Community Witness achieved it's 2nd milestone and witnessed it's first block

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2nd Milestone: Community Witness witnessed it's first block

Dear Steemians,
only a few days after the project started, we already reached our 2nd milestone!

The Community Witness successfully witnessed block 20325855 on the Steem Blockchain! As you can see on our website, all participants, who gave their vote to steemhq.witness already got credited proportional to their Steempower.

Our server runs very smoothly with about 20-30% load average. Memory usage is about 50% so there's plenty of time until we reach the point for a hardware upgrade. In terms of witness ranking we still sit on rank 182.

Currently we use the following parameters as a witness:

Registration Fee0.100 STEEM
Block Size65536 bytes
Running Version0.19.2
SBD Interest Rate0%

Stake your Steempower into the Community Witness

This project is the perfect opportunity for all people who wanna use their stake to make extra profits. With vote for witness you'll get a share of all witness earnings proportional to your Steempower and get payed once a month.

You can always checkout all relevant data right here:

You haven't heard of the Community Witness yet?

Join the Community Witness with just your vote!
Vote for steemhq.witness on Steemit or directly on SteemConnect

Your feedback and support is much appreciated

If you have any suggestion how to further improve the Community Witness feel free to leave a comment below.

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Looks like a solid project @roomservice!

Just a quick question: why did you choose 0.5 STEEM as registration fee?

After thinking about the fee further, I came to the conclusion that the importance of Steem community growth currently is much more important than the risk of spam accounts getting created.

So I just adjusted the fee to 0.100 STEEM.

Hey @therealwolf,
it's an honor to read you here! Thanks for looking into the project!

My first thought on registration fee was not pushing it to low in order to prevent spam account creation. Most witnesses are going for a much smaller fee at the moment, so I'am open for adjustments.

I'am planning an internal voting system for those values - so people who joined the Community Witness could impact witness parameter as well.

I see - yes that makes sense. And an interval voting system would be superb.

Nevertheless, the website looks slick and everything seems to respond fast.

Just one thing:

I would create a bigger call to action - as I personally had to think before I knew what to do on the Site.

Maybe even switch these vote buttons with the call-to-action for the Witness, since many people who go to your site have no clue what it's about and telling them that they should vote for you as Witness without knowing for what exactly - isn't optimal.

But still - really great project. Voted for steemhq.witness of course :)

Thanks for your feedback again! I've just adjusted the frontpage - the link to the witness content shouldn't be so hidden anymore :)

I'am really grateful for your support!

Yeah!!!!!! I voted for @steehq, I’m excited to see it go so well already ( resteemed)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

How weird, I had voted for steemhq even checked it, I was number 8 at the time. It was gone now I checked, so voted again.

Got your vote now - thank's for joining in!

ohh thanks you for inf

Thanks for this information. I have 8 choice witness again. I think vote you @steemhq.witness. success for you

Yes Bro :D I voted for @steehq

Thank you! I'am glad you joined the club!


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