How to vote for me as a witness.

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As of yesterday, I became a steem witness on a shared witness account. This is going to confuse a lot of people, especially those who have been voting for a non-existent witness of mine for quite some time now.

Voting for @beanz is not how you vote for my witness. My witness is actually 1/3 of @sircork. Another 1/3 belongs to @rhondak.

Together we make a team of community leaders with integrity and love for the steem community. We are

The Three Headed Beast

@rhondak is an advocate for animal welfare as a founder of a rescue center in Southwest Virginia which she writes about from the @tarc account. On STEEM she is not just a writer but also a community leader and motivator of a large community of aspiring writers on STEEM. If you are looking for a community to practice writing with then The Writers Block is a welcoming communty full of people who are delighted to help. As a blogging network, STEEM has a lot of potential to grow from attracting and nurturing great writers into the community. The more high quality content attracts people to read from the sites running on STEEM, the greater the number of investors who see its potential.

@sircork runs a number of digital media companies one of which is called the SteemStar Network where he promotes steemians building communities through their live-streamed interactive content. He also teaches these content creators to use recording software which improves their production value and continues to assist in the growth of these STEEM communities, not just from within steem, but also on the external platforms such as YouTube where we share the content. @sircork is even more famous for his STEEM charity initiative, where he has a large community of collaborators who use STEEM to bring resources to people who badly need them. When these initiatives gain attention from the communities they positively affect, they show the power of STEEM and attract more people to the platform. Join the YouAreHope community where you can make a real difference in the lives of people less fortunate than you, while simultaneously improving the reputation of the STEEM network.

@beanz is me and if you're reading this you probably already know who I am and what I do. This was really just a summary of what we're known most for in STEEM. Together we actually make up a pretty scary trio, because all three of us are known for speaking our minds on controversial matters and not really holding back when we strongly believe it is important to speak out. My own growing community - Voices of the Underground - is built with this principle running all the way through from the podcast to the conversations between multicultural members. It is a space for people to discuss the matters that matter most, which often lead to heated discussion, yet as a community we remain respectful of those who disagree with our point of view. We value the freedom of speech and expression as an important aspect to reduce sensorship which usually comes in the form of self sensorship on the steem network, when people feel their unpopular opinions will go unrewarded.

So there's some reasons to vote for us

and here are 4 ways you can vote for us

If you think I accidentally put @sircork in twice then go back and spot the difference.

The first option is to "vote for a witness outside the top 50". That witness is @sircork. This method gives you the freedom to use your other 29 votes as you please.


If you have a lot of spare votes and you don't know where to put them, you can choose to trust one of us and who we vote for instead. So the other 3 options are to "choose a proxy that will vote for witnesses for you".
This means you can use all your votes at once, without having to learn about the witnesses first. Although having said that, I encourage you to get to know the witnesses and what they do for the steem community in the meantime.

If you would prefer to proxy until you know your witnesses here is who we vote for

I plan to follow up this post with why I vote for these members of the community, so that you can get to know more about what I stand for and appreciate about witnesses, and therefore you can expect us to reach for the same standards.


Because why not

As a 3 headed witness we need a banner all 3 of us can use, which represents what we do for the steem network. I'll be giving 20 steem to the best banner and 10 steem to a couple of runner ups.


Hmm... very interesting, @beanz. So does this mean that the mining "load," so to speak, is also necessarily split three-ways? Or does it just mean the three of you are working collectively behind physical "node," so to speak (sorry, I'm still trying to learn all the ins and outs of the system). I guess I'm just wondering if "one witness," (i.e., one voted for role) is able to have their purely mining obligation split-up and shared, or if that is all done by one "machine," per se, and responsibilities other than mining are what are delegated amongst the tripartite group.

I've quit and left this witness already and no longer support it.

