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I've seen this post coming since months, although I of course didn't know how final it'll finally turn out to be.
I'm still a bit unsure, but it's been a few days since my main decision fell, and it's about time to inform all of you guys of my current outlook on the future.

About a day before the chain froze I dropped out of the top 20 witnesses. I took a break from chats and the communities to take care of my personal life. Not without making sure that my tools and services stay up, and every couple of days I made sure there's no important inquiry. But I was prepared that that won't be enough to keep the required big voters support forever.

Now the freeze was of course absolutely unexpected. I was able to bring the witness node back up after a day of resync, but the public cluster would require considerably more time to bring back up stable, and I don't feel much pressure to do so right now.

As all my other services use this node, they're obviously down too.

I'll set up a script to reimburse the unprocessed steemdice bets soon (TM), due to the legal insecurities it brought with it I'm actually quite happy to get rid of it. I'll sell the domain if anyone thinks there's a way to make it profitable...
Steeminvite may eventually come back up, certainly faster if someone else wants to take over.
I'm still in the PEvO discord, and if it actually gets a small community working on it I'm happy to get involved with them.
My voting bot is gone, not sure yet what I'll do with my SP in the future, but asking for delegations will still be futile.

Personally, I more and more come to think that's the only right way for me right now. I've been working with systems and code since more than 20 years, 8 of those in a day job I never wanted to have. That pretty much took the fun out of it for me. Crypto brought new motivations into play, but in the end the work wasn't that much different.
I embrace the possibility I have to change my way of life, and get back to traveling. I have always been somewhat of a gypsy, moving from one place to another every 3-5 years. For this move I decided to get out as much as possible - and explore Europe in a van. If you're interested to keep in touch, I set up the Steepshot blog @jukatravels - don't expect me to suddenly become a blogger who shares all his life though 😉

There will not be a list of people I thank. You all know who you are and what you do, and I'd be so glad to meet lots of you in person on my trip (@steem.camp anyone?) .
See you in discord, or for a beer!

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I'm very sorry to read this. You have been my favorite witness. Bye @pharesim, have a good time. Thank you for all your upvotes.

Thanks @pharesim for all you did and your support for @SteemFest. I wish you great travels and a great summer ahead. Unfortunately I can't make it to Steem.camp, as we have in that week a trip pre-booked with the fam to an island in the north, but it seems like a GREAT event!

I hope you manage to get the van up to next SteemFest in november. Announced very soon (tm too) now.

thanks man, danke, schoene gruesse an die Juka!


and btw congrats with your drivers license :) :)

You're a very good guy and I hope you have a great time traveling. You deserve the break. For your votes, while you are out, might I suggest following @steemstem or @curie or using votes to support great content in another promising community? None of them would ask for any compensation or do any self-voting, plus you could keep the curation rewards. Feel free to contact me if you need other suggestions. Best wishes.


@donkeypong I agree with your suggestion for following @smartsteem or @curie both always doing a great work. I'm also a singular curator supporting the portuguese comunity.

Very sad to hear that. There is a lot that I could say, but the only thing, that I will say is THANK YOU A LOT for your steady support in the past. Without you a lot of projects would not exist (even my own project @steembay got the biggest support from you, and possibly wouldn't exist without your regular vote).

I will be at steem.camp , perhaps we can share a beer and one or two thoughts there.

Best of luck on your future ways (Seen your VAN, there will be many of them available)

I often smiled when I saw your name and, if it was on a post of mine, thanked you, inwardly. 🙏🏼

You’re doing the right thing to buy your freedom back. Hope your travels bring you joy and inspiration. If so, hope you might share them :)

✨ Many blessings 💫


I've been happy to give you my witness vote and am now happy to see you choosing to do what you feel will bring you the greatest satisfaction in life. You've given a lot, and it is important for givers to also get good at prioritizing their own happiness.

I've recently "retired" myself, though from a completely different "job," and can totally understand the appeal of some years traveling. (Commitments to others are delaying that a bit for me.) Travel has a way of making it easier for us to discover new aspects of who we could be, if only because nothing is where we expect it to be and those we meet aren't all projecting the same well-worn patterns onto us.

If you've spent a lot of your life using talents you're good at using without feeling the joy of it, then what a wonderful phase to enter in which your only responsibility is to discover who you wish to be and become him. Bon voyage.

I've always loved your reassuring, kind presence here, even when I haven't always spoken to you to tell you so — since it's been a while, here it is in the chain.

