Witness Application - @adamm to Support the Growth of Steem

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After some consideration I have decided to put forward my witness application to both help support the Steem blockchain and raise funds for the projects I am working on.

The Witness Role Explained

For anyone who does not know, witnesses are a sort of elected group of people that are responsible for ensuring the Steem block chain runs as smoothly as possible. Every 3 seconds a new block is produced for the blockchain and the witnesses are responsible for providing the reliable hardware to be able to produce these blocks on time and keep the entire Steem ecosystem running.

Witnesses also need to maintain a price feed and are responsible for ensuring certain parameters are set that reflect the cost of account creation on Steem platforms, along with how much interest to pay on SDBs.

Essentially, without the witnesses the Steem blockchain would not function as well as it does today and would not support the massive growth Steem and Steemit is going through.

My Application

I am @adamm, I am an experienced marketer currently running a digital marketing agency in the UK, where I also manage a team of developers. Furthermore, I have experience in both IT and networking. I feel this experience and knowledge puts me in a unique position to be able to run a witness node and use the funds to support the growth of Steemit.

My Plans

The main purpose for my witness application is to initially fund the growth of user applications to Steemit in the UK. This is something I can manage and contribute to right now with my current responsibilities and my location.

The following are the projects I am already involved in:

  • Posting on Steemit daily, helping to curate, resteem and produce content needed to help grow the platform.
  • Assisting the @steemcleaners work to help keep the Steem blockchain free of content. With my experience in search engine penalty recovery I am more than able to create processes to semi-automatically discover and eliminate spam content. I have spoken to @anyx briefly on steemit.chat and whilst I am looking at processes to help for now, I am also using them myself to then post in the @steemcleaners-public channel.
  • Helping with the marketing side of @Steemsports. As of this moment the new website is being built and I am using my technical marketing skills to ensure the website structure correct for both organic and conversion purposes. In the near future I will take on a heavier role on Steemsports, which @thecryptodrive will be announcing in the coming days/weeks.
  • Assisting with #promo-uk, which is a marketing initiative launched this year by @stephenkendal. The initiative has only been running for a few months, however the response has been phenomenal. I am hoping that by applying my business and marketing experience into #promo-uk we can increase the results. I will be discussing the separately and in more detail below.

Plans to fund Steemit Growth in the UK

The main value I can add to promo-uk is my digital marketing agency experience. I am well experienced in creating and running a team of people of several skill sets to achieve a specific marketing goal.

At promo-uk, @stephenkendal is already crowd-sourcing a team of people with a wide range of skills, from marketing and development to those who’re able to distribute the print material throughout the UK. I intend to assist by utilising my digital marketing skills and knowledge of relevant tools to help track the progress of each campaign we run. I will also create a central area for the team to coordinate projects and monitor progress. Here is a brief overview of my initial plans:

  • Create a discord/basecamp or trello dashboard for the promo-uk team to communicate and distribute work that is planned in.
  • To find a solution to track the number of sign-ups promo-uk is producing and report on real world figures.
  • To help Stephen with his already successful leaflet distribution plans that are underway.
  • Produce a 12 month strategy to help grow steemit in the UK through digital marketing channels. This will include organic reach, digital PR and paid advertising.

Producing Results

Having run a marketing agency I’ve learnt how important it is to show transparency for the work produced. Once the initiative is fully up and running and my witness node is providing funds to support paid advertising etc. I will produce a monthly report to show all work that has been completed each month and what affect it has had to the bottom line of whatever the main point of tracking will be. I hope we can track everything down to user growth, however, I need to look into this before it is confirmed.

Longer Term plans

These are my longer terms plans as a witness (if I am able to receive funds as a higher rank witness):

  • I will look at extending marketing support to other countries where possible.
  • By this point the promo-uk initiative will have a lot of people and skills to make a huge impact. I intend to see if there is a way of speaking to and dealing with Steemit Inc directly. If they can pass their goals directly to promo-uk, this would be incredibly beneficial for Steemit’s global growth and would enable us to be more coordinated. The best case scenario would be to get Google Analytics access to fully analyse and track growth the marketing initiative is producing.
  • I will continue to provide everything I can for marketing the Steemsports platform.