Aooh... Yes, I actually saw that in a comment right after I posted mine lol. Sorry :/ Nonetheless, my question still stands--unless you didn't even get that far along in the process, that is... Again, do you know if one "single witness" could, in essence, "split up" his or her mining obligation "across" multiple--otherwise separate--CPUs? From what I know about mining, I don't see why they couldn't... there again, I still have a lot to learn; especially about STEEM

Ps. Two things. First: Thank you so much for the humongous upvote on me comment above!! That's... more than I make on most posts hahah :) Two--forgive me if this is getting too personal--but may I ask why things did not "work out" with you being a witness? Was it something related to being a witness in general, or particular to that circumstance? I'd just like to learn about any pitfalls and/ or systemic difficulties that may or may not arise for myself or someone I know in the future, and "witnessing" remains still one of the most mystical and mysterious aspects of steemit for me, and I think probably many people (or, most people actually probably just don't really care, unfortunately.. ;) Anyway, yeah.

It was particular to the circumstance. Having a shared witness doesn't always mean "sharing" the node or the account which gets paid. You have to trust a particular person to hold the key and distribute the payment. What that means is there can be a dynamic shift in power relations within a team or partnership where somebody could simply stop paying you whenever they feel like it.

That dynamic shift can mean every promise before the agreement was made thrown out the window, especially if all you were really needed for was to pull in the initial votes from the announcement of your partnership. It works for some people. I would say beware of who you trust, and trust your gut first.

do you know if one "single witness" could, in essence, "split up" his or her mining obligation "across" multiple--otherwise separate--CPUs? From what I know about mining

I think it's better to remain one witness and if you share the rewards of that witness be open about their lower positions as promoters and what the reasons are they are supported by your witness rewards. Currently the blockchain doesn't distribute witness rewards to multiple accounts. So it has to be powered down to share the block rewards.

Ah... gotcha. Thank you. And I'm sorry to hear that you had a sketchy experience. "Trusting your gut" is... complicated lol . but, something I'm learning to do better all the time. It's true: you don't really have much of an idea who you're talking to on here--which can be good and bad lol. People are so weird!

)Orange and Green 8-Bit Dragon Knight Medieval Invitation.png

Hey DB, any idea what these 3 guys plan todo with the Steem income from the Witness? What % goes to what cause, & how much % wise goes to TWB?

Most of it goes to diebitch relief fund

i can't vote for these kinda scams women! you get way too much ruskie relief already :P

We thought we would Upvote and Resteem this post to all our Followers to show our Support for @beanz - @rhondak - @sircork and the efforts they are putting forth to run for Witness of the Steem Blockchain. We need some more ethical people to support Steem.

It is much appreciated, @adsactly! :-)

Hey there sweetie, I just put in my vote- I think you should add this link to your post to make it easier for people: :)

Hi dreemit. I really appreciated your witness vote but thought I should let you know that I'm not witnessing on that account anymore. Short lived witness experience. Learned a lot. No regrets.

Hey, I was happy to support you. That's totally fine, you do still feel it's a good witness choice right? It was you that I knew of this group, but I trust your judgment :)

Now this is something i can get behind. Ive been busy of late and havent been able to do the interview with @sircork but i love what he is doing and seeing a team band together is encouraging for the future.

What i really love is that picture showing who you are voting for in the witness category. I think all witnesses should be required to do this to see how corrupted the system has become. Witnesses need to be held accountable. Good luck, youve got my vote

Thank you for the support! You can find the data of what witnesses people are voting for and who is voting for them on , steemreports and

Thank you for your vote. Unfortunately I'm no longer a part of this "witness team".

Care to comment or create a post on what has transpired here @beanz? I read the to and fro on the announcement post, but that seems more like a continuation of a private conversation and lacking details about what actually happened from your point of view.

"A pretty scary trio." I love it! Yes, but we vow to use our scaries for good. LOL! :-)

Great post, @beanz. Thank you for making it!

I think its cute that they're splitting up their witness into 3 people but I just have to say, it won't work out longterm most often, maybe they can make it work, but I doubt this will end up working, people should keep separate witness accounts, I don't know this is just messy, we are supposed to be a trustless system, and this just is like ahhh I don't know, MAYBE it would be cool if we had like, steem blockchain allowed for some sort of shared witness account lol, I don't know

I think you should all just get your own witnesses going, so you all have to learn how it works and how to spin up a node, you will all 3 get more out of it

but maybe you can prove me wrong and make some sort of new protocol for sharing a witness node! That would be cool, multi sig witness accounts etc etc

And maybe you could make this work and allow for even more than 3 people sharing one witness!