I hope you have the most amazing time traveling; maybe we'll run into each other someday. <3

It's been a pleasure knowing and talking to you over the last 2+ years, even if it's been sparse. Happy travels man.

Thank you pharesim for your work here. I wish you all the best with your traveling and enjoying life. Life is too short for spending it on things you don't really enjoy.

Safe travels and have fun! :D

Running a bunch of services regardless of the platform is no easy task, especially if you've been going it alone.

As to your uncertainty regarding what to do with the SP, I'm sure many others will have suggestions and so I'll go with it's your stake, do what you want and whatever makes you happy.

But for funsies I'd likely go winfrey/drphil bot running on a freebie host of choice, hahaha.

Thanks for all the support unasked for, you'll always be a legend in my book.

Enjoy the travels, stay safe and may the road treat you well.

Congratulations @pharesim

Believe it or not I freaking mean it... many people get so caught up chasing wealth they actually find it and become really poor. I think what you are doing is precisely what a rational man should do in your position.

You only get one run at this, better make the best of it! Wherever the road may lead... I wish you collect the best memories.

Thanks for all that you've done @pharesim. So much of the technical aspect of this is over my head as much as I've tried to understand it. I really considered a deep dive in to attempting to witness and a friend [...whom I deeply respect], told me to stick with what I know. I've continued to post photography and travel and I think you'll find a lot of happiness in pursuing that. It sounds like it's where your heart is. I appreciate you being an early pillar here on Steemit. Be happy, my friend. Following your travel account.

You will be missed, you are one of the good ones but, I wish you well on all your travels and will keep an eye on your adventures. Drop in from time to time to say hi.

Among all the Steemian whales, one name pops out with distinction: @pharesim. When I started my journey on Steemit I didn't know much, but I saw your name everywhere, on the chat and in a lot of upvotes. Later I understood the amazing curation job you've been doing for minnows. I was a minnow myself and I'm extremely grateful for your support. I also thank you for your witness vote and I hope to live up to your expectations.

It's always sad to see good people leave or retire, but I guess we all have our lives to live. Good luck on your journey and have fun. Hope you'll be back one day steeming with us. Cya on the moon 🚀


@drakos I will miss @pharesim support in my posts. I change the witness vote for you.

Not sure if community realizes the value and impact of individuals such as yourself.

Thank you for bringing me to Steem and hey, you know where to find me. Beer is great here :)

Safe travels and just enjoy your life!

Thanks for everything, happy trails!

That van life has been calling me for many years.

Good luck to you.

I don't know you very well, but you were one of the few who responded when I first needed help getting full nodes online. Go where your heart is.


@themarkymark I change some witness votes and I give one to you. As a portuguese curator I learned so much with @pharesim work supporting minnows.


Thanks. :)


I have to say @pharesim your support of minnows and myself (personally) early on can't be overstated. You could have signal handily kept SteemIt afloat with your support. You will be sorely missed :(

I do wish you the best on future endeavours and def. stop back in to say hi!

@Sadkitten need to grow some teeths.

Wow, I never thought you would be one to step away. You have always been an awesome human on so many levels in chat and on the chain. It has been an honor to get to know the little about you over the last 9 months and hope to see you return soon with a new breath of hope for the chain.
Stay safe, have fun and take the dogs traveling. I fully understand the 3-5 year thing as our family does it just as often, Europe is our next destination as well. Who knows what the future holds but you will be fine as you have always been an upfront honest guy, much respect.

Thank you for impacting my minnow year! Best of luck and happiness in all that you do!


love u bro all the best

I think you got one of my earliest witness-votes, so I'm sorry to see you go there. That being said: enjoy the life on the road, have fun, it's going to be worth it bigtime! :)

We’re sorry to see you go.

Shortly after starting out here, we seemed to be getting quite some votes from ‘this pharesim character’ always seconds after @whatsup upvoted one of our posts.

Over time we came to understand you had a sort of votetrail going on, autovoting on content others voted on. That surely helpt any minnow out. It’s unprecedented what you did and we’re sorry to see such a household name go.

On the other hand we applaud your courage in following the path of your hearts desire and can only wish you all the best in your future endevours. Don’t be a stranger.


Give thousand chances to your enemy
To become your friend.
But never give a single chance to your Friend
To become your enemy.

Take care! I don't think we've interacted but I love what you've done for the platform. Also, used steem invite quite a bit! I actually would be interested in helping prop that up, though I'm not really sure how ;). Perhaps I'll contact you about it.


