Witnesses: be vigilant

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Yesterday was another nice example that the witnesses and also the team from Steemit Inc stand ready to make sure that our beloved blockchain runs smoothly.

We all love contributing to steem, some are here for the long run, others just for short term gains. But whoever you are, you cannot "be here" if there is no place to be.

Yesterday the Steem blockchain ground to a halt unexpectedly and soon enough the messages were flying all over the world with big questionmarks. The reason for the sudden stop was an invalid transaction that occurred. Whenever such an event happens it will activate an emergence stop from the system

The Steemit Inc Devs jumped in and pulled an all nighter and were able to provide a patch moving the release version to 0.19.5

here is the release from @steemitblog

@andrarchy sending out his tweet also calmed down a lot of people and this event does not seem to have affected the price in any way.

We at @swisswitness are not a major witness but we did do our duty towards steem and all its users so we updated our software version as soon as we found out and continue to secure the blockchain.

This will prevent that any such repetition of events will no longer trigger a shut down. On the screenshot you can see that we are now updated and are running the correct release version.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 12.14.14.png

If you want to help out and help us in continuing to support the steem blockchain we would appreciate your vote for our wittness

So you can support our witness by following either of the links below:


or if you do not get all this witness stuff but trust that I do, you can proxy your vote to me through this link



that's a very good one. nice work

Great always on the piece!

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