Be the change you want to see in the world - my voting explained (+ free bot)

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A lot of new users keep thanking me for reading their post and supporting them. I feel like I have to set the record straight about that since a while now.

Many discussions revolve around the situation with whales and dolphins dominating the reward pool. As a steem user of the first hour and a whale myself I am of course aware of this, and since the beginning I have been thinking about ways how that could be fixed. I had my part in sometimes hefty discussions in the early days, and was proposing a change in the reward curve long before the last hard fork. But changes in the blockchain rules can only do that much. Equally, or even more important, is the behavior of the users.

I hate the trending page. I can rage on for hours how there's always the same people up there, posting just for the sake of getting another couple of hundreds of dollars of rewards. Attempting to spread the reward pool further I spent months curating manually, but with the growing number of posts that became impossible to do thoroughly. For a while I stopped voting completely, because I felt that my weight was too high and I just couldn't vote "fairly".

A couple of months ago I then came up with a solution. My own trail bot, following a diverse list of mostly manual curators. Over time I added features like a blacklist, avoiding self votes, avoiding votes on dual accounts, and some stats. It's running stable since weeks, and with a lot of nodes used by other bots and services going down yesterday this seems to be a good moment to release the code to the public. Here you go:
It uses the public node at ws:// but you can of course change that.

I hope it can help others to spread the love too. Steem has so much more to offer than the current trending posts - help to show that to the world!


Don't know how to put the bot into action but if you set up a curation trail on Streemian I can follow you there!

Don't follow my votes, it's way too many. Vote for content you like, manually. If the minnows only knew about their power...

If the minnows only knew about their power...

Would you mind elaborating on that? I'm sure if YOU say it, it will mean a whole lot more than if I say it. Not very many listen to a small fry like me.

Just what the title of this post says basically...
As an example, see the current posts by sweetsssj and kingscrown. They have 1000 votes each. That's not just whales.
Every vote cast for a small user takes away a bit from the rewards of the trending authors. The common notion "I am to small to change anything" leads to apathy, same as in politics probably.

THANK-YOU! That is what I was hoping you meant. Instead of attempting to ride the gravy train (and probably not succeeding anyway) by voting only on whales, people could be voting on their fellow minnows and supporting each other. This is the original intention of the platform and by creating these 'communities' of mutual support, everyone rises up together!

ddeu i really get astonished by the post i see of minnows where people thank them and they do not upvote them ...( i was confused i thought thats how you show your love) i always upvote with love !!!!! all day !!!!!thanks for your words brosef!!

I feel like I just won a lottery! Wow! Thanks so very much! This brings me just a little bit closer to being able to reward the little community I'm trying to build with another 1 cent for each of my votes. Every cent counts because they do add up!

I @mammasitta just opened this new account to spread different kind of vibes and topics like my personal blog I really enjoy since June 2016 and also to see, how it must feel to be a minnow again [my kind of experiment :)]
Its tough!
I like your approach and advice because we all can make changes. I am quite curious how I will do with such new account starting August 2017, a very different dynamic these days.

Well, us minnows should make a habit of voting at least 5 posts we like each day, even if it doesn´t give anything to the author, just for the sake of supporting good content. I´ll spread the word about that. But a bigger problem is that I believe that on steemit content is way too disorganized for people to effectively find much fast. A lot of good posters become increasingly buried in the post tsunami(Postnami! can i make that word a thing?). Well, at least its that way for us minnows who don´t make it to the trending page. Also,some followers are generally lazy, since they only vote on post thay can skim in no more than 2 mins... That makes for some lazy reading habits.I have faith in the long run for both steemit and myself. Cheers!

@pharesim thanks for your advice.

In my opinion, people focus too much on voting. I want to vote on content that I like, but I also want to interact with people. Even though it's nice to get a vote, getting comments (not the fake spams) on a post that I make is worth just as much in my book.

I see it all too often that people just vote without reading/looking and really interacting unless it's on a post from a bigger guy on Steemit.

What I wanted to address was the voting for bigger guys without looking. Of course interaction is the most important thing, so voting should follow that, not the fame of the poster.

I don't even know anymore who is trending :) Superstars never impressed me unless they deliver something interesting to vote and comment. I also auto-vote occasionally for my favourite authors or people who interact with me the most. I pause it for some days to curate manually most of the time.

