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@Resteemable and Developers, and Community are happy to announce that we will be throwing our hat into the ring as one of your Steem Blockchain Witnesses.

Part of our commitment to our community is to help support the Steem network every way that we can, which means providing a powerful dedicated witness server.

Dedicated Witness Server
Processor: Xeon E3 (4 C/8Thread)
Memory: 32 GB DDR4 RAM
Storage:2x500GB Raid 1 SSD
Network: 1Gbps

We hope that community members will vote for their witness as the @Resteemable Witness funds will go to support authors/curators. We're a value added community meaning we want to take what is given and build it into the most value that we can for the people that support us and use our services.

This means removing the donation system and replacing it with a profitable system!
(coming soon)

This means making an opportunity to delegate to resteemable projects AND receive daily or weekly returns.
(coming soon)

This means making a profile/settings page that anyone on steemit can use!
(coming soon)

This means reworking our systems into a highly functional, integrated service
(coming soon)

This also means thanking each & every one of you who have donated or used this service.

Please continue to support @resteemable and
Please click this link to vote for us as witness:


What is Resteemit?

Currently, is an application created by @gktown that provides free/by-donation upvotes for any number of authors per day. We rank our submissions and post the top content. In the coming update, donations will trigger an upvote from @spotlight. Resteemable shares an 80% vote with 100 - 175 people every 2.4 Hours. Spotlight will share a 100% upvote every 2.4 hours to the people who donate 0.5 SBD. Alternatively, users will be able to use the standard memo system to invoke a spotlight vote.

What Does Resteemable Use Donations For?

Resteemable collects donations with the sole intent to make value for the / @resteemable community. Donations power the communities witness server. Donations are used to rent small amounts of steem for long periods of time. Donations go to developers to make major contributions and pay for powerful servers to validate transactions on the Steem blockchain. And as previously mentioned, donations will soon return much more value versus our free service.

How can I use Resteemit for Free?
  1. Post an article on
  2. Navigate to the address bar at the top of your browser
  3. Erase https://
  4. Type re
  5. Hit enter -- When it reaches Steemconnect, navigate back to
  6. Your post will immediately be resteemed on @resteemable and upvoted within 2 hours by our curation trail.
After the Update, How would I Invest with @Resteemable?

In the future we will offer incentives for users to delegate steem to Resteemable/Spotlight. Resteemable organizes and ranks content based on our algorithms and post them when we have 100 or more submissions. In return for delegation we will set up a reward system similar to DMania where delegators will be selected to gain post rewards from Resteemables featured content.


I use your services, and have joined your discord chat. I also voted for you, good luck and thanks for the service you provide.

Security considerations for user accounts should be a 100% priority for witnesses.

Yet you ask for PRIVATE posting keys as part of your service here:

That is completely unnecessary when you can have users add your posting key to their account allowing you revocable access without changing all of their keys. If you don't know how there are plenty of devs here to ask for help.

IMO witnesses should not be asking for any private keys or encouraging users to give them out. Posting keys, as recent phishing attacks have proved, can jeopardize the security of the community and its users.

Hello, <--mac bot downvoted my post. I think It's because my post had spam link, so I edited my post. Please check my post and retract downvote. Thanks

Resteemable is a great project, with a great developer. I'm proud to vote for you as witness and look forward to the future updates.

Thanks very much @ajaxalot! Glad to have you in the community.

we are waiting for your new post. we hope you are continue.........

such nice post but update the new post soon

great to read about all of this

Thank you very much..

Ok sir i give you my withness vote to you your service is realy good

Great service, used it many times and also voted as witness right now! 😉

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