Maybe you could allow for a MINNOW witness where like 1000 minnows pool a piece of their rewards to pay for the server (very expensive and I don't think people who don't have the financial means have any business being a witness unless they have the money to support themselves and the witness node, or it will hurt steem)

So if you can POOl minnow upvotes, witness votes, stake and money to run the server, a big pool of minnows could become a witness! (And by the way I want to make sure everyone here is on the same page about a Minnow needing 500 SP to even be a minnow, too many plankton out there actin like minnows :D but seriously you have to EARN being a minnow, too many brand new users pout there think they are already minows LOL its really annoying! There is an actual chart)

Anyway I am interested in seeing how you guys work with splitting up a witness, I disagree and believe you should all have your own witness nodes but maybe you can make it work and develop a multi sig witness wallet or something!

Upvoted you are comment and the post by @beanz

There are several successful shared witness accounts. FollowBTCNews is one. Curie is another. Curie is a large group who have all pooled resources. Server requirements are becoming so steep that I have a feeling you will see more and more witness partnerships form just to keep the blockchain running.

There's no way to know if our endeavor will work. Some things you just don't know until you try. The goal is to try and do as much good for the platform as we can. We know the risks. We also know the good that will come from this if we succeed.

I think you should all just get your own witnesses going, so you all have to learn how it works and how to spin up a node, you will all 3 get more out of it

Thank you for your feedback @ackza. We are not really interested in getting triple the witness node. The amount of people now witnessing has become very competitive and many who put themselves forward alone fail to cover the costs of running the node. We believe that witness earnings are large enough that they are better split between the many projects and people who bring value to steem. Some of those in the top 19 use their payment to fund other projects. Our witness is doing the same but it is between the 3 of us. I don't think it is any different. In the meantime Rhonda and I are learning about running the server and what to do if something were to go wrong, and we are also learning how that is prevented.

@nnnarvaez has attempted a community witness in the past. I expect it is very challenging as people need to be able to make decisions as the witness co owner, and the more people involved the more difficult it becomes. However between @sircork @rhondak and I, we 3 share our aspirations for the Steem blockchain and usually agree on what is good for the platform.

Ackza, a very large number of the witnesses are team, project or co-owned witnesses. A long time user such as yourself certainly knew that. Do you have an agenda here to see us differently than followbtc/crimsonclad, or curie, or ocd-witness or any of the other dozen or so team witnesses?

@beanz I have only just discovered you through some of your comments, which stood out for me as being smart as heck. I read several of your points and I could see straight away that you know your stuff, are open to discussion and operate in the ways that I feel are aligned with the way I would like Steemit and my own participation in it to go. So I'm pretty happy to have discovered you. After reading some of the other posts on the current state of Steemit I was feeling a bit despondent. You've restored a lot of my optimism. I'm off to vote you guys as Witnesses. I like your transparency and sense of community. A lot. :-)

Thank you so much for your kind words powerfulwonders. Unfortunately I'm no longer part of this witness. My own vision for steem just isn't aligned with the key holder of the witness account, so it's not for me.

That's a shame and I can still vote for you independently as a witness, so every cloud....

I couldn't be happier than to be able to share this responsibility with women this strong, wise and motivated.

Here's a cheers to the three headed beast!

I am relatively new in the steemit and I do not understand much the dynamics of the witnesses, although I have seen some promotions (I do not know if it is the right word), however, I find interesting a team that works with writings, audiovisuals and forums, I think they must be complement themselves excellently. I will continue studying a little more to know how to give them my support.

@annycor, I totally agree. The combination of skills that the three of us have is one of the things that confirmed for me that joining this team was the right choice. Put together, the combination is formidable. I look forward to the great things we're going to accomplish for the people of Steem. Good times ahead!

This has filled with joy all the people that make life in steemit, we hope that they reach the first 20 so that our voice reaches as high as possible.

This trio is fabulous, I trust they will do a great job, I have been waiting a while for the appointment of @beanz as a witness and until he has taken the big step. and look who chose the right company, count on my sincere support and I wish you the best of success.
I'll be working on a banner for this phenomenal trio!


