@skenan Witness Application-Let's bring more Chinese people to Steemit / @skenan 见证人申请书

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This is skenan. I have been running a witness node for one week. Today I am going to submit my witness application proposal here.

About Me

I am 25 years old, working as a software engineer in U.S right now. I got my bachelor degree in Software Engineer from China, master degree in Computer Science from U.S. The long time of programming has gave me much experience in Java, Python and JavaScript.

Now I am much interested in the blockchain technology and have put a lot of time on it.

  1. I am the first to publish EOS build Guid on Mac OS in steemit community
  2. I am contributor for Bitshares-UI and fixed several bugs.

Current Goal

Now I am focusing on steemit, especially for steemit in China. The fact I have realized is that compared to the 800 million Chinese internet users, there are only about 500 daily actives in steemit. What a huge potential to attract more Chinese users to steemit, to the blockchain!

My Thoughts

Localization is always a pain for any international community. Some is because of cultural, some is technical.

Yoyow and Golos have split from steem and created their side chains. They are using their way to build a local community.

However, in my option, steem is a public chain which has no country boundary and more like a country built on internet.

My Action

So I chose to create https://cnsteem.com to help with the localization. Cnsteem is a clone of steemit UI, sharing the same blockchain with Steemit. I am doing some basic changes to make it easy for Chinese people onboarding.

What I have done so far:

  1. Set up a UI server residing in HongKong, which can speed up the access for Chinese.
  2. Write a program to translate steemit UI from English into Chinese.
  3. Support the Chinese tags in cnsteem . Example: https://cnsteem.com/trending/编程. I am going to create a pull request for steemit official UI. In this way, more people can use the tags in their language.

Also, cnsteem is open sourced, anyone can create issue or submit pull request. And It will sync the fork with official UI code every day.

What’s Next

I have the following to-do lists for cnsteem:

  1. Test and enable the sign up. Or integrate with other paid register service, ex: anon.steem.network
  2. Change to a different image proxy, which is not blocked by GFW
  3. Set up a full steem node used by cnsteem


Get your Vote.

Right now I am running a secure, stable witness node in U.S. Will add a new steem full node in China.

So if you support my work to bring more people into Steemit. Please upvote for me.

Just go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses, scroll to the bottom, put skenan and click vote.





少说多做~ 我会及时用中文更新开发进度,~同时你可以去 https://steemit.com/~witnesses 去vote skenan 支持我一下~

最后特别感谢已经支持我的人~ 我会不断完善 https://cnsteem.com


@skenan very grateful for what you are doing to bring more users from China to Steem! Thank you for voting for me as a witness also! I just made my vote for you!

Hi @jerrybanfield Thank you so much. I knew you from your SEO classes which is so great. Since you came here, you make a huge contribution to the steemit community. You definitely should get my full support! I

Great witness post.. welcome to being a witness!!! Nice to have you aboard.

Thank you!

Nice comment @followbtcnews
The chapter is hardworking and will make a good witness...



Wow ...at a young age you have done so much to empower yourself and your plans is awesome... Please can you e sure the cnsteem tag can be accessible to English bloggers...like I need to reach the Chinese audience and once I post it can auto translate in Chinese if I request for the tag...this will allow many Chinese steemians get many more contents... Just voted for my best steemian so far which is you... Thanks ...😎

Hi Kenhudoy, thanks for your message. I am working on the pull request to let steemit support non-latin tags. Hope it will work this week. Also in my cnsteem, I will add the translation function to help Chinese people read English posts.

Great and non Chinese people read Chinese posts too...please always keep me posted... Love your work... And do find time also to check my blog posts...
What do you say about steemit having extra security like Google authenticator ...?

I checked you posts which are helpful. For the security, I think steemit already did a great job. I haven't heard many people lost their money. Google authenticator is not necessary currently.

Ok...thanks... But I wonder why you say Google auth not necessary now..i have read many who lost their password to spammers...I think if blockchain uses it...we here should consider such...

The Google auth is useful for centralized website. In the world of steem blockchain, you can log in steemit, busy with one same password. It's not easy to implement the google auth api for them at the same time. Remember you can recover your password from steem. And Change SP to steem need a lot of time.

Well... I never knew one can recover password...I thought if password stolen...it's gone forever. .any ideas on that area of recovery?

Huge support, chao ji zhi chi. haha.

Good job actually getting value-added projects initiated and rolling.

Can't agree more...he is doing well and will make a valuable witness...nice comment...



Why do you find it appropriate to down vote a post of mine?

I'll ask again. I find your behaviour inappropiate, please tell me your reasoning as to why you saw fit to throw a downvote at my post two seconds after it was posted?

Sorry for the late reply. That post is too short, nothing value in it, I just flag it.

I disagree with you there buddy. It had value to me and it was as long as I wanted it to be. But that's in the past. Thanks for the reply and visiting my page. Look forward to getting to know you here on steemit.

I have unflagged. Hope you have a good weekend.

Thanks, so cool this has a happy ending. It ends with meeting someone new on steemit that I hope to interact with more. You have a great weekend too!

Do you mind upvote me as witness?

Sure how do I do that?

想起来mad max那句 Witness!


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