Introducing and first product: Community Witness

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Hello Steem Community, today it's a pleasure to introduce you into, a platform for innovative services for the Steem ecosystem with our first product Community Witness.

A few words about me, @roomservice the creator

The project is created and operated by @roomservice on rock solid and trustworthy Steem community member, so it's me writing this introduction post.

I've been into the crypto-space since 2011 when Bitcoin slowly evolved. My first project was a very succesful Bitcoin mining pool called The pool created and payed out over 200.000 Bitcoins to miner in 2011. Because of lack of time, I had to quit the project and migrated the project to ozcoin, another mining pool project operated by a great guy called Graet. At this time Bitcoin was worth about $25-$50, so I totally missed see the potential of Bitcoin in those days.

After supporting and consulting other crypto projects I went into a long break from crypto, which I really regret today. So since nobody can change the past (yet) - it only matters what you do in the future! About a year ago my interest in the crypto-space was reborn and I started exploring what happend all the time I missed.

Summer last year I finally discovered Steem and was fascinated of the Idea from a decentrallized social media platform powered by blockchain technology. In my opinion Steem has so much potential going forward, I'll do anything in my repository in order to support it!

Community Witness

Instead of running a Steem witness yourself, you can from now on simply join the Community Witness with just your vote. Steem block producer rewards will be payed to the community on a monthly basis. It's that easy!

In order to cover the cost of this project (for example server, front- and backend development, maintainance, liquid Steem for payouts) a fee is taken from all producer rewards gathered each month. This project will always operate in the best interest of the Steem Blockchain, the community and stakeholders.

How can I join the Community Witness?
All you need an account on the Steem blockchain and a valid vote for the steemhq.witness account.

Voting can be done on steemit using this link or on steemconnect using that link.

How are payouts calculated and when are balances payed?
At the beginning of each month a snapshot of all accounts who voted for the witness is taken. Depending on how much Steempower you hold at this time, your proportional share of all earnings for this month is calculated.

Payout for each account automatically happens on the 1st of each month for all earnings accumulated the month before.

What about transparency and stats about the Community Witness project?
Sure! All relevant information can always be found on with data directly from the blockchain.

So I voted for steemhq.witness but why isn't my account qualified for current round?
Community Witness was designed to accumulate all witness producer rewards for a whole month. After your vote was made, you will be qualified for the upcoming month and you will stay qualified until you remove your vote.

How much proft can I expect when joining in?
Profits depend on your Steempower, which affect your voting weight for witnesses, and how much votes for the Community Witness were made from other Steem accounts. The higher the Community Witness is ranked, the more blocks can be produced which directly affects the rewards pool for the community.

Community Witness Setup

In order to produce blocks as a witness for the Steem community setup a linux-based, high performance dedicated server hostet in one of Germanys largest datacenters.

Price feeds are automatically pushed to the blockchain thanks to conductor.

Parameter currently used:

  • Account Creation Fee: 0.500 STEEM
  • Maximum Block Size: 65536
  • SBD Interest Rate: 0%

I wanna improve the Community Witness further more in the future in order to let the Steem community deceide about this parameters in a democratical way. Stay tuned for upcomming updates.


The Community Witness is here to stay and an easy to use alternative in being a witness yourself.

Let us care about the infrastructure necessary, and become part of the project with just your vote for: steemhq.witness

All users who wanna participate in the very first round next month in March 2018, should vote for witness until February, 28th in order to be qualified - so spread the word!

For more information visit:

I would love to hear your feedback to this project - so feel free to leave a comment.
If you like what you read, feel also free to re-steem this post!

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Steem block producer rewards will be payed to the community on a monthly basis. It's that easy!

It is votes buying.

Good post and great article, I hope this project will grow and success as planned.. Good luck

Thank you very much!

Great move, and my solitude for your crypto story ! If you ever happen to need another member in the dev. team that is willing to learn, I‘m your man!

I second that. You can find me on discord. I would like to be a witness myself at some point. Just can't afford that big of a server right now. :)

Thanks for your kind words and your offer!

Very nice post and great article.. Good luck

Thanks and best wishes!

Ah, the next witness, who pays for the votes;)

It's not like a one time payment - it's even better: Everyone who participates gets a fair share of all witness earnings each month. You won't be disappointed :)

I know, I am the first witness doing that.
But my payout is daily;)

Nice, that's cool. I'll support you with my account @roomservice!
Even better for the Steem community if more than one project like this are getting started!

The Community of Witness Vote Staking

Even my SP is misery I voted for both of you as witnesses because I support your way of work. Good luck! :)
Someday I wish to manage witness server because my knowledge allows it, but awful marketing skills to get witness votes. :)

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you have my vote, and esteemed. How many people need to vote to get into the top 50?

Hi @hefziba, glad to have you here and joined in!

We still have a long round ahead of us to get into top 50.
Right now 17,640 MVest of votes are needed to get into spot 50 and 2588 MVest to get into spot 100.

Our witness just started yesterday and we reached 92 MVest - the project will need some time to gain and attract more people :)

A yourney begins with a first step, and I’m curious where it will lead

great article. It's amazing that a lot of projects like this is happening. great work.

Thank you very much! Great people like you, motivate me to push those projects forward!

Thanks for sharing your journey @Steemhq! Happy to upvote and join your mission!

Hello @steemhq. Thanks for the interesting post. It is a welcome development and a great opportunity to all steemians. I with you all the best.

Thanks for you feedback, I'am glad you like the project.

Thank you for providing this valuable information @steemhq

hello welcome to steemit. I invite you to visit my blog

Interesting article.good job

phenomenal & charming!

Awesome! Thanks for making it time to share these!

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