I did not know about @rhondak and her work. She seems to be a great woman! It's good to know that you as experts are working together to have a better steemit. You can count with my support and I wish you the best!

I'm fairly new to Steemit but have enjoyed a lot of the podcasts that you've put out so happy to vote for you and your 2 colleagues as witnesses. Best of luck and thanks in advance for the good work that you'll do keeping this platform a place where any and all ideas can be discussed

This is wonderful, I am very happy that you have created this group and that you have managed to be a witness. You've been doing a job, I think this step was necessary. So let's design, I hope there are many great banner proposals. Will there be another post with more details of the contest?

It sound very good, you are the perfect trident to get the balance between your projects, now I want to aks you something I can vote the individual ways? I means, If I vote for you it's the same if I vote for @sircork? this is the ways that I understand this post.

Vote for "sircork" and that's it, you get all three of us together.

Ok thanks @sircork

I do like @sircork very much, and think he's a pretty smart guy, so this seems like sonething I can get down with ♡

Thanks @dreamit I was already looking for a one click link straight to the voting page on the post made by @beanz 😂. Well beanz you deserve to be a witness because you have contributed directly and indirectly to my growth so far on Steemit so I wish you all the best and I think I have a some votes to spare although not much. 💪💪💪💪 pirate queen.
Voting here I come......... 😊😀😁😂

My vote is cast, good luck scary trios 😊Screenshot_2018-04-10-05-29-29.png

You only have to vote for @sircork to vote for us. The other 2 are not witness accounts, we share the @sircork witness node.

PS - I've voted for @sircork, cheers :)

😨 😂 I voted for the trios. Well it's all good

If only you understand what witness voting means @eddyson. Since you love them so much, I will suggest you set one of them as a proxy.

They already have my vote since time immemorial. Lol

I am new here to Steemit but I think voting the 3 still counts right? For the proxy, how do I do that?

Just sircork is the witness account, now I get it thanks hmm. Sometimes I skim through rather than read so some useful info might get 🔫 in the process. Thanks I will set the proxy too

I am glad you have finally read @eddyson.

This sounds good. As I guess you are not a witness that is pro paid upvote bots. And you probably like to see all the best for Steemit.

I started to follow you and like to see your next witness related posts.

Personally in thinking about resetting all my witness votes and pick them again. At this moment I basically picked the first 30. I did that quickly after I started with Steemit. But meanwhile I have a lot more knowledge about this subject.

The option to proxy from somebody you trust to know the witnesses they vote for is great for while you are still learning who does what.

Yes I am against bid bots and vote selling. I believe the stakeholders who sell their votes have turned this into another Facebook, but without the network which we failed to achieve. This could have been achieved if the stake holders all realised exactly where the value comes from and how those people need to be rewarded to draw people in, but unfortunately there was never a way to hold those who are selfish accountable for the cost they charge on the people who play by the rules.

There is actually one thing why I did not give my proxy to someone. And that is because there are about 5witnesses that I really would like to vote on. But none of the proxy lists I saw so far, contained all of these witnesses.

I still wonder if there wouldnt be any possibility to come up with a technical solution to prevent the paid upvote bots of being around. For example if we would say that one could only give 1 upvote per 4 minutes, then the upvote bots would have a bit of an issue. But even then they would probably find some kind of solution. And this would have some other negative side effects. anyway I was thinking that those IT coders could come up with some kind of solutions.

In essence I also think that a concept like Steemit should be able to replace Facebook. Having that said I really dont think Steemit will be that concept. There are just to many difficulties for the average Facebook user. And then there are also a lot of threats like the paid bots, spammers, people taking a lot of money from the reward pool, etc.

There is no way to eliminate them and all the suggestions made penalize actual users. Just for example, your time idea, just means the proliferation of sock-puppet accounts to work around time limits with multiple voters. There is no technical way to eliminate them, and not much in the way of cultural ways. Since 1 in 3 users user them according to the data.

The deal here is they touch 17% of the reward pool. That leaves 83% of the money and 70% of the users "doing it right" without bidbots. Plenty of room for everyone, and in the end, much like real world issues, often used an excuse...

