Witness Report 2021-11

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Hello I'm @rnt1
I have 3 types nodes. It is very perfect, but there is a small problem with the Full node.
The problem is that my full node is not yet perfect full. Some APIs are not supported. But soon I will fix it!

I'm currently ranked 8th in the witnesses list,
I've made 78 mistakes so far, but that's very low. (0.01 %)

  • There are two increases this month.

I acquired about 10,043.25 SP in the this month.

  • As the backup witnesses are enabled, the total witnesses node rewards is reduced.

I have a high voting power, so if you need my assistance with the backup witness, please feel free to contact me.

1. Full node


LocationCPUCoresRAMDiskPort/BandwidthOperating System
Ashburn (US)Xeon E5-2680v312128 GB2TB (SSD)500Mbit/sUbuntu 20.04 64
  • Ubuntu's version has been updated to the latest 20.04.
  • Steem-api node
  • Steem-ah node (Account History)

2. witness node

LocationCPUCoresRAMDiskPort/BandwidthOperating System
New York (US)Xeon E5-2650v2864 GB960 GB (SSD)300Mbit/sUbuntu 16.04 64

3. Seed node

seed.steemzzang.com Port 2001

LocationCPUCoresRAMDiskPort/BandwidthOperating System
Dallas (US)Intel Xeon D-1531832 GB960 GB (SSD)300Mbit/sUbuntu 16.04 64
  • The seed node location changes regularly.

4. Notice

Thank You,
Yours sincerely,


Hello, witness. I'm also a hobby of the community and a new witness. I recently deployed the stem API server. Can you vote for me?
I have voted for you。This's my server intro https://steemit.com/witnesses/@boylikegirl.wit/i-created-a-new-steem-api-server

You have my vote, hope you win. Godspeed!

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