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Just a small update. After further discussion with some other witnesses (mostly @clayop, @bacchist and @timcliff) I have been convinced to reduce my feed discount. Previously it was 12%. I will be reducing it to 8%.

This is being done in connection with the previously-announced interest rate reduction to 9% to prevent SBD from becoming too strong and also provide incentives for debt reduction while ensuring that the cost and magnitude of those incentives do not become too great. These are gradual adjustments being made to assess the effect and some further adjustments or reversal of the changes may become necessary.

Rewards from this post (in whatever form received -- STEEM, SBD, and/or SP) will be converted to SBD and burned, as were previous witness post rewards. Proof of the burn will be posted as a comment reply


Will follow these changes

Great work. I may need some advice soon :)

I'm happy to chat anytime. I don't always give good advice though.

Your honesty is great advice to me.

Thanks @smooth. I'm following as well.

Mine's set at 9% currently

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