Where did you find the 17%?
Earlier I saw a calculation ending at 30%.

Lately I've heard that in the past it wasn't possible to delegate SP. That might work. Or do you also see disadvantages?

Crap now I can't find the book mark I specifically saved because I knew whenever I referenced this, I would be asked to source it. I want to say it was on a massive page of either grumpycat or berniesanders posts last week (probably gcat) and was by either um, markymark, realwolf or abh12345 (a data mining witness) but then I think no, wait, it was on the timcliff dust vote removal post comment threads. Damn, I'll keep digging for the reference, it was pretty reputable, I just can't remember where it was now, I'm going to need it though, more and more probably, so hang on let me see if I can find it.

I remember the data was cited along with this guys reports.

Which as the summary shows, doesn't even support 1 in 3 people using them for the more commonly cited 50-60K daily active users logging in.

This all seems like one of those issues that takes people's focus off doing good on their own and gives them convenient scapegoats, arguments to spend time on and excuses for not building good businesses. While many people continue to do so, despite it all.

I just read this email. And it indeed states that only a very few Steemonians use the bid bots. However the total value of all bought upvotes can be easily calculated. And I did this and come to a percentage of 34% from the total upvote value being sold by bid bots. So I stick to my opinion and think this is a real threat for Steemit.

Delegation of stake was not originally convenient, but I don't think it was ever fully impossible. In the absolutely earliest days of the chain, it still needed cli wallets and arcane and obscure steps that made all the stuff hard to do, and many things weren't obvious to users. Not sure if it was ever simply not possible.

But no, that wouldn't stop it. You can still make deals to loan sp, via contracts and trust, or just load your own accounts up and run bid bots on them directly. It might mitigate some by complexity, but it wont stop it. Just make it look different.

It's impossible to stop users from using the accounts and money to do any of the things, it is only possible to change how easy or well known doing such things is (like not making bot tracker pages for example) but that all depends on the consumers too.

And right now, about a third of consumers and a large number of stake holders support a bid bot industry. Cool for other users? Debatable. Going away? No. Deal with it? Deal we must.

Adapt, improvise and overcome. Also use the enemies weapons against them. Don't like trending? Bot better shit up there. This is the tool, and this is the battleground. Pick up arms, or be shot down.

Such is life on the chain.

Although I don't like them, you are fully right about everything you said.

Thanks for all your replies and the good conversation!

One of the reasons I dropped out of the witness is the kind of talk below. "There is no way to stop them". This isn't true at all, there was alongtimes when selling votes was economically too risky and though there may have been a black market it would have only existed due to the bad distribution model of steem. The witness below insisted that we should support vote buyers because they have all the Steem power. He will do anything to claw his way to the top and at the expense of steemians. He does not believe the future of steem and I have the screenshots to prove that he wants to milk as much as he can out of steem as a witness before moving onto Eos.


As for delegation, it was originally supposed to be launching with another tool that would be used for accountability. This was called negation and cork knows all about it but neglected to mention it. Negation to delegation is like the downvote to the upvote. Vote negation would have been used to nullify the SP on both sides. So if a whale of 500k SP wanted to mute the votes of a whale with 1 million SP (or other way around) the first whale could use all his power to negate the whale and the second whale would be left with 500k SP to vote with. This also has the effect of increasing everybody elses voting power. The whales can remove the negation when they come to an agreement to stop voting or delegating whatever way was abusive.

Thanks again for your comprehensive answer!
To be honest I don't believe Steemit has a chance to become successful. While in essence it should be possible for a concept like this. But right now I have a feeling it could have a bigger chance with a centralized system then with the current system (which some people call decentralized, but to my opinion it's far from that).

I didn't realize that also people like you are quitting Steemit. In terms of impact that could be much worse then a few new users that quit after 40 posts.

And I wonder what happens if all these greedy people go to EOS in 2 months 🤔😜

Down voted, that's a bit sad 😥

Are these accounts from Bernie downvoting? Or is it Sircork? Or someone else?

Hi crypto-economist. I really appreciated your comment and regret that I won't be giving any further witness updates as I dropped out of this witness team.

