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RE: Witness Application - @adamm to Support the Growth of Steem

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Adam, no worries, you have my vote!! I would like to suggest however that you give more of a detailed cost breakdown if you have so inclined (in the name of transparrency). For example, what were the set up costs you personally put on the line? how much do you intend to fund from steemit. Additionally I would also like to suggest you identify how much (at least as a percentage) you plan to reinvest into steemit and where from the profits you make as a witness. This will make your candidacy more appealing (I hope ;)) Cheers, Steem on!!


thanks :) and points taken on board. I did think about this but struggled to put exact returns on what I would get as a witness. Give me some time to work this out, put it to some tangible goals on what I plan on doing and when and will will provide all the details in a witness update. I appreciate your feedback.