Automated footer banner bot for SteemUSA community

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I have previously created a Discord Banner Bot that generates custom member footer for @teamaustralia, @teamnz and @steemph. Last week, I've updated the instance of my bot to also generate member footer images for @steemusa.

For SteemUSA, the bot does not respond on Discord, it simply monitor @steemusa account and await for a new follow event and will send the customised banner to the newly followed user by posting it in a comment on his/her latest post.

Here is a screenshot of a comment made by my bot @steemulant on most recent posts of the latest #steemusa member.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 5.27.58 pm.jpg

Thank you @bearone for her contribution to the design of the footer for all these communities.

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  • The image at the top has been generated with the Canva app using my own photo.

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