Block-Buster Witness Is Up and Running Again!

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The necessity is unfortunate but we here at Block-Buster would like to make clear that we are not a new witness, nor has our account been bought out. We have a nearly three-year history here on Steemit with our highest witness position at one point climbing up into the low 60s. It’s been a while since our last post, regrettably our witness was operating at a time where it was simply too much to keep up on our server costs. Now however our witness is coming back stronger than ever to support the Steem blockchain.


We’ve remained silent during the recent debacle in order to take our time observing, learning, and forming our own opinions about the situation. From this carefully thought out standpoint we would like to make a couple of points.

We at Block-Buster stand with the Steem community. Community is fluid. It is an ever changing ever evolving entity and needs witnesses who understand and are willing to be honorably flexible in order to accommodate change for the betterment of the blockchain.

Community always comes first.
Block-Buster witness is not selling out for profit and will never do so. We will continue to evolve with the community as needed while maintaining our foundation of our principles.

We are not taking sides in a grudge match. We recognize legal ownership of Steemit Inc. by Justin Sun, we respect the sanctity of property and we will not condone any actions or codes that freeze, burn, or otherwise impede upon the stake of anyone within the Steem community.

Block-Buster does not encourage or condone any racial discrimination.


We are not opposed to the removal of downvotes, but we would rather see a limit implemented. We believe that everyone's stake is entitled to a percentage of their inflation. We would like to see a system where it isn't possible for one user, no matter the stake, to eliminate all rewards for a single post. We understand the need for the community to discourage bad behavior via downvote usage, however some users have been utilizing this function in an abusive manner that discourages quality content creation and engagement from smaller accounts.

We are supportive of a shorter power down period of no less than seven days. Anything under seven days run too great a risk of reward pool abuse.

Once again, we will never vote for freezing, limiting, or burning an individual’s stake.

We hope to build and support engagement by creating a support system for all users, giving support to those who need it most, i.e. new users and minnows.

We will maintain transparency with the community by providing regular witness updates highlighting data and our personal views.

We are prepared for backup/full node if voted into consensus.



We do not believe that Steem/Steemit is dead. We have full faith that this blockchain has a future and we will do everything in our power to see it to fruition. We understand and offer our full support to those choosing to relocate to another chain, the greatest beauty of the blockchain is having the choice to do so. We have spent years pouring ourselves into Steemit, investing currency, time, energy, and heart. We are making the choice to follow these investments through and we wish all members of the community, past and present, the very best.



If you support our initiative please vote @Block-Buster for witness!

Running Version 0.22.5
Current witness specs:
500G SSD
4 cores


Good luck and I would have voted for this, except removing downvotes is a deal breaker for me.

So, I wish you well, but can't vote for you.

Agree with your vision. Good to have you on our side.

Glad to be back!!

Good job! heading on over to vote now. Good team here peeps!

Thanks for the support!!!

HIVE Could Face a Massive Class Action Lawsuit for Intellectual Property Theft


A group of rogue members of the Steem blockchain community have unilaterally copied the intellectual property of millions of content creators without even the slightest decency to even attempt to seek their consent...

I published my intellectual property onto the Steem blockchain. That was my choice, and I was fully aware that it would remain on the Steem blockchain, where it would be protected. HIVE copied my intellectual property for financial gain, which is illegal.

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