Utopian Weekly - Witness Update, Sponsor and Moderator Rewards & More

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Even though Utopian.io frontend services remain inactive, we at Utopian would like to keep you updated and aware of our progress in improving and developing Utopian for you. As of today, we’ll be releasing weekly updates on processes, development, curation and community activities.

In This Post:

  • Utopian Witness Update
  • Distribution of Rewards Resumed
  • Moderator Workflow and Template Updates
  • What’s Next - Some Near Future Plans


Utopian Witness

To ensure the recent breach to Utopian servers does not affect the functionality and stability of our witness server, our main witness server and backup were moved to a different and secure server.

As of Monday May 7th, with the help of @helo (himself an experienced witness), we decommissioned our old primary and backup witness servers in favor of some brand new 64GB RAM machines. Both primary and backup are now using the steem-in-a-box easy docker setup and are up-to-date with the latest v0.19.3 release of the steemd.

We are glad to announce that @helo will continue maintaining the updates and security of our witness servers in cooperation with the Utopian team.

You can support us by voting for our witness

Distribution of Rewards

Distribution of rewards to Moderators and Sponsors was resumed successfully.

Moderation Rewards

While working on the new interface and bots, we couldn’t forget about our team of dedicated Moderators who ensured that this transition was smooth and no contributions were left unattended.

Our team of developers was quick to respond and hard at work developing a new bot to make sure everyone was rewarded.

Sponsor Incentives

While working on resuming the Moderation Rewards, we’ve also renewed the distribution of weekly payouts to our amazing and supportive Sponsors. As previously announced, this reward is now calculated based on curation rewards rather than beneficiary payments on contributions.

Moderator Workflow Changes & Updates to Category Templates

Posting to Utopian

With the freedom to choose through which frontend to post, more than 700 contributions have already been submitted through our new review and scoring system. We hope to see many more quality contributions rewarded!


To keep rewarding your open source contributions, we’ve provided our team of Moderators and Community Managers with all the tools necessary to continue their wonderful curation work.

Scoring Automation

Built by @ms10398, https://review.utopian.io simplifies and speeds-up the scoring process for Moderators and Community Managers.


Thanks to @amosbastian our Moderators and Community Managers have been provided with an automated database to find, review and score new submissions.

Updates to Category Templates

Templates for contributions have also been revamped. Before submitting your next contribution, be sure to review the template for the relevant category here: https://github.com/utopian-io/editor-templates

What’s next?

As we develop the next generation of the Utopian service and platform, we look forward to growing our community and working with you to make it even greater.

Utopian Task Requests

To help contributors discover new and interesting tasks, and to help project owners gain more visibility for their tasks, we’ve created a new account called @utopian.tasks . Be sure to follow it to be the first to see the latest demand for contributions on behalf of project owners.

Core Team

As Utopian grows from a blockchain initiative into a company, roles are assigned to the people best skilled to fill them. We expect our core team to continue growing as Utopian does.

Currently, the team at Utopian is:

CEO - @elear
CMO - @techslut

Dev Team


Community Engagement & Promotional Activities


Community Management

@ms10398 - documentation
@amosbastian - development
@andrejcibik - graphics
@buckydurddle - video tutorials
@deathwing - tutorials
@eastmael - analyses
@espoem - blog
@favcau - suggestions
@imwatsi - copywriting
@jestemkioskiem - bug hunting
@techslut - visibility
@knowledges - suggestions
@mcfarhat - tutorials
@sachincool - bug hunting



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Thank you as always. Both voted because you are truly amazing!


Thank you.


Thank you @justyy. Not nearly as amazing as you are!

you guys are doing an amazing job #SALUT!


Thank you @thegoldenphoenix. It's a collective effort of the team and the community.


i think i'm already missing that atmosphere ;)


@thegoldenphoenix Thank YOU!


you're welcome @elear i will keep watching while you're making that dream come true ♥


Goes without saying .. thank you @thegoldenphoenix ! :)

easy to support this one :-)

You already have my witness vote


Your support is fantastic as much as the amazing work you do on this blockchain. It's a pleasure and an honour to have you with us!

You guyes are doing a great job.You are making people steemit lover.God bless you all.

You guys do a really nice work, am seriously fan of you all, but I miss utopian-io, I hope it can go back so soon. After the attack, it's so hard to get an utopian upvote for some categories. before, i can be upvote for my contributions, does not matter if it is a high or low upvote, was really nice, knowing someone likes my work. And the most really important was help the open source community. Now i have to make a MASTER bug report to get upvote, if my device not explote, that was not a bug. I hope the old utopian can be here with us so soon.


that will be awesome, of course i will keeping an eye on that. am always one the first who read the announcements here and on discord.


There are plans within Utopian to have teaching sessions to help educate the community on how to improve their contributions. Keep an eye for future announcements here and on discord.