Hi @pharesim, thanks for the advice. I'm new on the Steemit (only 1 month) and tried to kickstart some debates with some posts ... but so far have not been able to figure out how to attract interest and spark the discussion. Do you have any suggestion?

I'm all about interaction. Followed you. enjoy actual discussion with real people. looking forward to your next post

Couldnt agree more. I think there may be a popularity issue, or barrier, rather, than actual social converstations regarsing topics that bring peiple together, and the exchange of thoughts and ideas.

i upvote because of interaction and i am starting to add to steem to my account so when people spark cool convo i can upvote forreal cause i appreciate it!!!

I agree, there are just a finite amount of people you can more or less intimately know. Some friends feed and circles would be nice.

Straight forward...i like d way u r going.......helpful content for me.....

hey, I am one of these minnows :-) If I only knew about my power :-)
Actually I have a lot of content to give... but for minnows its very difficult to get information and a deeper understanding... I am thankful for any source of information (so many questions)... by the way thank you for upvote (Susuki Girls)

try... i am learning to code on codecademy that offer some free some paid courses, github lessons are next for me so will use your bot after that learning

Could not agree with you more. I believe investing time and effort into solving this 'problem' is a crucial thing for the long term value of steem. If steemit is to be the next big thing in blogging and social media, then it needs to be a platform that people find fair, sensible and rewarding. It will be crucial for long-term steem investors to get this right.

I myself try to mostly reward fruitful relationships. I observe who is genuinely interested in my journey and who wants to tag along. Have therefore focused mainly on interacting with, and upvoting, those who comment constructively and thus play an important role in making this platform more positive to engage on for old and new users alike. Which I think is the long term formula for success.

That's perfect. More comment voting is a great way to speed up distribution.

Indeed. But I think it's not only a good way to distribute rewards, but also a better long-term strategy if all you want is profit.

  1. It helps you obtain a base of regular readers and supporters, people who not only upvote you once, but come back and give you more of their own voting power.
  2. By investing in good relationships and in those who follow you regularly, their votes on you will increase in value over time, allowing you to scale nicely over time.
  3. As mentioned in my first comment, by investing in genuine and fruitful contributions, you do help make steemit a more attractive platform, which can increase the value of your steem earnings as the price of steem goes up thanks to more people entering - and staying - on the platform.

Anyways, thank you for your effort to make steemit a more enjoyable platform. I hope I will be making positive contributions to the development of steemit as well.

I up comments when the author has no posts - its also a way to reward the author and let him drink in the cup of rewards

you hate the trending page?
solution : stop looking at it (just kidding)

I'm glad you wrote it out there! At least people could get an idea - not every huge SP account owners see eye to eye with how it is - - a chink of hope :)

for the essence of spreading love - resteemed!

@pharesim I'm about to implement, with the help of @jimitations, a comment-voting project to encourage more community involvement and engagement. It'll be small at first, but will hopefully grow into something that can help minnows reward their commenters.

completely agree with what you're saying, genuine comments and interactions are what deserve to be upvoted and rewarded.

Very much agree with your approach. When voting I try to reward @ 100% when someone obviously put a lot of time and effort into a post. If it is just a photo of a meal or a cup of coffee, or something churned out quickly, then I use the slider. For comments, I like to reward cleverness, thoughtfulness, and insight.

In addition I use tools like SteeMVP to make sure I pay special attention to the blogs of those who vote often for my contributions, or those sea mammals who have shown me generosity. I have also identified a few fellow newbies, newer than I am, who impress me and who I would very much like to see succeed on Steemit.

It would be extremely helpful to me if there were an option on Steemit that would allow a user to identify "favorites" and have a feed option which displayed them.

