Blue monday: Life blog from Amsterdam. 2018, what will it bring? Witness updates, surf plans, conference plans... SteemFest?

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I know, I should no longer say Happy New Year! But as I have not talk to you in a long time, I really want to wish you a great year ahead, especially on this blue monday, which got us stuck in front of a broken down bridge on the big deik in the north of Holland, waiting in the car for 2.5 hours :P Blue it was :) When coming home I felt like writing:

Viggo in the 2018 alley

Great good day Steemians! It's been a bit silent on my end after SteemFest. One reason, as some of you know an event at such scale always brings kind of 'a black gap' of dispair and uselessness with it: working many stressful days leading up to the event, then just getting lived by the event and then all of a sudden.... BAM. It all stops. Over & done. (Come to think about it, you can kinda compare it to the Bitcoin/Crypto Boom which all of a sudden ended (huh??? nahhhh.... LOLLL :P )).

After Lisbon however I could immediately drive back to the south of Portugal for a week of decompressing (and paying the bills) before heading back to Amsterdam. After winding down the event, btw you still owe an after movie by @mynewlife btw :) (soon!), we kinda got serious fevers so for some weeks we were taking roles under the blankets and our son Viggo topped it off with a case of double Otitis (both ears infected) and although we at first thought, let's wait it out for a bit, and seeing him getting lively through some afternoons, before turning to jammering pains, we took him to doc who prescribed a little antibiotics treatment. Not long thereafter we got back our ever smiling happy boy, which livened us up as well.

Then for Xmas we did the complete tour of Holland, visiting Heleen's parents in the North, even going to an island (Vlieland) and then for the final season days back down south to my parents place which was a trip of 5 hours in the car and on the ferry back from the island.

Our digital Xmas card, made by my creative GF :P

In between I managed to do 1 kitesurf session in the kinda FREEEEEZING cold, as I was really longing for a surf, because the last one was about 1 month before steemfest. As it was so cold, we started looking for a great 'summerish' location to break the winter... 2 years ago I went with a kitebuddy to the Cabo Verde (island of Sal) but this year we are going to.....

.... Cape Town, South Africa in february!

We'll be heading down there from the end of January for 3 weeks with Heleen and Viggo (oh, oh, 11 hour flight with baby :P) and my kitebuddy will join in for about 10 days. We have a nice place (in Blouberg area, for those who know) next to the kitesurf beaches and will spent our days enjoying the weather, the surf+wind (which is supposed to be epic), great food and most of all, the beautiful nature.

View from Kitesurf Mekka - Blouberg area- to Table Mountain & Cape Town Downtown

I am really anxious / curious however a bit, on how it will all work out, on one hand Cape Town is suffering from a severe drought crisis (only 1 minute a day showering, it's ok, I'll be showering in the sea anyhow) but I think I will be totally at unease with the apparent inequality between people in the city... Which also has some effects on the crime rate. It will be interesting to say the least and I hope and guess we'll be having a wonderful time, and somehow I am also looking forward to the confrontation of uncomfortable moments as I hope it will sting my gut feelings for change in the world. I can't of course (imho) be held responsible for Dutch / western society's history with the southern Cape and Africa, so on one hand going there to enjoy the fruits of the land: beautiful nature, great food and a superb surf condition, and on the other hand being confronted with this inequality is good I think for my vision. Not sure if I can express what I want to say. I really don't know how it will be ofcourse, because I have never been there. Come to think about it, it is the first time I am crossing the Equator in my life!

Of course I will be up & running with local sim-card and with my computer with me as always for witness duties and server management / dev ops.

If you have great ideas & tips for Cape Town, especially half-day trips (our son Viggo still sleeps in afternoons), great food & other things to do, we are all ears! Also in the last week we are planning for a little roadtrip, but have nothing set in stone yet.

.... Conference / other travel plans, and SteemFest³ ?

This year I'll be going to Consensus in NYC and right after that @wmougayar's Token Summit most probably. I've booked a flight but nothing more for now. If more Steemians are going to NYC, maybe we can get a nice apartment all together in Down Town? Last year Consensus was a blast, and it was wonderful to be in NYC since long, but it was really short. It will be useful to go there in the light of SteemFest, meeting steemians and learning about blockchain developments in general, and having fun ofcourse. It takes place in the week of 13 May.