Thanks for letting me know.

Is also a reminder that I still need to come up with a plan for my witness votes.

I don't hope you are going to quit Steemit fully?

Just 2 weeks witnessing has taught me a lot and made me lose hope for this network. There are a lot of good witnesses trying to bring the good back to steem, but they're doing it out of their own pockets, and the ones who are taking advantage of people and taking the users for granted are ruthlessly clawing their way to the top, many of whom have long been at the top. There's less than 2 months before eos launches and I'm considering doing a detox until then. I'm very excited to see something new and help build something more community orientated for the good people who are powerless in this greed oriented system.

Steem was very good to me and I appreciate what I learned from it. But competition is thankfully coming.

Will EOS create and/or become a steem competitor?

I'm really doubting to remember something. I think I've heard that the owner of EOS also started another blockchain? Perhaps it's even Steem?

Are you really going to sell all your Steem? You have the full right to do so. And I would even suggest. But it sounds a bit weird for me. I mean when I look at my account balance it's basically nothing. But yours is a different story. So I could imagine a lot of things, but I thought perhaps I can just ask you.

The creator of EOS is Dan Larimer, he invented the Bitshares chain, the steem chain and EOS.

He has stated, the EOS company producing the chain code initially will not launch a social network, and simultaneously in what seems somewhat contradictory to that, has also endorsed me directly, with an upvote on comments suggesting he might. A chinese company named ONO will be launching the first expected viable english/chinese social network application on the EOS block chain operating system and platform. Anything else is rumor and subject to change.

good leave you downvoting cunt

Now this is a trio you don't wanna mess with. Already voted @sircork for witness, I should include the remaining two to form a formidable trident.

Wishing you all the best and strength to help the Steem Blockchain succeed.

Very promising alliance..
Many people were waiting for a way to vote for @beanz as a witness. To my big dissappointment, I can't vote for you.. because @circork is already in my list lol
Unless I unvote him and then vote for the 3 of you :D sounds like a smart plan lol

This is awesome @beanz, thanks for pointing me to The Writers Block (by @rhondak - thank you @rhondak) - been wondering if there was a way around this. And glad to read from you again @beanz the second time through @sircork's resteem who already has my votes - @sircork is very brilliant ☺ and so as you two powerful ladies - you all have my votes - I stand for integrity too

This is really a great threesome...the three powerful, great and lovable mind/heart are in team...what a lovely community will it them as witness by voting @sircork

You have my vote madame. This 3way collab can not go wrong!

I would call it the perfect trilogy, it is made up of these three great leaders @beanz, @sircork, @rhondak. I wish you every success in this new phase.

Next I leave you with the banner created from each one of you, hoping that it will be to your liking...

Thank you so much, @ojmg. Great-looking banner! :-)

me encanta este tipo de noticias, esta alianza es muy prometedora.
aquí les dejo mi participación y si bien tienen alguna sugerencia para cambiar o re-diseñar, estoy a la orden, recuerde que soy parte de su tripulación.


thank you friend I like that you like it, remember that I can change the pictures and put more effects ...

You guys have our vote!

Please help support steemit in Ghana by voting @yensesa as one of ypur witnesses

You can find out more on our profile ore via the #accra or #yensesa tags!

Congratulations on this new stage @beanz, @sircork and @rhondak. I am sure you will do very well in this project and more than one will support this initiative for a better future for all. Greetings and successes to all.

I'm not an expert banner designer but this is my contribution to your project. I hope it's to your liking.

Hello my dear friend @beanz, I realized a little late that you are now Witness, I had problems with the internet, I am very happy because I know that you are a person that supports the communities, I congratulate for such a special decision, I know that with the support of @sircork and @rhondak they will do a great job, I take the opportunity to share my banner that prepares for you as Witness, I am not a banner specialist but I did it with a lot of love and effort, I hope that like.

banner luiyani.gif

I have many faiths in this alliance, no doubt 3 people who will give a great job, that is why I want to make this gift, I hope you like it. you can see it following this link

Loved it! Thank you!

