Team Sircork--Witness #65 Announcement!

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Three of the most dynamic personalities on Steemit have come together to form a witness partnership, a trifecta with the potential to become a real voice for the people on this platform. @Sircork has run a successful witness for nine months and currently stands as Witness #65. Joining him are @beanz and @rhondak, both very active on Steemit and as Discord community leaders. They share a common link, in that all three are heavily invested in projects that amplify voices otherwise lost in the noise.

@Sircork owns and operates the Steemstar Network, a streaming radio station built specifically for Steemit audiences. @beanz founded @VOTU, which is “Voice of The Underground,” a Discord community where users from all the darkest corners of the globe get to express themselves politically and stay up to date on all things crypto. @rhondak is co-administrator of @thewritersblock, a Discord community founded on the principle that quality content is essential for the long-term success of Steemit.

Additionally, Sircork is the founder of YouAreHope, a Blockchain-based charity helping communities in underdeveloped regions of the world. Rhondak is founder of a U.S. nonprofit for animals known here on Steemit as @tarc. She has also founded Steemhouse Publishing, a blockchain-based publisher that will market to the mainstream, as well as Steemshelves and the @sft.

Woohoo! I’m Part of a Witness Team!

This is very exciting for me. I’ve thought about witnessing for a while now, but never took the leap. When this opportunity presented itself, I could not have been more thrilled.

The Team

I’ve known SirCork for a while now. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him in person. I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting Beanz face to face, but our interactions on Discord have humbled and impressed me. Though our approaches differ, the three of us share a similar drive to see justice prevail, and we love to see the good guys win.

So who are the “good guys?” For us—in the context of Steemit—the “good guys” include everyone who is trying to bring quality to the blockchain, who works for the benefit of the community, contributes in any kind of meaningful way and who is transparent about their intentions for their actions on the platform. We want to support and encourage each of those users, and give them a fruitful, inspiring community to grow in.

Me, the Individual

I joined Steemit in June of 2017 because it looked like the perfect platform to share my story about animal rescue in Central Appalachia. And boy was I right. More than that, though, I also found a subculture of writers lurking within the community with talent that rivaled any found in mainstream publishing circles. We grew and flourished within the @minnowsupport project, and ultimately became @thewritersblock. Within the Writers’ Block community, I created Steemshelves, an external website that gives Steemit authors a tool for collecting all parts of a series in one place with one link. I also started the @sft, a curation trail that rewards work of publishable quality on the Blockchain. More recently, I incorporated Steemhouse Publishing, which will focus on marketing Steemit authors to the general public.

In addition to all this, I’m the Executive Director of Tazewell Animal Rescue Coalition, known on Steemit as @tarc. We focus on saving the lives of Appalachian animals that have been neglected, abandoned, and abused. We’ve found a great home on the Blockchain and have much support here that our own IRL community does not give us.

As a witness, I will continue to focus on content, making the Writers’ Block and Steemhouse Publishing my official witness project. The priority will continue to be quality content, which to me means well-written, well-edited posts of substance. I will find every way I can to support and encourage this, and to discourage plagiarism, spam, and shitposts.

The Important Takeaway

Most of all, I hope what rises to the top of everything else is the commitment we’ve shown to making Steemit a platform we can all be proud of. Not one of us on this witness team is perfect. But this is a new venture, with new promise and new energies. We look forward to serving the Steemit community for the long haul!

If you already vote for @sircork on your witness list or via proxy, there is no need to change it.

If you want to add your vote for team @rhondak, @beanz and @sircork, then click here and register your vote via Steemconnect with one click.

Announcement from Beanz
Announcement from SirCork

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Awesome. This seems like the logical progression for someone heavily involved in community, quality content, and helping those less fortunate. Perfect mesh. Congrats @rhondak!

Thank you, Neg! :-)

Gawd dang, now I'm going to have to go back through my witness list. You guys are making it tough... Best of luck on your witness..@tarc and @youarehope both great causes.

Just trying to keep you on your toes, Dr. Butterfield! ;-)

It's a pleasure to be amplifying voices with you, @Rhondak, and with @Beanz, we do indeed have a promising road ahead, representing the communities we serve and the steem ecosystem at large with integrity, and conviction.

Let's roll up our sleeves and get busy, eh team?