It is likely these long term goals will change in time as the Steem blockchain evolves. As such I will provide regular witness updates to ensure everyone who has voted for me is updated.

My Witness Server

For anybody interested, these are the specs of my server. Keep in mind that if/when my witness rank increases and I am responsible for producing more blocks, I will upgrade as and when necessary to ensure it keeps up with demand.

  • VPS
  • Processor: Intel Xeon E3 4 cores.
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3.
  • HDD: 200GB.
  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04.
  • Server located in Germany.

My witness settings are:

  • Creation fee at 0.2.
  • Max block size of 131072.
  • 0% APR currently since the SBD value is high.

These settings are likely to change. Should any changes happen I will report this in a witness update. In the future, if I do rank highly as a witness I will also look into running a seed node also.

Why Should you Vote for me?

There are so many incredible witnesses that have supported the blockchain thus far. I want to give a few reasons as to why you should vote for me as a new witness. This will also summarise the points above.

  • I am actively supporting the user growth of Steemit in the UK. Voting for me gives me funding to put towards this and to expand in other locations.
  • I am helping other platforms such as Steemsports. Voting for me will give me funds to direct more attention toward the Steem blockchain as a whole and focus my expertise on where it is needed.
  • I am helping @steemcleaners keep Steemit tidy. Whilst this is the area I have put the least time into, I would like to increase this so I can build my own tools to detect spam content and report it to be eliminated by the core @steemcleaners team.
  • Despite my plans listed above, it is important I make running the witness node a priority. Whilst I am not a full time developer, I know more than enough to set up and run a witness node and have access to developers that can assist me in supporting the node to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. I am more than happy to dedicate my own funds to cover server costs and any developer costs, should I need it. The most important thing for me is to ensure the witness node runs with as few missed blocks as possible.

How to Vote for me

If you like what I am doing and supporting in the Steem and Steemit community, please consider voting for me @adamm as a witness.

Because I am currently outside of the top 50 witnesses, please vote for me in the following way:

  1. Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see this text and box.
  3. Please type in “adamm” and click “VOTE”.

Thank you for your time in considering my witness application and I hope you choose to vote for me and what I plan to accomplish.


I did read somewhere that you would need 16gb to run the latest update. Don't take my word though, i'm sure someone can confirm.

Anyway, a Brit witness! Would you be the first?

I am literally just speaking to one of my devs about that. It may get a very quick upgrade :)

ahh Sweet. Well i'm going to add a vote for you, slightly biased as i'm English but what the hell!

Thanks, if you haven't already you should look at @tremendospercy posts. He is leading up TeamGB in the famous Steemwars.

Yeah i'm a follower, i may have missed a recent update. Time to go look, cheers!

Just an FYI. My server now has 16GB RAM. I cannot find any confirmation on whether 10GB is enough or not so better to be safe than sorry :)

You can monitor the RAM usage with the command: htop
You might have to install it if it's not installed, will give you something like this:

This is perfect. Thank you for sharing. Upvoted your comment and followed.

Glad to help. I'm planning on running a witness server too. What's the memory usage you got?
P.S. voted for you as witness and followed. I like your witness application.

To be honest I haven't checked yet. I just upgraded to be safe than sorry. I am still a very new witness so I will not be using the full 16GB yet.
I will install htop as you say and see how it's doing.

and thanks for the vote :) let me know when your node is up and running.

It's up as of today, I posted my application.

Good man, certainly better to be safe than sorry. I cast my vote for you as witness 🇬🇧 😁

I am @captainobviou3 and I approved this message.

Thank you for joining and asking for my upvote! I just upvoted you for a witness!