Does this mean my post that was accepted but wasn't upvoted would be upvoted.


Hello @yhaulez if your post qualified for a reward you will for sure see an Utopian upvote and comment within 72 hours.


The post is already 6days now.

Thanks for keeping us up to date with the behind the scene happenings .


Thanks for your continuous support!

I used to be in that moderator list, snif snif

Just wanted to say that you guys are doing an amazing job and are an example of what this blockchain should be like.
I just want to know when my beloved translations will come back. Would love to moderate those again, that was fun.
We have recently started our own witness @swisswitness and its not easy keeping everything the way it should be but its fun...


Just wanted to say that you guys are doing an amazing job and are an example of what this blockchain should be like.

We try to live up to that image. Utopian is where its at because of all previous and present contributors and moderators.

Although translations were temporarily stopped, these will be resumed when other higher priority items are resolved in the team's backlog.

Is this GitHub project what you are using for your witness servers?

Too bad I can only vote for Utopian witness once :)


Exactly that @cutemachine. Happy to see you here! We seriously hope to continue support your amazing Open Source projects for the best!


Thanks, @elear. I appreciate all the work you and your team are doing to support open source projects (and Steem)​.

Get back soon utopian. I wish I could help but no programming skills.


Thanks! But did not go anywhere. We are still here and you can still contribute. Check https://join.utopian.io/rules to learn how! :)

We see a big future for Utopian :D Keep up the good job and thanks for the support you guy have give to the community :D. This app is working thanks to you ;)


Thank you @steemia-io. It's a collective effort with the community.

Hope to see your project Steemia grow together with Utopian.


And we couldn't be happier to see your project evolving!

Really glad to see this wonderful improvement...... Thanks for keeping us informed...... More power to your elbow.


Thank you @ckole. Utopian does its best to have the community informed.

P.S. This is the first time i've heard of the expression 'more power to tour elbow'.


Thanks @eastmael. It's just an expression of admiration coupled with the hope of continuing success.

Thank you for your continuous support
You are a successful and really wonderful person
I wish you all the best


Thank you. We are not 'one person' :) .
Wish you all the best too.

thanks for this awesome article.

Can I help?


Thank you for your interest.
If you feel there is something you would like to be involved in with utopian, feel free to reach out via our discord and/or ticketing system and let us know how you would like to do so.


Had a bad experience just pointing out an obvious error back in February.


So I have had a bad impression of the organization.

I would like to help Utopian.io be more like @busy which is easy for developers to run locally and make contributions.

Since front-end was based on Busy that should have always been the case.

So my interest is in the front-end of Utopian if it will still be a busy fork.

Is there a new tech lead now?


We are sorry to see your experience with one of our ex team members wasn't fantastic. We do appreciate your help a LOT. Utopian was a fork of Busy but then moved away from the original code, especially after the integration of a custom backend.

I am sorry our ex lead developer could not give you enough and correct information on how to setup the environment.

We will be super happy to have your support. Please get in touch with us on Discord https://discord.gg/h52nFrV or via email at info@utopian.io

We have amazing things to code!


Thank you! 😁


Should be able to run front-end locally in 2-3 commands using yarn or npm. That is what I think is needed and my interest in helping.


Sorry for your prior bad experience.
Utopian's front-end solution, which was built on busy, is no longer in place, and we are working on a different approach at the moment.
Thanks again.


If I remember right at one point Utopian had an instance of GitLab? Is that the case now or is everything going through Github now?


Or maybe I'm wrong about that and there never was a gitlab instance?


we support contributions based on github open source repositories, not gitlab

Wow, that's a big team :) tipuvote! 0.5


Thank you.

Hi @utopian-io! You have received 0.5 SBD @tipU upvote from @cardboard !

@tipU upvotes with 210% of the payment and shares 100% profit + 50% curation rewards with all investors, allows to automatically reinvest selected part of your payout and can do other cool stuff :) Click here for more info.





I think now I understand even less @onos

Keep up the good work ;)


Thank you @stoodkev :)

Thank you Sir

sir @utopian-io

I wanted to give you this job, but I thought it was a fake robot

Amazing post, I Like @utopian community.

Amazing post, I Like @utopian community.


dear @utopian-io
Thanks for your contribution.

Your expected behaviour could have been more detailed, it could have explained the area of the application in more detail, your actual behaviour references items not included in your expected behaviour. I should be able to understand the problem and the areas effect prior to reading the steps of a bug report.

There were few minor spelling and grammar issues which could have been improved, but overall the post was easy to follow.

Although GIFs are usable (and I've used them in the past too) I would always recommend videos instead, it makes much easier to step through the video. Potentially this is a personal preference and not something I would score against.

There is an obvious workaround for this issue which I believe doesn't make this a high priority item.


Seriously?, I think you've forgotten your signature :P


Stop spamming everywhere. You have been warned.