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As part of @untersatz's involvement in the Steem community, co-founders @contrabourdon and @organduo are offering a free Discord bot that can show Steem Engine market movements for any token. We are simply streaming the sidechain with steem-js, listening for market buys and sells then posting this to a Discord channel.

You can see it live in action here for all tokens (temporary): https://discord.gg/vnWjfw7

If you would like these notifications for a specific token, leave a comment below and then contact contrabourdon#9139 on Discord. We will need a webhook url generated in order to post these to your Discord server.

🐷= piggy means dumping tokens
🤑= money face means buying tokens

This bot was inspired by the solution written by @ausbitbank (GitHub). For premium customisations, we recommend you use the premium service offered by him.

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Great for all who have discord channels

Our @contrabourdon is a magician...

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That is an awesome feature...well done team that created it🥳

Interested, will msg contrabourdon#9139

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