Thanks Jerry! I appreciate the vote!

Welcome to the @steemsports team @adamm, it is a pleasure having you onboard. I also wish to welcome you to the witness breathren! Best of luck.

@TheCryptoDrive... Already Voted You as Witness recently but didn't realize I hadn't been following You.

I'm Following You Now... >> : ~ )) Thank You 4 all the work You're doing 4 STEEMiT !!

Have a Great Weekend !!

You get my vote. Best of luck!!

I'm happy to hear about your motivations. You sound like a great candidate =)

Only question I have is if you will be voting for other witnesses and if so who they are. There are a couple of users that I consider less trustworthy and I have pledged that I won't vote for witnesses that in turn vote for these to be witnesses.

Looking forward to giving you my full support!


Thanks :) I did actually vote for a few witnesses this morning around 9 hours ago. I have voted for people I have spoken to or people I have come across and liked their application. It's not quite updated on steemdb yet but if you check on https://steemd.com/@adamm you can see who I have voted for.
Forgive me, despite my ambitiousness to support Steem growth I am still relatively new and will not know the full history of some witnesses.
I hope to get your vote :)

Ok great. You're "chosen ones" look great so far ;) I check up on witnesses on on SteemDB from time to time.

Edit: After good conversation with @adamm he's got my vote and support!

@Adamm... Just found You on STEEMiT Blogger Central created by @sFlaherty.

Just UpVoted, Following now and Voted You as Witness.

Will be following Your Progress and wish You only the Very Best !!

Have a Great Weekend !!

Thank you :) I appreciate the vote and will keep you updated in my updates.

Have a good weekend also!

Thank You Adam...Looking forward to Your Updates !!

Ok, voted for you.

thanks :)

I voted. Loved your proposal. I hope you are selected. Thanks for working to make this happen.

Thankyou. It is all selected as you say. It is all about getting votes to hopefully be a rank when the return is higher than my running costs and then I can start supporting the projects.

Voted, you have conviced me :)

Thanks :) I will not let you down. I plan on reporting progress monthly once it is funding.

Awesome voted for you

Thanks. I appreciate it.

4 vote up & 242 $ ???????
How is it possible so

Witnesses are critical for keeping the STEEM blockchain functional. Hence my heavy upvote.

I like it
I like your plan
Good man
Keep it up
Work more hard

Adam, no worries, you have my vote!! I would like to suggest however that you give more of a detailed cost breakdown if you have so inclined (in the name of transparrency). For example, what were the set up costs you personally put on the line? how much do you intend to fund from steemit. Additionally I would also like to suggest you identify how much (at least as a percentage) you plan to reinvest into steemit and where from the profits you make as a witness. This will make your candidacy more appealing (I hope ;)) Cheers, Steem on!!

thanks :) and points taken on board. I did think about this but struggled to put exact returns on what I would get as a witness. Give me some time to work this out, put it to some tangible goals on what I plan on doing and when and will will provide all the details in a witness update. I appreciate your feedback.

love this witness statement!! going to go vote for you now :)

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This is awesome!

I think steem can be MAJOR if its shown to the UK and US markets

after that once it takes hold of the asian markets theres no stopping it

I see, you have all the abilities to be witnesse, good luck, I will vote for you

Great post, and for a great purpose....you get a Vote from Yorkshire!
Steemit relies on people being prepares to put themselves out there, and we are grateful to all the witnesses for their dedication. Super plans too. Please let me know how i can support the UK awareness drive

Thank you for your vote :) I will share plans soon on what I think will be a Discord channel for all promo-uk people to communicate. As soon as it's done I will let you know.

Great initiative Adam.. It's amazing to see people that are willing to see this community grow and expand.
I really do hope you can get selected for a witness and do a good job.
Also id like to wish you all the best in your steemit journey and much love friwnd :)

Hi @adamm,

I voted for your witness. Can you please also voted for mine?


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