I most definitely go along with the idea of favourites. It would keep the posts you most wanted to see in your feed for longer

Since you've spoke about fair. It's not how little you get paid for your post, you still do. Where else you can you get that, but that's not the topic. That notion of fair/unfair. It is annoying when you see those totally bullshit/crappy post collecting money from the reward pool and you can't beet through the noise :) I could go out and do a photoshoot and make more than in a month or two on steemit. I could shoot a wedding and earn more than probably i will never make in a year of posting. Not at least now. But that lack of fieriness just like everywhere else... Why does greed has to poison everything. Damn human nature :)

You nailed it. It is human nature. Greed is good and every man for himself.....and aslong as you have the power and money to back that up, you win.
But that's not good.
I learned a long time ago that you actually do much better when your focus is on others, not just yourself. The whole 'pay it forward' idea does actually lift you up as well...
But damn the human nature. We will fight it till the day we die.
Take care friend!

Not everybody has the capacity to see that far but you can't blame them. All men are created equal but are not the same. Peace to you too man.

Good post. Thanks for sharing for all of us


My religion is science. Why don't you read some shit before writing something so intergalactically STUPID!

I second your last sentence xD

Well played. Well played.

I'm glad someone got what I was doing there - thank you @papa-pepper for having some depth.

Powerful write and very insightful. Like you said kindness is who you are. I will support on that . Sometime people wants to be kind to you just because they are expecting something in return. But i will say it is better to kind to people without expecting anything in return because most times the person you are been kind to is not always the one that will pay you back .
In fact the payback might not even be extend to you . It might be to someone that is your relations or that you know. So don't always expect people to pay you back when you help them . The payback might just be with someone else.
Once again thanks for the write up .Is so inspiring and very real.
Just check out this write up on my page i titled '' ATTITUDE IS THE REAL THING'' @optimistdehinde. I am following you already because i like people that are very real. Good to be real.
Note : There is more to steemit than up vote , resteem and following.Thank you. One love.

And Steem is the perfect way to pay forward :) Seems like the distribution isn't happening, more like concentration of wealth. The trend has been on going for a while and I suspect it won't change with the current economic structure in place - eventually the place will implode I guess or I'm missing something badly.

Since I was talking of a trend, the earliest record I have is from 24 April. Here is the data for everyone to see:

April 24th:
Top 0.1%: 70.37%
1%: 21.64%
Dolphins: 6.97%
Minnows: 1.03%

And now

Aug 1th:
Top 0,1% : 76.62%
1% : 16.86%
Dolphins : 5.64%
Minnows : 0.88%

Source for data from April:

Fascinating numbers revealing ongoing wealth concentration, also entirely expected. Thanks for sharing them!

No problem, this kind of data is very important to keep track of to see the big picture and the health of the system. The difference is quite drastic and this has happened in just over a 3 months of time!

And it concerns me that Ned, CEO of Steemit, is planning on introducing even more tokens to this system, rather than making the current one more fair for everyone. If this same trend continues, the 0.01% will be holding around 80% of all Steem at the end of 2017.

Do you have any ideas for change?

Well the problem is that those who hold most SP get huge gains for every action or inaction compared to everyone else. As an example @pfunk is getting around 1 Steem Power per each upvote! (source: I'm almost a dolphin myself and am getting around 0.03 SP per mine.

So just by taking into account curation, the wealth will slowly trickle up. Then you add the inflation, big rewards for voting on own posts and you end up with this trend that we have now.

To add to this, whales are starting to sell their votes! Instead of figuring out a way to reward good content, they just sell it to anyone who wishes to throw money at them.
The rest of their voting power will probably go towards close inner circle, too much of money to pass by.

And final issue, since wallets of whales keep growing at increasing rate compared to everyone else, they can keep powering down every once in a while and still stay ahead of everyone else.

Most of these big wallets were acquired in the "instamining" phase when the site itself was not out yet. If the distribution would had been fair, Steemit would look a lot different and it would had been adopted by the rest of cryptousers, now it is struggling to do so.

I might be wrong and I hope so, I really do - but the very bad distribution is a issue that will keep Steemit in its shadow for a long time. Even if Steem fails, due to these issues, someone will copy the idea and make it work and for that I'm glad.

And how to fix this issue?

Burn all the Steem earned in the early mining phase or majority of it. Voilà. This is just a rough idea I saw suggested by someone else, I'm sure people could come up with far more sophisticated ones. Of course the whales wouldn't like it...

But it speaks volumes that I'm still here, and I will continue to do so until something better comes along - maybe that never happens? It's up to us all.

The percentage doesn't say much alone. If you could exclude inactive users from the stats they would be more meaningful I think.