Then SteemFest³ will most probably be around the same dates as last 2 editions, but, .... nothing confirmed yet! But I will carefully monitor some other main crypto conf's around those dates as I would hope to not have interference with people's travel plans to other conferences. The what, when and especially where are not yet set in stone, so bear with me, stay tuned, and feel free to subscribe to the newsletter on if you want to know the latest as soon as the news breaks. (Will be a while tho, the last edition is only 2 month's ago - although it seems like ages already :P)

.... Witness updates

I think I've been a witness for just over a full year now, and I am really happy with your support and votes. I am happy to see my failover script worked out pretty nicely and saved my ass once I was in a plane flying to Greece for attending a wedding.

Also, as some of you might know I am a sucker for this, I am quite proud of having only 15 missed blocks (don't jinx it dude!) in total seeing the time of signing blocks / witnessing. It is my internal competition with myself of keeping the missed blocks low and ultimately it serves the Steem blockchain best to be super reliable. However, missing a block is not the worst thing that can happen ofcourse, but it is just me :) Every missed block hurts, upon receiving the notification :)

In the very near future I will be upgrading my main & backup node to support the ever growing blockchain as we get towards 300+ mb daily growth (according to fellow Steemian, Wizard of DevOps @gtg - see his recent post).

I have a little script on all my servers which report me a daily status of their well being via Telegram (you can copy & get it yourself here: This script could be extended with temperature monitoring. I always check this report with my morning coffee and have the reports come in at 10 AM sharp via cronjob. - pling, pling, pling, pling, pling.

a blunt call for your witness - vote: if you like what I do and see me as a trustworthy witness for the Steem Blockchain (I run steem p2p nodes in France, Canada, Netherlands and Germany at the moment) please cast your vote for @roelandp via

Ps. did you already hear the great news about the upcoming ViceToken airdrop on Steem holders (snapshotted on block 18,500,000 - 29 Dec 2017) and the Scorum Steem Bounty? Two new promising projects paying back you being right here on Steem!

Steem, Steem, Steem, Steem, Steeeeeem!

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@roelandp Sounds like exciting year ahead....... Yeap ! Video it's in progress, trying to tailor it, put into package, stamp with the logo - steemfest logo and ready to send it. Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 01.49.41.png


Great to hear! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful works!


booyah....! looking fwd!


good story


Hey roelandp, please help follback me 😊


I am pretty interested in this post despite the fact that it was two months ago, I would like to continue seeing your work, since it is excellent, I like the way you wrote it although it is a pity that there are no more recent posts of yours, I hope that Take into account my humble comment a greeting from Venezuela @roelandp I hope that you went well in the trip


wuao I see that you look great : O


i would like to bring you witness to my w/(h) ea L/L (t/h) D

The way I deal with rich man's guilt while traveling in poor countries is to remind myself that by traveling there I am spending money in their local economy which brings jobs and opportunity to the local people, just think what would happen if we didn't visit.

"It will be useful to go there in the light of SteemFest" - oh lord... does this mean STEEMFest 3 in NYC is in the cards?!

Enjoy your trip to Cape Town! Perhaps I'll see ya at the consensus!


no thats not what i meant to say :) its more in the lights of... i see all people travelling for steemfest so i learned it is great to in return travel to confs too to meet others. last year this was the reason I went to consensus in nyc and golosfest in Moscow. :) tba tba. :)

Thanks for all you do for this community, Roeland. Sorry to hear about the fevers and Viggo's ear infection. Glad to hear you have some travel plans on the horizon. :)

Here's to a great 2018

Enjoy your vacation! Kite, the sport I would love to do, but too afraid of it.


thx. no need to be afraid, just take lessons to get comfortable and know the 'dangers'. The do's & don'ts etc. Nowadays the gear is incomparible with the original gear from 20 years ago could indeed be lifethreatening.

Gave plannen! Wens jullie een goede tijd toe in Kaapstad!
@fitzgibbon gaat er geen enkel probleem mee krijgen om mij weer mee te krijgen naar #steemfest, als het dit jaar in New York gaat plaatsvinden 😉

Hey roelandp, good to hear the updates. Steemfest was amazing! I understand your black gap there, but it was really memorable, thanks for everything again. I'm sure you will have a great holiday in South Africa.

So much work to be done this year! Safe and happy travels dear Roeland! Look forward to seeing you again this year!

Enjoy your trip!

Nice to see another Steemian in Amsterdam! Is there a meet up? If not, it would be great to organize something for us Dutch based water creatures of Steem... :)

Wow thank you @roelandp for the update again.. can't wait for the post to see the location for steemfest 3. nice to see the picture with Heleen and Viggo.. he is growing up fast.. was he already on the surfboard ;-)

Happy New Year @roelandp! I really believe you can't say that enough times :-)

Kite surfing in South Africa, that's what I call a super plan! Good luck crossing that Equator and enjoy your time. Looking forward to seeing some nice travel pictures here on the blockchain :-)


Thank you Marly, Yes I hope the app will come forth with an ios app so i can start posting some pics with that on a seperate steemit account.


