantics preserved, including turing-complete ones. It's just that this class of language wouldn't be able to enjoy the benefits of decidability and all the other good stuff offered by using FO[PFP].

Btw, Tau is actually not an AI per se, at least not in the form we know in mainstream industries which are mostly essentially statistical-based AIs. Tau is purely logic-based and I have not found it being romanticised in popular novels and such, which is for me, quite a good sign. Will be waiting for the demo hitting by end of this year and see how it pans out. Try to go through the website and blogposts - you'll get more answered by the developer himself :)

Thanks for your feedback.

Though I have troubles to understand your used expressions. Which is either because I am not a native English speaker and/or used to a non technical language. Let's see what I can make out of going to the Tau side and the blog-posts.

Have a good Sunday, Greetings from Hamburg.

I think your second point at the beginning is something new crypto users are going to struggle with. Smart contracts aren’t that simple but some people that aren’t familiar with blockchain as us would trust it immediately!

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yea man you are right

steemit - fantastic.gifpost!

I have been telling all my retail friends about SMT's.

Voted for you as a witness. I have faith in you always doing the right thing.


Hey thanks!!

No worries Kevin.
I know you will do a great job as a witness.

Do you want to go to Anarchapulco 2019 ? if so, you can stay at my place and hangout for as long as you want.

@modprobe let me stay at his Mansion last year. He worked on Steemit, Bitshares and EOS.
You will like him, great guy.

With the great things that you have done to the steem community, you surely got my support. Thank you for constantly building communities along with @donkeypong.

Voted you and with @steemph.cebu, our communal account.

  • Steem On

I can't let go steemit because of posts like yours! Go for witness with my support!
TAU estas la nova, nuntempa universala lingvo kiel estis iam Esperanto?

Thank you!

TAU estas la nova, nuntempa universala lingvo kiel estis iam Esperanto?

My esperanto is not good, but yes, I think so. Check out their website under Tau's main features:-

Thanks @kevinwong; I definitely will dive deeper into that subject. Looks already promising.


You have my vote and I am very enthusiastic about your witness. Over the months (years?) that I've known you, I've come to understand there is nobody better in terms of understanding this community. And you have a great passion for making a better world through the blockchain. I encourage everyone to vote for @kevinwong.

Thanks @donkeypong for your support as always!

you're the one who gave the big shot in my first post, then I often visit your blog, get knowledge about blockchain in a language that is simple and easy to understand, thank you @kevinwong, good luck in your next step, running for witness

Good to know that @rayfa! Thank you so much.

You have my witness vote @kevinwong. 👍

Thanks @future24, highly appreciate it man!

Oh my! Congratssssss!!!!Another big step for you on this fun and crazy steem world! I did vote as soon as I found out! You're prolly one of the funniest (most of the time #deep) witness on the blockchain!! LOLOL and to be honest, this post tl:dr but I get the concept! Though will give it more time when I get a chance so I truely understand! congrats again!

hehe..... a true KW fan!

Hey thanks @waybeyondpadthai, appreciate it. Btw i'm not funny at all, I have a textbook on how to be funny everytime i go online lol

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20180812172255.gif tomyam!

Reversed Kiss? Taking it back? Kind of funny.

Will cast my vote after leaving this comment. I came here because of @dj123's advice, he does that more often put me (or someone else) in the right (witness) direction.. that's much appreciated though, because although I interact with a lot of Steemit members, and know quite a few names by now, I never have interacted with you during my steemit career. This would probably mean that I would never gave you my witness vote if he didn't do this... But I read your post, and I trust on dj's opinion (read his comment too) you seem to do a lot for the community, which I do appreciate a lot.. Plus two communities you support are close to my heart: curie and comedyopenmic..

So here you have my vote, and I'm looking forward to all the things you'll be doing for the community..