I agree with your input there @ionlysaymeep

Yes they should give you more power because minnows like me just won't budge through this hard system.

I also wonder what will be done with the millions of Steem in @steem account, that were reserved for making new accounts when this whole platform were designed.

Thank you @pharesim!
I have received your vote some times, it really helps

I would like to start off by saying I Appreciate Your Kindness "Thank You" from the bottom of my Heart. It is truly an Honor to have your Support!! In return it was important for me to Vote for you!! I'm all about Supporting This Awesome Platform & Our Fellow Steemians This Community Rocks!!! And so do You @pharesim!!!!
Share Gif:

Great posts can be useful can be used as experience. Hope be a friend who can help me to be like you ..... to realize the dream and hope in reaching. Likes @yooraa need friend support. Greetings esteem.

I don't know enough yet to know how to go about using your bot, but it sounds helpful.

As for reward pool reform, as I described in my introduceyourself post, I'd personally love to see the adoption of a netizen dividend here, where all active users of Steemit receive a flat dividend of total Steem as a way of better recognizing unrecognized value contribution, and also as a way of decreasing inequality which seems only likely to continue as that's simply a feature of free markets constructed without a redistribution mechanism.

I think one possible way of going about this would be a percentage of Steem from every post and every comment going to the entire Steemit community as a flat dividend. Instead of 75% going to the poster and 25% going to the upvoters, it could be something like 70% to the poster, 20% to the upvoters, and 10% divided between all accounts on Steemit. Another option would be 70% to the reward pool, 10% going to STEEM power holders, and 10% going to all Steemit accounts. Either way there would be a stream of revenue entirely decoupled from actions that would better reward what isn't rewarded.

Just something to think about. Cheers!

Thank you for your upvote and support for the Steemit community. Upvoted and follow.

Thanks for the release! Looks comprehensive enough. Hoping to learn how to use it well..

PM me with questions. Or if you could keep a log of the steps for a tutorial...

try.. i am learning to code on codecademy that offer some free some paid courses, github lessons are next for me so will use your bot after that learning

O wow thank you for this info. I know when I first started on Steemit you were one of the first big upvotes I received and it really help get my mindset in the right place. And look at me know :) so thank you again for all you do really appreciate it

I have appreciated your efforts in this platform for over a year now. If it were not for the encouragement that your support gave me early on I do not think that I would have persevered past my first month here.

Your concerns here are legitimate and I appreciate you working so hard and thinking so much about how to truly make steemit the community that it could be. Keep it up!

Thanks @pharesim!

Raising an important point there, people need support here, especially those not fortunate enough to buy their way in with SP. With my 2 months here I see a lot of potential but the user base has to grow up... i feel like to much people are way up their ass and disregard others opinion or action... To much of folks spend time digging into others business and the flagging wars take a very personal note, I realize some battles having been going on my months, that has to change if this platform has to move forward

I think over time steem will evolve and change until it works well for everyone, not just the people who started first.

It has to really or a large percentage of new members will abandon their account within a month.

When a whale upvotes your post

I vote for the articles and posts that I like and what they represent to me. Some has good advice, good receipts, beautiful photos and sceneries that I enjoy.
I do not follow anyone or everyone, as I choose to follow content and stories I like as you can see from my blog. I am interested to share my stories and what I believed people will enjoy. I am sure those that make the effects to write and post, should be given the respect to be read by others. I have at times have comment that does not even relate to my post and I was told that was because a robot reply automatically. I do not reply as it is a waste of my time. Would like constructive comment or information that I can learn.
I am very new to Steemit even though I signed up a year ago (inactive). How do I block off robots that reply automatically? Would like to learn more from others who has the experience.
Thank you

follow me please.

I need a free server

That's what I would definitely suggest. If you want to have a healthy platplatform and are a whale, then just look for the top manual curators in every huge 'tag-group' and delegate some sp (if you're greedy, then demand some form of repayment)

This way the steempower and its distribution can scale way easier then you curating manually and you have another layer (the manual curators) doing this. The only ticky part is to find the great curators and I thing someone should start building an intelligent stats-tracker to achieve that.

