Setting up a witness node in steem

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After i made two publications regarding setting up API node and API/AH nodes on same server in last few days , Today i am writing about setting up a witness node with steem-dcker-ex using @ety001 files ..

Provided that you konw how to setup Docker / github in an ubuntu server we shall start directly from setting up witness server details .

For docker and other stuffs you can follow my previous guides Here

Setting up Steem Witness Node

Lets clone the docker image

git clone witness-node

lets pull the docker files from @ety001 repo

cd witness-node

docker pull ety001/steem-full-mira:0.23.1

docker tag ety001/steem-full-mira:0.23.1 steem

Once the docker is setup properly with latest docker image cloned lets download the block log file so that we dont have to replay the entire blockchain from the begining


Once the download is completed lets extract those files

lz4 steem_witness-20210518.tar.lz4

tar -xvf steem_witness-20210518.tar

Lets remove the archive

rm -rf steem_witness-20210518.tar.lz4

Once the files are ready , just move the blockchain folder to where it should be , but before , do remove the old blockchain filder

rm -rf /root/steem-witness/data/witness_node_data_dir/blockchain

mv blockchain data/witness_node_data_dir/

once the files are moved lets first create your signing key

you can goto and create any new set of password and use the private key as your signing key

once you have the key pair we need to edit the config file to update our signing key

cp data/witness_node_data_dir/config.ini. example data/witness_node_data_dir/config.ini

nano data/witness_node_data_dir/config.ini

Update the witness account and add your signing key in the config file

then it is time we start our docker

simply cd to the witness direcrtory and


this will start your witness node . Make sure to broadcast your block signing intention ,we can use steemworld to do so
and use the change signing key option and that will work ..

Hope the above tutorial works for you

let me know if you have any trouble setting this up in our discord server

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My previous post about Installing Full Steem Node


What is your solution for broadcasting the SBD exchange rate on a regular basis? How do you set it up and run it (after all, that is a requirement for witnesses as well, isn't it?)

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