Witness server up and running - SteemPlus, 1UP and Utopian developer

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Hi Steemians,

I have been thinking about it for a while but I finally decided to go for it and set up my witness server. Read on to discover who I am, what I do on the blockchain, what are my engagements as a witness and finally what server I am using.

You knew @stoodkev (or not), meet Quentin

Hi! My name is Quentin Correa, I have been living in Taiwan for many years but I am originally from France, near Bordeaux, the city of good wine. I came to this beautiful country for my master degree and decided to stay here and start my startup two days ago. As a lot of startups, it failed but I didn't see as a failure but as a learning experience. This is around that time that I realized that I do not see myself fitting in a big company and started working freelance, got into cryptos and discovered Steemit.

My work on the Steem blockchain : Utopian projects

I have joined Utopian at its very beginning and I must say that it changed my life ( couldn't thank you enough @elear). I have been since then one of the most active developers in the platform.
I am doing my best to develop or help developing tools that add value to the users. I am working more and more on those, at the point I am almost a full-time Utopian now and am even considering to start a team to get even more good work done.
My work so far includes (but not limited to):

  • SteemPlus extension, you can download it here. It brings tons of additional features to Steemit, Busy and soon Utopian. I have now 379 users and am working on making that number grow! You can find the last update and all the extension features in here
  • Utopian-1UP. I helped @flauwy for this awesome idea of creating a manual curation system (people vote for their favorite posts) and voting before the Utopian bot. It will be ready very soon and definitely add value to the Utopian system.
  • Utopian itself, I ve been working on the Utopian Bot, and some elements of its front-end.
  • SteemJs for dummies: a series of tutorials for future developers using steemjs.
  • Two more big things that will come real soon!

My engagements as a witness

  • Keep working on tools that will improve Steemians experience, whatever what they favorite platform is.
  • Always prefer usefulness over profitability of the tools I am developing.
  • Act in the best interest of the community.
  • Do my best to attract promote Steem to the outside world.


I am using a server from @privex. Ten thousand thank you to @yabapmatt for his help throughout the process and to @someguy123 for his straightforward tutorials!
Characteristics of the server:

  • 32 GB RAM
  • 4 cores
  • 200 GB HDD
  • 1gbit/s network
  • Germany VPS

Click on the image to vote for me as a witness!

Thank you @jpederson96 and @nicnas for this spontaneous creation!

@stoodkev, witness

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Great job Kev, I just linked up to make-a-whale / Peace


Thanks a lot =)

@stoodkev is such a good person, i‘m glad we met and that he is a witness now. May the steem be with him!


Thanks @flurgx ! One of my first Steem friends =)

Congrats! all the best for your witness journey!!

very nice, I voted for you ;)
since I already now your great work from the (unfortunately inactive) @gnc project ;)

I wish you all the best for all your projects! :)


Thanks a lot! I miss having the time to write for @gnc T_T


yeah it is a pity that the @gnc project didn't really take off :/

Congratulations! Well done too!
You have transformed rapidly in less than a year and have done a lot of wonderful work for the community! Glad to have been following you and witness your progress.

All the best for a wonderful career and progressive evolution of your work!


Thanks @kaminchan, it s been a great rollercoaster indeed! =D
Wish you the best too!

This is around that time that I realized that I do not see myself fitting in a big company and started working freelance, got into cryptos and discovered Steemit.

I also don’t see myself fitting in a big company, although it took a decade of working for corporate slavemasters before I finally came to this realization. You’re living the dream man, a freedom I hope to achieve myself in the coming months through my own crypto investments.

I’m happy to give you my witness vote; looks like you’ve been active in a lot of great projects and making valuable contributions to the Steem community. Keep up the great work!


Thanks a lot for your vote! I m living the dream indeed, and I owe that the community, so I ll keep doing my best to give back as much as I can!

This is motivation for me
Making steemit a better place for everyone I total love

Guess what?

Hello Quentin, after 30 days on Steemit - now I'm ready for the Witness - and I'm happy that this coincides with your start as Witness. I wish you good luck, send you success wishes and my first vote for witness. How did I find you? Thanks to @flurgx.


Danke @karaminze 😋 toll dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast! 👌 danke
@felixxx @raggaemuffin und @pharesim könntest auch noch dazu nehmen, das sind die deutschen Vertretungen 😀


Thank you! =)

I have chosen you as a witness.

Resteem Done.


Terima kasih banyak mas, dengan ini saya semakin termotivasi untuk bangkit kembali

I'll give you my vote as a witness
Do remember us when you finally get there


I will, thank you =)

Click on the image to vote for me as a witness!

Done. ✅


Thanks a lot =)


thanks you

There's no risk using steemplus is there?


No, it all works via SteemConnect that is developed and maintained by Steemit and Busy, I never access your private keys!

thanks for sharing

i am new user in steemit, i am still blind about steem and witness by reading your post and reference to other post i can understand a bit ..

I hope get your attention


Read this to better understand what witnesses are : link.
If you like what I do, please click on the gif to vote for me!


thank you for your information and attention.

I'll consign ye my vote as like a witness
Do bear in mind to us then ye in the end arrive even,
Thank you very much sir !!