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RE: Block-Buster Witness Is Up and Running Again!

in #witness-category2 years ago

Back when my son competed in karate tournaments, the 5 judges in the kata events would discard the highest and lowest scores, and the contestant's final score would be the average of the remaining three. This eliminated the disproportionate influence of any outlier votes, whether on the up-side or down-side.

I'd like to see both upvotes and downvotes on Steem get tempered in a similar fashion. I think the possible loss of influence from being an outlier would incentive people to vote to reflect actual post value more accurately. I wrote about one possible strategy for accomplishing that here.

I'd vote for your witness, but the steempeak witness list says it's stale and still running version 0.20.6. I'll check back again in a few days.


@remlaps Thanks for your consideration. It only showed Stale on SteemPeak because we had yet to witness a block. We witnessed a block last night so it is now updated. Thank you for your support!

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