Have a good sunday :)

Thanks @anouk.nox. Can someone get @dj123 to start posting his/her own posts already?? lol

Welcome! Lol, maybe we should all make a collective post from the members @dj123 is commenting on or for :) lol you can send your entry for that post to my discord if you want to participate :)

Hey @kevinwong all the best on your witness journey! I am so glad that you finally decided to do this! Thank you for all the you do behind the scenes for STEEM and the TM community! Yay! Another witness in sunny Malaysia! You got my vote!

Thanks @khimgoh - appreciate it!

It’s about time you became a witness! Good luck bro! 😀👍😎

Could not have said it any better @rawdawg!

Thanks @rawdawg! Luck is definitely needed lol

@kevinwong my friend, you know I enjoy our regular banter, and I'm very happy to back your campaign to become a top 20 witness here on Steemit. In the end, I'm glad to have someone who cares running to become a witness and I'd be happy to give you my vote.

The only condition I have is that once you break into the top 20, no posts on self-fellation. Other than that, I'm all good.

<<For example: really knowing what's in the real world around us, from legal ownership to the things that I'm saying here in this post. Blockchains or any records of anything in life would rely on sensors (or oracles, human-beings, etc) to sense. But sensors ultimately require input, which is something that can be trusted 100% since we can just provide kind of signals, true or false, as input. So relationships and social networks still matter in the end even if we are to use the blockchain as a trust protocol for meta-information.>> -- BUT, yet the truth is cheaper. Cause it is easier to just let the mutual entropy between ... things, to reach its maximum. 'Faking' signals takes. Takes exponentially more than truth. Lie is like rowing against the flow of the entropic explosion which any system, incl. the universe is. Maybe this is the secret of the successful internal trust (enforcement) manufacturing which the PoW is. The processes within the network are sooooo reliably isolated from the general flow of the world.


I wish you luck and hope you will be a great witness.

I thought this was a post about crypts that were decorated all cool and shit like that show that shows off celebrity homes. FYI i'm going to be wallpapering my crypt and putting in parquet flooring. I know it's totally 70's but I think it will make people feel more at home.

LOL sorry to disappoint! Hopefully I'd get into what you're talking about once i get my life back returning from the rabbit hole hahah

Welcome to Steem Community @kevinwong! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

In the New Steemians project, we help new members of steem by education and resteeeming their articles. Get your articles resteemed too for maximum exposure. You can learn more about it here:

We need human, passionate, bright, challenging and active minds like Kevin, feeding the path of Steemit's Vision.
It's unquestionable the constant added value in the content and high-quality insights for the community in this last 2 years(it seems like 5 years to me hehe).
My best wishes and support, and thanks a lot for the inspiration and motivation to keep me writing on Steemit.

Thanks a lot @charlie777pt, it certainly feels like it's been forever. This year itself feels like 2 years lol. I guess we're just trying to make good content!

Agreed, my first year on Steemit feels like many moons and yes, humanity is as fundamental as oatmeal.

Who if not you, Kevin? :-)
Congratulations on your decision.

I had to take away a vote from another witness in order to vote yours, but that's my way of showing appreciation for your contribution to the Steem community...


All the best for that new endeavor!

Hey thanks a lot for the vote and well wishes @surfermarly!

Just voted, gladly, for you, Kevin 😀

Here’s to thinking differently, supporting underdogs, unpopular advice and good conversation. Onwards & Upwards ✌🏼

That sounds way too optimistic under current market conditions bro.. lol, thanks for the vote btw!

I’m an incurable optimist (aka Idealist)... and I believe in you ✌🏼

I've read your words in the past pertaining to misaligned incentives on Steemit, and I know you care deeply about growing the platform, and that such thinking will inform your witness, especially vis-a-vis future hard fork voting, so I just voted for you. Good luck. :)

I voted for you! :D Happy to support your efforts. I bought some more AGRS too.

Hello, what an interesting experience you have shared with us in the Steem community. You're very versatile. I also want to study system or software, I am currently a Mechanical Engineer, and I am very interested in this world of steemit... Greetings from Venezuela!

Hey thanks. Check out the workings of the blockchain :) its fun

Hey, yeah! In fact, I'm pretty interested in the subject! You got some group in discord?

