Setting up Price Feed to broadcast Steem Price

We learned to setup wintess node yesterday but as we all know pricefeed is also one of a crucial step a witness should do , Today we will learn how to setup a price feed to broadcast Steem Price in the blockchain

We need few packages to setup a price feed and will start by install nodejs

If you have node and npm installed you can skip this part

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -

apt-get install -y nodejs

Setting UP

Clone my repo

git clone

cd pricefeed

Lets install the dependicies

npm install

Edit the config.json file and change parameteres in line number 9 and 10

TO run the feed in every 60 seconds automatically lets install pm2

npm install pm2 -g

pm2 start feed.js

pm2 save

this will save the pm2 in case your server reboots automatically

to see logs of the feed you cal simply do

pm2 logs feed

If there are no errors then you will start seeing feed published every hour . If you face any problem contact me in our Discord Server or Ideas On Steem Telegram Group. (Links Below)

Group 11.png

Group 14.png

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