I'm sorry to hear this. You were one of the first users to consistently reward my content on Steemit, and it was always really encouraging to see a tangible expression of the value I was brining to the platform with my content and ideas. I've greatly enjoyed the conversations we've had over the last two years. I wish you would stay and remain engaged, but I respect your decision to know yourself and do what's right for you. I hope you use your Steem Power for good or at least don't dump it on the market. :)

Please know that I'm always interested in conversations about anarchy or anything else.

You have always beign a pillar of support to steemians, new or old and that alone is something to be proud of. The future is bright for us all not minding whatever situations we find ourselves in. I wish you well on your adventures sir @pharesim

what? that sucks a lot!
that's really sad to read this

thanks a lot for everything you've done around here
I don't really know what to write - just wish you a safe and fun travel life

I guess the nomad mode is on
if you and Juka happen to get lost on this side of the earth where almost everything is paid on btc - coffee and chocs are on me

looking forward for the travel blogs
am still not removing that vote
who knows you might as well miss being a witness :P

You are doing great on Steem @pharesim and always supporting the users. I wish you the best!


I will always remember you old friend, you gave me a hand up when I needed it most and will never forget the support you gave me. Your post leaves me feeling sad but at the same time I’m happy you get to start over and explore life. I wish you God speed and most of all happiness.

It has been great to have you around and iam personally more than just a bit sad to see you go, but on the other hand side i can understand your view and the motivation.
If you ever come close on your travels i would be more than happy to have one or many beers with you ;)
Farewell! and i wish you the best of travels ever!

...get out as much as possible - and explore Europe in a van

Do this! You will not regret this. Have fun on your way and thanks for being you!

@pharesim - thank you for being a good human being. Enjoy your travels thru life.

Thank you for all your help dear friend, I wish you the best will be successful wherever you go blessings always a big hug.

Thank you for all of your service, contributions, and support for the community. While it is sad and unfortunate that you dropped out of top witnesses, traveling sound much more fun. I am sure you would climb back up if you wanted to over time. Looks like this change was something you have been waiting for and needed. I wish you to have wonderful experiences during your travels and I am looking forward to following your not so blogger travel blog. Glad you still will be around. Thanks for everything.

Your 0.02% upvotes following minnowsupport meant a lot to me when my rewards were still low. Thanks a lot!

I am sure you won't regret your decision to leave everything behind and start travelling - I have never been happier than when I started travelling and although I now study computer science in Germany, I can't see myself spending my life in an office anymore when there is the whole world to explore!

If you would like some inspiration for your travels, check out #travelfeed / @travelfeed (our Europe Round-Up just went live!) and in case that one day you do want to "suddenly become a blogger", we would also love to see your travel blogs (min. 250 words) in #travelfeed!

Wünsche alles erdenklich gute und eine tolle Reise! Freue mich auf die Fotos :)

Oh no...you're one of my favorite witnesses!

Those votes you gave me on my early days always brought cheers to me. To date, they still bring me cheers. I thank you much 💓

Hope you will be happier and more relax. Safe travels and happy traveling 😊

Thanks for guiding us to toddler status, we will be here when you come back.

Thank you for supporting and upvoting my posts it really meant a lot to me. I totally get wanting to do something new, getting out of a rut, living life differently - at least trying. Enjoy your travels and I hope you gain renewed energy. - Antimetica

First i want to say thanks, you have been our mentor your support projects were very helpful, and you re back,

A question about the steemdice.com is it going to back too?

everyone needs a break.happy traveling and hope you find peace.

never even meet you or knew who you were but you or your bot i dont really know upvoted so much of my post im forever grateful, thank you for all that you did for the community!

Is this some sort of goodbye sir @pharesim or you just wanted to unwind and enjoy yourself with the things you are going to love doing? If it's all about doing things that make you happy, there's nothing wrong with it. In fact, it is much better to focus on those things.

Good luck on your adventure. Since you mentioned about your SP, there are communities in the platform that can utilize it for the greater gain.

Sorry to see you go! Thanks so much for all of the support you have given all of us, it has truly uplifted those of us who strive to provide good content which is valuable to those within the Steemit community! Being noticed as a minnow is rare, thank you! Be well, safe travels!

buenas noches ,ando haciendo amistades,soy de venezuela y necesito una apoyo y aporte en steemit,ya que veo esto una manera de generar ingresos para sobrevivir con mi flia de la gran crisis de mi pais que agudiza cada dia,espero su visita y contar con su aporte,lo sigo

You've earned your top 20 spot the entire time you've been here, and you've inspired others to follow your example of providing services for others. The interactions I've had with you, though not many, were always informative and supportive. You'll be missed.