Oh I'll need that app for my wintersports vacation in Switzerland, too. I'll be in the mountains on beginnings of March (first snow experience after 5 years :-)), and I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to capture some nice landscapes there.

Heey @roelandp :) Super leuk! Nice to see people from the Netherlands on Steemit :)

I and @artakush want to promote steemit in the Netherlands a bit more and have some ideas but we would love to meet other steemians face to face for a coffee or a beer first and see if can do more together :)

Great to hear from you again!

Always love your posts, I respect you a lot and you are a very likable guy doing great things!

Seems like you have had a nice time since SteemFest. I have as well. Your trip to Cape Town will be very interesting. I have been to quite a few places with poverty and HUGE wealth gaps of which have often been raped by the white man so many times in history. It is sad and in a way we are all to blame. Especially if we are not currently doing something to change the global elite diabolical ways.

Glad your boy made it through the holidays without much sickness its often a time of excessive sickness. While I would never recommend a doctor or antibiotics I bet ur doc was better than most here in the States. If you ever want natural remedies that are actually superior alternatives let me know. Would love to share anything beneficial I have with you.

As you know SteemFest was awesome. I know its a bit early for concrete stuff but this event will be much bigger and thus require even MORE preparation!

I would really love to help you with it this year and be much more involved. I have a lot of experience with running/planning events and also last year I believe I was the one who posted the most promotional material for SteemFest2 even though I was not "officially" on the "team"

Would love to help you if you would like. Though I am sure it will be awesome regardless.

Best Regards~*~


Q! sorry man had missed this reply :) now i am browsing but also heading to bed. Thanks for the offer, will think of you ofc. Also about the anti-antibiotics. We are def no fan of it. See you on the chain ye ole wrestlerman!



Yes honestly I was a bit sad but im not to fragile so kept on living awesome hahaha

I also sent you an email and SteemChat message. Would really love to talk. Hit me up whenever you find the time.

Best Regards My Man Master of Ceremonies!


Hi I am following to u and your articles are very interesting good going best of luck. I am new to steemit support me

O, such a great and busy trip , and thanks for sharing infos about steemfest, i love it , and your baby is so funny :) wish steem grow and grow :)

a very enjoyable trip let alone Scenery from the Mecca region - Blouberg Kitesurf - to Table Mountain & Cape Town Downtown is so beautiful, have a great day @roelandp

love those sweet little streets ^,..,^

posting a great friend

Thank God your son feels much better, you have a beautiful family. I have never been to South Africa but my friend in Cape Town says it is truly a dream. Have fun.

Anxiously awaits details of Steemfest3

Have fun in Capetown!


thanks man!

Welcome back to Steemit @roelandp. South Africa is a great place to relax in. Be sure to also tour the wildlife while you are there it is amazing...!!! All the best on the trip.


thinking about that yes!

Welcome back
Such a great trip man. thanks for sharing here , With this type of post steem will go boom. keep it up . really enjoyed your whole article .Good job, @roelandp

Welcome back.
Waiting for steemfest in india.

Wow, we did not see you for a long time.Welcome,resume sharing sir !!!! :)) @roelandp

Nice information

wow beautiful happy always like this .

hopefully your day is fun, success always

its really wonderful post i am appreciat to your post
Thank you for sharing

I know, I should no longer say Happy New Year! But as I have not talk to you in a long time, I really want to wish you a great year ahead, especially on this blue monday, which got us stuck in front of a broken down bridge on the big deik in the north of Holland, waiting in the car for 2.5 hours

I realized I've also not wished you a happy new year. So I want to use this opportunity to wish you a happy and promising new year.

Thanks for sharing your amazing story with us, I've always loved reading them and knowing your travelogue and experiences.

Thanks you very much and

Happy Steeming


hey brother how to write like this ? i mean the line on the left side ? can you guide ?


Hi, I use this markdown code for that:


You can read more about markdown codes online. Thank you


Thank you so much for assistance .


You're welcome


Hey, im glad to hear u had such great time there. One of my wishes is to visit Amsterdam. I hope it will come true in the close future :)

Hey it's never late for good wishes, right 😊
Happy new year sir!
Thank you for another amazing post!

Thank you to share your sweet trip with us.We are lucky to read from you.Happy new year for you and your family.