Oh sorry, no I don’t have a group. There’s some channels on though :) not sure about discord

Did you really put a trade mark on the term "Crypto Life"?

Anyways, Voted you as a witness! Good Luck!

Haha i put the trademark in the chain, it must be real! Thanks for your vote!

Dear @kevinwong,

You have my votes!!!

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You got my vote!
Man, I think we just birthed our witnesses on the same day...
I launched last night.

I took some time off for the crypto winter for some introspection. What do I really want out of all this?

I want stability with the ability to work on my passions in the crypto space. The roller coaster ride is fun, but I'm looking longer term.

I'm investing in property. Somewhere like, Austin, Singapore, Montana, or a coastal surf spot.

I consolidated my outrageous coin collection down to 3. Steem, BTC, and a platform. I decided I want to be invested in projects I can directly add value to.

I'm also advising one fitness related project bc it will keep me healthy so it fits with the lifestyle.

Then I launched a witness node to put my time and effort where my heart is.

Now my crypto time is consolidated. My life feels more simple. I'm down to grind without the worries of wen moon.

In reading your last few blogs, I felt some interesting synchronicities with my path.

PS. I also read the Alchemist twice last month, which gives nice perspective on the journey of our souls. It made me start hatching crazy plans like taking a cargo ship to steemfest this year. haha

Anyway, cheers to you and your merry Witnesshood.
Your mind and philosophy are a great addition.

Hey thanks @happymoneyman!

outrageous coin collection

lol happened to most of us in the game last year i think.. yeah feels good to wind down to a couple few now. a lot of waiting, but the grind is the grind..

May the road to your success as a witness obey you, you are a good man and I support you!! @kevinwong.


Hi @kevingwong, I am so glad of your decision. As I already told you, you were one of the reason that made me sign in on Steemit, so you have my vote. I really hope to have a chat someday, somehow.
and most important... How was the Winner Taco icecream? That's the important one

Winner Taco nowhere to be found here haha. Thanks for the vote bbtw @bafi, appreciate it. Feel free to ask or talk about anything

Thanks for getting back to me Kevin. Wanted to talk you about:

  1. What do you think of the current lack of "printing" of SBD?
  2. How a Feb 2018 user can really grow? I'm struggling finding a proper growth without using bidbot with a 10% return. The whole system seems to be based on auto-vote right now, so I guess it's just having luck entering in some whale's list?
  3. Following the point before, as much as I would love to be a super active member of steemit, it's extremely hard to be. The truth is that SP counts a lot in terms of being a Steemit "player", aside the content aspect.
  4. The news tab is almost useless right now, it's just complete spam from people with -33 reputation.
  5. I've a really strong idea/feature/app based on the sector I am studying, medicine. Have no developer skill to realize it, but if you want we can talk about it through Discord. Reach me out @bafi


Have been waiting for you to be witness. So once I know, then voted. All the best and have fun.

I approved @kevinwong as witness. I resteemed this article for #japanese community.

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

While I start to do some research and try to wrap my head around what a witness actually is... I am starting to buy into everything everyone is saying about Tau on here. I still think I need to go back and try understand the fundamentals of blockchain before I start seriously getting into investing and understand exactly what the platform would provide for the world. In saying this though, I'd still like to know how I would do so and it seems like I cant buy any of the Agoras tokens anywhere? Where have they gone?

try bitshares, there are some there

Nothing much to say just that I always been your supporter from the start @kevinwong Thanks

You have my votes. no questions asked.

You've got my vote! I'm brand new to steemit and I like your writing style--along with the content.

Hey thanks, and welcome to steem by the way!

Witness vote allocated. A true Streemian mentor who I first had the privilege of hearing off through the @curie project when I curated for them.

Hey thanks a lot @zest!

Hi @kevinwong voted for you as witness, welcome to the family. I hope you checkout my witness profile also. Have a great day!!

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'll need to grab some sleep first, the sun's up lol.

no thx, i hope you had a good sleep.