I wish you the best of luck on your road trip and hope you enjoy it fully!

Sorry to see you go, but also knowing that change is something you just need sometimes i hope you happy travels! It is nice to see you and juka on a road:)

Thankyou for everything you've done for Steem and your generous votes for minnows all over the chain. I hope travelling makes you happy, and I'll be watching @jukatravels :)

You know, in life you always need to rest from the ordinary, something familiar. It is always necessary to introduce something new or distracted, otherwise life turns into boring and monotonous. Have a nice rest and have fun!😉

It is always nice to travel in a van! Enjoy your trip! I will follow @jukatravels in case you do become a blogger who shares all your life!

I think you'll be back; just not overdoing yourself like you once were.

I wish you luck! I hope you enjoy your travels and live fully every moment. You were very helpful and that is appreciated. Hopefully we will hear from you one day.

Wish you luck Pharesim :)

Good luck! And thanks for all your help. I still remember when I started out last year, your votes had motivated me to keep going. Wish you all the best and hopefully will still see you around here sometimes

We’ll all be sorry to see you go mate. You were one of the first whales that I came across after joining Steemit and I think you were actually the first witness vote that I cast after Ausbitbank.

Enjoy your travels! I totally understand your desire for something new and exciting. I’m a nomad at heart as well. And I would definitely leave Steemit if it stopped being fun. You really have to enjoy what you do.

Been thinking about something meaningful to add, but really the only thing that comes to mind is "Good for you for knowing who you are and what matters in your life. And choosing accordingly."

A lot of people become slaves to the systems they help build... and life becomes a joyless hamster wheel of obligations (say that from a "been there, done that" perspective), and then it's time to quit.

Safe travels.

Thanks for this great post, just our luck that I'm kinda a tech savvy, promise that when I rise to the top I will definitely pursue that position, but for now I have a lot to learn. Thanks a lot.

Adios for now amigo, best of luck in Ur travels! Do whatcha gotta do & have a blast doin it 😎

Alles Gute für Deine Zukunft!

Hey @pharesim- that is sad for the community as you have been one of the good whales that listened and helped a lot when people had questions / issues. But all your points are understandable - travel a bit and come back then!

Thank you for all you have done for the site, the blockchain, a ton of minnows, me personally and especially the educational community.

You are a class act and will be missed (hopefully temporarily).

I sent you a more personal message on discord (I wanted you to know that was really me).

wow congrats in my opinion! you're going to grow and take on many wonderful journeys in the best days of your life ahead!

i look forward to checking out what you'll be doing especially in your gypsy style lifestyle sharing!

Sometimes you just have to take a jump and turn your whole life around!
I have seen you here from my start 2 years ago!
I hope you will enjoy traveling to world in your van and secretly I do hope that you will turn into a super blogger who shares all of his stories during his travels!
Anyways, I wish you the best and hope to read you somehow, somewhere!

Best wishes

Alles Gute für deine Zukunft und vielen Dank für deine Unterstützung in den zurückliegenden 1,5 Jahren hier bei Steemit!!

I always love the way you post on your blog
Nice job

Hello my dear this is a humble art work for you as a gift because you are doing great on steem blockchain you are supporting the minnows like me to be better in the future because you are beliving that minnows is the future of steem blockchain as they said the youngers are the future of this world i'am sure that you will appreciate my art work a special greating for you


Auch wenn ich Dich nur aus der Ferne wahrgenommen habe: Du wirst hier fehlen.
Alles Gute für Deine Reisevorhaben. Solltest Du mal in Freising vorbeikommen (wollen), sag Bescheid!

We all have that time in our lives to move on to different things. Glad you found that time to make that decision. You know you always have a community here for you. Best wishes @pharesim and I look forward to one day having a beer with you.

I just looked at the witness page and noticed you were no longer a witness, so I came to your blog and read this. You have given me an up vote many times when I really had no votes on a post, for this I really thank you. I do think Steemit loses a great person as witness, but as that is your decision all I can do is hope you do well in whatever endeavor you may take.


I will keep Steeminvite and the backup witness node running, and I stick around at least on some discords. (The witness node has some issues right now, but I'm in the process of setting up a new backup to have it more stable)

Wow. Just looking at all the comments here by the humans of Steem speaks volumes about how important you've become to this community.