Lol... It isn't too late to say happy new year 😊 ....its nice reading your work for the first time this year @roelandp... Looking forward to the upcoming ViceToken airdrop and Scorum Steem Bounty.. Thanks you very much!

Happy Steeming

Hello sir!
Nice to closely meet you🌿
You have a beautiful family and I'm so happy to see people in motion, with beautiful plans and lots of love in their luggage!
Have a great year and be kind!


Great steemfest!

@roelandp Amsterdam is a paradise on Earth. Amazingly beautiful and peaceful place. I was there in December. I've already voted for your witness!


Nice post :)

I like the travelogue part but then I got totally confused by all the technical things at the end, sounds like you had a great holiday with your family and that is what really matters.

i love the Viggo picture in the 2018 alley.nice shoot


thx :) was accidentally nice :) he actually ran off :)

Will follow you. Just found your blog.

There's nothing wrong is saying Happy New Year I guess. It's still January :)

wow nice plan friend

This is your lifeblog in Amsterdam.Excellent in the travelling in capetown,South Africa.Wish you best of luck my dear friend.Thanks for sharing this my dear friend@roelandp

Great post..But too long hahahah

Haha so you have Blue Monday to. Don't you find the way its advertised just makes it more depressing? Why not just call it cuddle day or something an get everyone to cuddle? We going about it all wrong in my opinion. Mad world hey 💯🐒

Happy new year. Yaaaay! Never too late. You sure had fun towards the end of the year. Duly deserved.

Check out my very first steem post -- it's about my recent trip to Amsterdam. What a great city!

This was a very descriptive update on all whats been happening to you since November.
Sorry about the sickness of Viggo,btw does he have a Steemit account yet.hehehe??

You will surely get recommendations from the awesome Steemians from South Africa.

Thanks for the great work you did organising SteemFest and i just voted for you for witness.

Have a great time enjoying your holiday.

Waao the steemFest two is just completed months ago and you guys are planning for steemFest 3,
That's very interesting and As a witness you are doing a very good job sir @roelandp

Happy New year to you. :)

@roelandp wow nice Such a great article & nice photography
this is a beautiful picture its nature...imagery is impressive.....

Enjoy the surf -- we're freezing in Florida, if u can imagine that.


the water or air? I heard it's been unmeasurably cold in the US lately.


Enjoy you trip and have a blast on top of that!

wow this is awesome! :)

Nice going all of these things! And yeah you cant be 100 on point the whole year, at some point you got to give yourself the room and the space to relax. Next time dont try kiting in Holland in your full body wetsuit. For some reason kiting is just for warmer temperatures hehe. Enjoy SA, high on the bucketlist here!


haha well, the ocean water temperature is actually comparable to current sea level temperature here in NL, however the air temperature, being full summer over there is just great.


yeah, so thats icy cold at this moment :D
My kiting backyard has a comfy 26 celsius seawater temp, with steady 18-22 knots everyday, and still sometimes you reach back almost hypothermic. In the summer its great in Zeeland for all watersports on Grevelingenmeer, Id be okay with trying that haha


I'm from Burgh originally :) I go kiting on Brouwersdam sometimes when I visit my parents :) Ah.... Sint-Maarten... niceeeee

nice work. with love

Congratulations @roelandp!
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I like your heart! I grew up in holland, and many good memories, reside in my mind of those days,
Yes enjoy your travels, and see yourself giving by seeing you are by traveling!
The last part was a bit on the left brain side, but your honesty is refreshing.


ty :) i like the left brain too :)

Happy New Year @roelandp! Have a safe travel to South Africa! When we will know the location of SteemFest3? cheers

Happy New Year to you too! Thank you for the update. You are doing very good as a witness! Happy for you!

A very happy new year @roelandp
Travelling is the best way to enjoy the restful life after lots of hardwork. and timings for fest are the best, i think. one can work harder for all and after the fest go for long holidays enjoying christmas and New year.

Yes i have read a bit about ViceToken, Its always exciting to read and expect something new and different going to happen.

Loved it, Thanks dear for sharing

Hi There, what a coincidence , I'm heading to Cape Town in March and staying in Blouberg - Dolphin beach. I love South Africa , and honestly that's my favourite topic . Was wondering if there will be any steemian meeting in in CT at the time . Would be great to connect! Take care and I'm sure you will enjoy your trip!

What a busy schedule? Hope the boy is boy is perfectly ok now?

hello @roelandp .. please support my post. I am from the Philippines thank you .