Here are the banners for you witnesses live long and a steemit rich 😎
Voted you as my witness


Hahaha ummm, hrm.... :)

We Resteemed and Upvoted this Post to show our support for @beanz - @rhondak and @sircork as a Tri-Witness Perhaps we will see some real change with these members in power.

Thank you very, very much!

Congratulations for being part of this great team that from now on you will be with great people and human beings. I'm very happy that you are on another level. My respects. Best regards.!!
I leave my participation with my banner, I hope you like it.

I love this 3 beasts concept.


It's growing on me ;)

As a 3 headed witness we need a banner all 3 of us can use, which represents what we do for the steem network. I'll be giving 20 steem to the best banner and 10 steem to a couple of runner ups.

Well, for a very brief instant I thought in participate seriously on this contest banner thing of yours. And then tear off from your cute hands those yummy 20 steems designing to you three a killer banner showing you like the fearsome community protectors & the ferocious warriors that you all are....

But then......

All of the sudden I really could see through your true sweet and good-hearted little hearts. And I had to ask myself and question: "No matter what, I'm gonna design em their Genuine Cerberus Essence without lies!!

Lol. Well I see myself as more of a tiger than a dog but thanks for the honest entry

Well, @sircork actually already was one of the very first of the even scarcer candidates that I've voted long time ago within my list of a carefully selected handful of witnesses.

So, by now, I had no choice but just try to make you laugh a little with my pinky antics. }:)

You have a mosquito in your eye...

Y es de las verdes!! Así que si parpadeas pierdes. }:)

SirCork is a great man, selfless and also has the best interest of the Steemit Community.
Your trio is awesome.💪
.I'd submit my banner soon.

Awwww wow. Thank you!

You are welcome SirCork.

Congratulations, @beanz, for your candidacy as witness :) I'm only just beginning to know you, but feel your heart is in the right place, the way you stand up for human rights and dignity. Sir Cork I know better and think very highly of! I wish you every success, as witness, in elevating Steemit's standards.

And, since you've been encouraging in the past, I thought you might enjoy this post, honoring an Egyptian movie icon, who represented a more cosmopolitan and inclusive time in my part of the world (and, perhaps, the world at large):

All the best, Yahia

She has a real tough heart, and a tougher backbone, @Yahialababidi :) Thank you for the kind appraisal! It's quite mutual!

Good to know, my friend. If she has your endorsement, she has mine :) Wishing you continued success with your noble work @sircork!

This information is especially valuable to those of us who have many concerns about steemit content and how it will improve the quality of what we are presenting on the platform. It also allows us to see more clearly where we are going, what the real objectives should be and how we can influence our community, both in terms of the platform and from our particularity.
Sorry if the translation is not the best one

Made sense to me!

I'm only familiar with @beanz works but I'm confident the trio will keep doing the good work. Always here to support.

Gosh. Egbon. Ṣe o ka ọ ni gbogbo?

Why your yoruba complex like this. I can't read it😁

Lol. I wanted you to read the post very well.

Its mean I have to do Witness vote to @sircork but I have already given 3 witness votes would you like to tell what I have to do please @beanz

You can have 30 votes, so if you have only cast 3 votes, you still have 27 left. Simply choose one of the ways shown in the post to select "sircork" and all will be well for the team vote for beanz, rhondak and myself, together.

I have done bro

Thank you! That is wonderful. :-)

All right

I am very happy about this step, those of us who live in steemit know about the good initiatives they have had, and the best that will come. successes!

Thanks you @beanz. I Will Support.

Thank you for clarifying the procedure for us. Very helpful.

Go Beanz crew!

Sweety art, i lake

Greet post miss @beanz
I like

Ho Ho Ho! @beanz, one of your Steem friend wished you a Merry Christmas and asked me to give you a new badge!

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I really support your post very good and useful for others

Nice post @beanz

This nice,hope to be intouch

Hello, I have been following your account, I did not know the other two accounts that you have presented us, but I think it will be interesting to see the dynamics that this scary trio will develop, and if possible be part of it, greetings, you have my support.

Thank you very much for this information, I am new to the platform and there are many things that one does not yet know. Thank you very much for everything.

Just cast my votes for the Trios! Cheers! 😊🥂

I've dropped out of this witness. Thought you should know.