We have never really got the chance to talk much... a couple interactions in steem.chat... but you did have at least a little impact on me as I was invited by @apsu through Steeminvite. :)

I've voted for your witness for some time and will continue to do so unless/until it goes offline.

Happy travels to you and Juka. I'll be following the dog with a blog now :)

I’m genuinely sorry to hear you’re moving on from being a Witness. I didn’t know you, but I placed you in the Good Witness basket early on and that was it. So there’s always a little bit of anxiety when I see someone like you leave. Maybe as a casual ‘blogger’without the pressure, you’ll find new ways to have fun and be inspired. Good luck with your Euro adventures and all the best!

Happy travels @pharesim! I hope somewhere along the way you find some new (or old) motivations and drive :)

Thank you for all you have done and I wish you best of luck!

Fair enough @pharesim, but before you leave we have to meet again ‘en el Centro’ and have one of those epic nights with Rafa, Manu and the crazy Cuban... 😂 See you soon man!! 🤘😑


We're in the road already 😶
Will be back in Málaga early next year though, looking forward to meet you guys again then.


No way!!! Well, try to disconnect, enjoy your trip and if you want to spend a few days in Valencia in your way back to Málaga, you know you're more than welcome here guys. Be in touch!! 🤘😑

I just hope you will still be in Malaga in November. The dates of my visit have changed and I should book my flights tonight or tomorrow (in short, I pick the beer rather that the discord).

In addition, I entirely join my voice to the one of @donkeypong :)


Maybe I'll be back by then, but probably not. I'll contact you when we get close to Paris though. Shouldn't be more than a few weeks.


Sure don't hesitate to contact me. I just hope I will be in Paris at that moment (I am 30% of my time away).

you are one of the best witness..so kind in heart and loves everyone..have a awesome trip

explore Europe in a van

That looks like a lot of fun! Keep us updated!

I only get to know a few days ago that stuffs were down when I tried using Steeminvite to create an account three days back.

You've been a stronger contributor to the Steem ecosystem. I wish you well in your travels and I hope you will drop in here every now and then.

I wish him the greatest success in the world, he has been one of the people who have supported my blog, maybe without knowing it, but he has been there, I really hope he succeeds, grows as a foam, and that he can enjoy each one of those Travel, greetings dear friend of Venezuela and continue as it goes, that's very good.

Best wishes to you for a healthy and happy experience.

I wish you the best in all your future journeys!

Life is it, what matters!
Not the job, not steemit, nothing like this.

Well done!

Sometimes you gotta make choice dude!

Go for the Euro trip in a van and dont forget to drop by in Switzerland for a beer .

Do what makes you happy!

Hey man, if you're coming through Romania, the beer is on me, and btw, we have plenty of gypsies over here. Have fun on your travels. ;)

osm... love u bro

I am sad to see you go. Thank you for all you have done for the community and for the support on my blog. I was just reading an old post of yours the other day and I was saddened by the arrogance displayed in the comments you recieved. Enjoy your travels, you deserve a break

Enjoy your journey and safe travels. Personally I like it when you come and visit my page on and off. Thank you for everything you for the community. God bless you!!!

I thank each of your @pharesim votes, even with a reputation of 25, I was always happy to see your votes in my publications, really thank you very much, the impact of your votes on my publications were the fuel to hook me more on the platform.

From Aztec lands, I thank you and send you my best wishes on your way of life.


Thank you for everything you have done for the educational community. You have helped to keep people motivated to produce educational content.

You mentioned that you were unsure how you will use your SP. We hand curate all of the content we vote for so if you wanted to make sure you were voting for quality, original content, we have a curation trail set up on steemauto if you would like to follow it and earn some curation while you are on your break.

Thanks for all you've done to help people. I wish you safe travels and happy times.

Ah sorry to hear that, but on the other side; honestly: if you feel the need to travel, then do it!

Things like bidbots on trending make me second guess the viability of this platform. As well as a mass culture of silence. But even with these problems I do believe Steem can forge on and break through to new plateaus. I appreciate all you did for this tiny platform, and wish you the best.

Have fun as you travel. I had just started following you since I am new to Steemit, but I wish you well.

congratulations @pharesim
believe in witness....
upvoted you

All the best to you and enjoy your travels! You have done a lot for this community.

Steem invite is such a valuable tool, I'd definitely want help support it!

You deserve to travel and enjoy the world and that sounsd amazing btw! :D

Safe travels @pharesim! Hope to see you and @jukatravels again at STEEMFest! Thank you for all that you do for STEEM dude

Thank you for information. A good travel and beer !