Thx for the vote on my post.. awesome.. I hope you also check if you want to vote for me as witness.. This can make dreams come true..

There's just no one single company dedicated to work on these platforms. Instead, everyone can and should take a part. But with the game as it is now, it has been difficult for users to connect with trustworthy applications, projects, and communities that are relevant. It's really a different ballgame when it comes to building a world of decentralized networks.. that work.

This is where I’ve seen ConsenSys as offering an immensely valuable service to the Ethereum ecosystem, for one example.

Might be interesting to see something be birthed and grow based on a similar modeling catering to Tau and other blockchain ecosystems in due time, as Lublin really seems to have done an excellent job developing the organization to support not only a thriving network of dapp development, but setting a fine example of how to bridge those innovations into existing realms of industry, enterprise, and governments...

I just voted for your witness @kevinwong after I saw your name in the list. I believe that you are one of those individuals that have something to offer for the betterment of the steem technicals and its community.

The summary why we must vote for you is better put on the top.

Hmm i like that suggestion, maybe a new post, shortened.

This is the second time I'm hearing about Tau. The first time being early this year and I think I promised myself to look into it. Well, this might just be a sign to get into something revolutionary with Tau. At least, for once, I will settle down and do something good.

I wish you good luck in your witness journey. Voted you, sir.

Met you two years ago bro. Our paths are obviously different as hell.

But, we here man. We here.

Very glad to know a legit dude among all the weirdos in this space.

Never doubted less info in your own witness thread. No hype, that's for sure.

Love ya man! With you all the way.

What? i thought we're the weirdos lol. Thanks dude <3

I am a bit new in steem and this tale has helped me to apprehend a chunk like this platform was earlier than, I simply noticed all the help you give to the users because I have been working on it for a few days now could be high-quality, I would love someday to be one of these folks that obtain your assist, I will constantly be helping you within the comments, my buddy, I am hoping you have got a pleasant afternoon.

even if that may entail waiting for the painfully long developments.

Yeah, but Tau's development is worth waiting for. I like that you include Tau in this post. Goodluck then, in regards with your witness campaign. Definitely worth supporting!

Life hasn't been the same since getting to know Tau lol.. Good to know another supporter here! Thanks @themanualbot

Voted for you, upvoted and resteemed!

You got my vote!


Selamat bergabung as a witness! 👍

I voted your witness now @kevinwong. My big congratulations to your new jump.

One of the more interesting 'witness intro' reads in some time. Will be following with interest. ✌💛

I actually really enjoyed this platform, before I only heard from my friends that blockchain has many advantages that facilitate trading and digital assets in doing business, after I tried it I could no longer leave it in my life. this really helped me in doing business.

Good to know @rijalmahyud! Nice view by the way!

You certainly have my vote! I am actually @mother2chicks🐓 this is my 2nd account where I mostly resteem others interesting posts. You’d be a great witness😉

Really enjoyed your post. I think you're capturing the state of things in a sober and knowledgable way. Thanks again...I'll be re-reading this.

Glad it is so, i will talk about these things in the next posts :)

Was waiting for your witness setup and finally, you did it! Witness voted.

thanks @legendchew! i hope i can keep a record of 0 missed blocks, but it'll surely not be so one day.. lol

Please maintain the 0 missed blocks record forever. I actually hate when it delay and get error especially 504 gateway issue. I believe you can do it well since you are pioneer in Steemit. Keep it up! 😁

I was actually auditing my witness votes and seen you on there. Voted before I even saw this. I remember your posting about self-voting.

From what I have observed, you are a good community dude so you got my vote. Best of luck to you.

Congrats! Will vote for your witness! ❤️

thanks @karensuestudios! <3 am i doing this right? haha

Hehe finally got to it yesterday and added you!! You are doing great already! ❤️❤️ Best of luck!

It is awesome seeing you as a witness @kevinwong, why didn't you become one earlier?
All rewards from this comment will go to charity

Because Steem seems to be working..