Witness Report 2021-03

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Hello I'm @rnt1
I have 3 types nodes. It is very perfect, but there is a small problem with the Full node.
The problem is that my full node is not yet perfect full. Some APIs are not supported. But soon I will fix it!

I'm currently ranked 8th in the witnesses list,
I've made 60 mistakes so far, but that's very low. (0.01 %)

I acquired about 9,951.88 SP in the this month.

I have a high voting power, so if you need my assistance with the backup witness, please feel free to contact me.

1. Full node


LocationCPUCoresRAMDiskPort/BandwidthOperating System
Ashburn (US)Xeon E5-2680v312128 GB2TB (SSD)500Mbit/sUbuntu 18.04 64

2. witness node

LocationCPUCoresRAMDiskPort/BandwidthOperating System
New York (US)Xeon E5-2650v2864 GB960 GB (SSD)300Mbit/sUbuntu 16.04 64

3. Seed node

seed.steemzzang.com Port 2001

LocationCPUCoresRAMDiskPort/BandwidthOperating System
Dallas (US)Intel Xeon D-1531832 GB960 GB (SSD)300Mbit/sUbuntu 16.04 64
  • The seed node location changes regularly.

4. Notice

[Notice] Please give me your proxy

Thank You,
Yours sincerely,


You get my vote as a witness and from my Norwegian team :)

you get my vote as a witness.

I I am doing my study of the witnesses that I like the most within the list.

I hope you will be very successful in your witnessing project. And keep on climbing.

I'm in the search of generating community and voting power, although I'm going slowly in that process, because I returned a couple of months ago to Steemit again.

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