@beanz @rhondak @sircork
yes, yes and yes

Yes's for all of you, Just say no to no's, lol
about time more females "came to town" , bout down time
<3 b.a.

What I meant by that was actually I'm not part of that "team" anymore. Gotta fly solo to be real.

ahh, foot in my mouth ...I hear ya, well ya still have my vote for sure

Cool, voting for you, another Irish badass ;)

Hey, I'm not a part of this witness anymore. Hopefully meet you at steem Dublin some time.

What happened?

A commendable step in the right direction afteral. I guess I need to find out about @rhondak as i [email protected] and you already. ANd maybe it's right time I cast the vote already. I love the bluntness of @sircock and I've seen a little of you too.

you are incredible @beanz, success continues 😎

Congratulations @beanz! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 3 years!

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking

Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Also, I've been promoting witnesses at the bottom of my posts for a long while, I'm adding yours to the mix starting now-

I'm so glad you decided to do this @beanz, I can't think of anyone better suited for the task ;)

She definitely is the perfect witness through SirCork.
Rhondak is an amazing woman too.

great information.....and you help me about witness.....thanks for sharing....i hope you gift all information about steemit....very helpful for us beginners.....
and now i want to resteem....
hopefully my other friends also get the information..
Thanks a lot Ms @beanz

Congratulations for this great trio of excellent people, I am very happy to know that you will be one, if you do extraordinary things apart, I can not imagine that you will be together (Super megagalactic). I wish you many successes and blessings for you all. Hello my beautiful queen @beanz, a little late, but I did not want to stay without participating. Here I share my humble participation in the contest. I hope you can see it and be your liking. Kisses.

Just found out about this! I think I will need to fix my witness votes.

As ive said on @rhondak @sircork how does a long standing singular/ individual vote for @sircork count as one for the team OUTSIDE of proxy?

Hi! Until you take it away manually, it stays voted.

Thx =)

Wow this is awesome, I just found out that you open the voice of witness after I saw the posting @ahmedyusuf last.

I'm very happy with this new achievement. Congratulations @beanz, @rhondak and @sircork. Success in abundance for you. Here's my participation in your contest. I hope you like it.

Hello beautiful @beanz I invite you to enjoy my participation, I hope you like it.

hello @beanz this is my participation with respect to your initiative, I hope it is to your liking.

Hello my dear friend, I am very proud of this great team that they have formed, the truth is that since I knew that queen @beanz was Witness my emotion was enormous, I know you are a person who has always supported everyone in the platform and I do not have the slightest doubt that it will continue to be so and now together with two great people like @ sircork and @rhondak, they will be a wonderful trio, they can always count on our support to make the most out of their work, congratulations for this great work that is just beginning.

Here I leave my participation for the banner as Witness, I am not an expert in banner but I did my best, I hope you like it. Regards…


Hace Pocos Días me entere Que la reina @beanz sí Unió con @sircork y @rhondak , los Cuales se convirtieron en testigos es factible de Testigos Bajo el nombre de @sircork , yo no sabia una Que se dedicaban Estas personajes en la plataforma y por medio de la hermosa reina pirata @beanz me entere y me parece increíble el trabajo que hacen.
algo muy bueno.gif

Hello! I'm really excited about this new partnership, I wish you a lot of success @beanz, @sircork and @rhondak. I hope Steemit will continue to grow enormously. This is my participation, I hope you like it.

I hope your successes continue, and support for new and not so new users so that this social network continues to grow



I tried to put your strenghts in one picture: writing, blogging and video. And I tryied to picture it as a torpedo in the water.

Hello my Friends

I would like to show you my banner for you. please follow this link.

Banner Steemit - Beanz.gif

Hello friends, although a little late, here I leave my participation, I hope you like it:

Hello @beanz, @Sircork, @Rhondak, congratulation for your union.

Here is my Banner for you, I hope you like it

Banner Ofir Final.gif

So good to see you, @rhondak and @sircork coming together to work as a team. @sircork is someone i respect so much because of his love for the community. You have my support, voted @sircork already as my witness. @beanz keep up the good work you are doing on the blockchain. I wish you all the best