Yes, it is a big decrease. It may turn out to be too much, although so far repeated increases have still left SBD quite strong. However, raising the APR if needed (though I don't really expect this) can be done without waiting a month. It is only the declines that arguably problematic because some people have no opportunity to even collect the interest before it is cut.

@smooth.witness we'll be overlapping the winners for this week and last week so please check your chat. We're already a week late for the #12 so please take care of the winners for that before I announce the winners for #13. Or at least get back to me in the chat, please do thank you very much.

Taken care of now. Thanks for the reminder.

@smooth thank you.
Now it's burned :)

Hi , I m new I don't know how to use steem can u please explain me about steem , thank you

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