Nice post

great post for a great update..thank you. I have voted you as wtness because I know you are ideal

The Vice Token airdrop was a pretty nice surprise. I gotta imagine porn on the blockchain will, at a minimum, attract a lot of speculators. Plus if putting porn on the blockchain means the end of viruses on people's computers and all that shit then the token is going to skyrocket. Best wishes in 2018 roelandp.

introduce my name @saifulabubakar, i am from indonesia province aceh. I am a newcomer in the world of steemit. I like very much like you guys, have lots of friends, have lots of knowledge and have lots of money ,,,,,,,

a very interesting writing
I hope you can fallow me

thank you very much and good luck always

gellukig nieuw jaar!
de kleintje is zo schattig!

lekker lijf daar man!
veel plezier!

Happy new years you and your family. Great post

thank you, great post my friend!!

Great post..👌

Your 1Upvote change my account value...please

I know that empty feeling right after a big event :) You just look for something to do.
Hope you have a good time in Cape Town.

a really big post

post to follow. hopefully I can be like you too. can be great support. to always be upvote by a big person like you. today the age of my account has been almost a month but there has been no significant change.

Happy New Year, my friend! Welcome back and thank you for all the work you do for our community!

I hear Cape Town is a great city; a lot of youtubers vlog there. It is likely like most cities; stick to the safer, populated areas and keep both hands on your things and you should be fine. I hope you share your journeys.

Hay @roelandp. Thank you for vote me. I see you in the picture its such as beutifull family and happy. Iam so happy to see your picture

I am eager for a date for Steemfest 3! I want to book the time off at work as soon as possible, I am tempted to book that first weekend off so I will do that tomorrow as a "just in case" plan!

signature white background.png

Would you please support me if you would like a few bitcoin writing :)

Great post tnx for sharing i just upvoted check out my new post steemitalltheway

Hi @roelandp,

That's great that you are visiting South Africa!

Just like most places: lock your doors at night, lock your car doors while driving, keep your belongings close to you while walking around. You will see that South Africans are very friendly, helpful and hospitable but I myself am always alert and it has become second nature to me. But I don't think people go anywhere in the world these days without being alert. You'll see when you arrive that you will feel at ease. I think you are going to have the best time!

Here are some things I can recommend:

If your son enjoys going on the water, take a tour boat to Seal Island to see the hundreds of seals. Robben Island (where Mandela was imprisoned) also give a great tour.
The V&A Waterfront have loads of entertainment, restaurants and shops.
Lunch or high tea and a great view at the 12 Apostles hotel.
A trip up to Table Mountain of course!
Wine tasting in Franschhoek and surrounds.
Simon's Town- an old fishing and naval base town. Really quaint.
Boulders Beach to see all the penguins!
The Castle of Good Hope built by the Dutch East India Company in the 1600s.
The Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay.
And then if you feel like you need to get out of the hustle and bustle, Paternoster is an hour and a half drive from Cape Town. It's an old fishing village where they catch cray fish for you and cook it up for you on the beach.
A drive along Chapman's Peak with its amazing views.
If you're up to a couple hours drive from Cape Town, Hermanus is really pretty and whale watching paradise but I don't think you'll see any whales anymore around the time you are going.

There's so much to do but you'll see that when you arrive. Cape Town has a great atmosphere. Just a heads up that it can be really windy and yes, the water is really cold. Friends were down in December and said the water restrictions in the hotel are were not so strict but there was no plug in the bath tub so that people are forced to rather shower to conserve water.

I hope this has been a bit helpful. Have a fantastic trip!

Amsterdam is peaceful place...please visit my blog ...thanks from Aceh-Indonesia

Thanks for sharing @roelandp. I am new at Steemit and I am happy to learn about all the events and news that are taking place. Please keep us updated about the date for next Steemfest. I hope your trip goes well! Yes, it can be a challenge to travel with kids. I have two and I thought it helped to expose them early to flights and travels. Now they are doing great. :)
Enjoy the time with your friend and family!

Looks like you had a great traveling days. And your witness experience is going really well... on the other hand you are doing great great job for the community.. My witness vote surely goes for you...

Its Awesome :)

Can you delegate 21000 SP for me...i will pay for you by steem or SBD per day?

Can you delegate 21000 SP for me...i will pay for you by steem or SBD per day?

Nice Very Beautiful

Nice Very Beautiful

thank you @roelandp
I'm glad you visit in my place.
this is a fun day for me!!

Wow!!! thank you @roelandp for the update. So nice.

cool post and love the picture with your family and the fun xmas decorations haha :)
p.s: waiting to see your adventures in South Africa!

Capetown is definitely on my list to see in life too! Have fun there and I wish you an exciting 2018!