Let's do it! :-)

(fist bump left, right, and whatever the heck that other one was. LOLOL!)

That is just hysterical!

Try to take this seriously Rhonda, our team meetings are not to have no fun in them whatsoever. I trust I won't have to warn you again.


Oh, you will.

Pretty sure Glory will help make sure you DON'T get your way in eliminating fun.

For an editor, you better re-read her instructions...

This has been fantastic news to start the week, as I told beanz in his post, this trio of sure brings good projects where we will all benefit, from now on have my support, that comes a rain of successes.

That sounds awesome! We definitely appreciate your support, and look forward to that rain.

Good things are sure to come, thank you for your kind reply.

Go team Good Guys!

Yaaay!!! Rah rah rah! :-)

I have voted for Sir Cork before and with the three of you joining forces it is only going to be more epic!

I have even voted for the other witnesses active in the Writers block even gmuxx before he had to stop being a witness because I believe that authors need a voice here in this platform.

Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot! I do agree that authors need a voice here. We've definitely have some challenges on the platform.

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Looks like we are getting the word out! I have finished my post, you did a post and @sircork has his announcement.
Now with @shadowspub sounding the call with the help of great witnesses like @enginewitty, @patrice, @castellano, @drakos, et. al. we need to drive home to our fellow Steemitizens the importance of voting for witnesses!

Have a great week. I am sure we will bump in to each other in Discord somewhere or another!

Doing my happy dance!

Thank you for your support, @sgt-dan. It means a lot. And I love the post you made about this, too! It rocks!

Beanz just made a post on how to vote for the New witness collaberation.

@rhondak, @sircork and @beanz.... What a great combo! These great minds are going to make things happen on the blockchain. You have my support already.

Amazing. I love this. Props to you guys xxx

Thank you so much!!! :-)

Wow this is really good news for the steem eco system I have heard of the great work they have done individually now imagine all 3 coming together as one ... wow that's really good !!!

We're going to do our best to make good things happen! :-)

I know and trust that you will .... anything I can do to help

Witness combo is a new concept on the blockchain to me but it is going to be a desirable results from the three of you coming together.
Let's hope the “the good guys wins”.

We figure three heads are better than one for taking Steem to the next level. :-)

Hmm, nice idea @rhondak
God help you three achieve your goals. I just followed you, I'm following @sircork already. Would follow the third witness soon for more updates.

Kudos to the three of you @rhondak, @sircork and @beanz. It is a great initiative and committment you all have taken to suport people who provide quality on Steemit. I am amazed at the countless talent on this platform. Inspiring as well to learn about what you have done for others and continue to do. Thank you as well for what you three do together for Steemit community 👍

You are so right--there's huge talent on this platform. Talent and generosity and heart. Thank you so much for your kind words!

You are welcome. I will be checking out The Writers Block too ☺ Stay blessed!

this is really great..the threesome of good mind and heart will make a better seemit...congrats to the three of you

Thank you! We are going to do our best. :-)

This 3 way collab has my vote! A doggy vote also a little bit ;)

Awesome! Thank you! :-)

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She has her eye on you too!

You are making it seem a vote for sircork means an auto vote for you. That is confusing the same interpretation was seen in @sircork post. How is my long standing vote for him an automatic for you or @beanz when i voted for him as an individual?

A vote for the Sircork witness is indeed an autovote for me. If you've already voted for him, then you support my witness as well. We teamed up with the witness at level 65, which was carried there in part by the vote you already gave.

Thx for explaining but i only vote for individuals. Thinking in terms of you three as one entity is confusing me.

Not that i don't plan to vote for you as an individual but itz just a bit ambiguous to me. It is not clicking lol

We are a team now. Voting for my witness means voting for all three of us to make decisions for the witness together, on into the top 20 when we might be presented with chain hard forks to decide upon, as a team for our single shared team witness vote.

Many of the current witnesses are teams. That's nothing new. It's just new that we have become one.

Your votes are yours to assign and withdraw on command as you see fit. There is no "how long" aside from what you control with your vote assignments.

Cool thx for the info =)

I've voted for @rhondak the witness

Thank you! But be sure your vote is for sircork. I'm part of Team Sircork and don't run a witness under my own name.

excellent my gift for you...