Kind regards Mister Witness! (:

Very good post, I agree with you. I posted about the issue of dwonvoting on myblog post and hope that it get resolved. You are doing a great job with your steem power and thus will get more blessings. Keep steeming and more success to you.

I know about manual curation! It is slow but cumulative and, most importantly, connects people who are often oblivious to each other's existence on Steemit.

Never mind F4F, what about H2H :-)

Hi friend I am pretty new to this world, only want to offer you my heart full thanks for the valuable supports. You had already casted your most valuable upvote to my post yesterday. I only want to tell you that you are so powerful and busy enough, so if you don't mind please give a visit on my post too. Your presence pleasant my heart,which will be my inspiration to my future works. Wish you all the best and good health.

Love is the only way...My re-steem mean more than my vote, cheers!

Everyone's religion should be kindness and the world would be a better place. My religion is sincerity and kindness.

YES! I totally agree and I stay away from looking at the trending page because it just creates a negative energy for me because I cannot change it.

I am very fortunate in that I have hours most days I can spend reading and commenting on posts. I really enjoy the interaction. Yet I see so many Steemers that are really trying for months for just pennies per post and I wonder how long they will last before they just quit.

Maybe there is no answer to the trending/rewards pool abuse. I have posted a possible idea in a max earnings cap per post, but it has not gotten any traction.

Anyways I found you from a resteem by a small account I follow @m31 :)

@old-guy-photos I absolutely love the way you interact with people on this platform and I can only learn from you! :) I appreciate every comment from the bottom of my heart. :) @pharesim is the reason how I got here on Steemit and for that I will be forever grateful!

Phareism for witness ! Because you spread kindness in the community , and that's what we need 🙏 @phariesm

@paharesim thanks for being kind and for always upvoting my post gobless :)

yes it is a good feeling when we create account an some one appriciate us then we many feel thankfull to that person but here is the only some person who appriciate the newly person otherwise mostly person try to upvote to the high rank...thanks ur post @pharesim

Rock on! You're awesome. And you've been great to the minnows with your approach! So much love from the Minnow Pond coming your way :)

I'm not techy enough to know, but I wonder if the recipe for these bots are actually better kept as a secret. I mean, once we know how a bot works we know how to game them for votes...

Figuring out my voting pattern should be pretty easy without understanding code.

you are doing great work hope this will spread love all over steemit.

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I liked the icon you used for the article, nice read!

i dont even have to say anything but thank you seriously thank you and what do i do if me and my wife use the same ip sometimes i got her into steemit and i worry it makes the blockchain treat us as one but steemit has no mobile app any kind words on that id be really happy

No need to worry, nobody cares about your IP address here ;)

Nice can you please help me how can i up steam power

Thank you for your kindness and for helping the community.

I found your channel upvoting many posts around the steem community. i just checked out your work, and i wanted to say thank you! I'll be looking forward to a new post of yours i can resteem. kindless kills

For me too, everything is till pretty new around here after only coming in a few days ago. Your attitude deserves a great deal of respect and admiration and I am glad that some of those up there on which seems like the Mount Olympus to me think the way you do.

Surprised about your statement about the trending page, as I have stopped looking at it very quickly. There is much better content found else where (in my humble opinion).

So far I have no clue about these bot thingies... hope to figure it out eventually. For now I hope to find some interesting things by simply following you :-)

Of course, I too came here to send a heart felt thank you for your kind appreciation of my post "what is Hinterglas" :-)

Thank you @pharesim! I wish kindness as my religion too.

Thank you for sharing your code.

Manual curation is not easy and very time consuming. I have put some money and do my best but jeezes, so many shitty posts sometimes, will have a look at how you do this, thanks.

I automated, because my voting power is too big. The problem is that I cast hundreds of votes each day to not have a single one have too much influence.
Steem depends on minnows voting manually though. You don't need to set overly high standards, and with the new limit of 10 full votes per day it's achievable without too much effort imo, especially when you include comments. Please don't stop, and if you need to don't become one of the stupid trailers.

TY for posting all this . Encouragement is always good .

Thank you but I am not tech savvy and I'm afraid I'll screw it up. My only choice is to keep going as I am, posting when I have something to post, comment when I have something relevant to say and vote if I like the post. There is no way I'll ever make any good money (I'm a nobody here) but I can help others get some.

It will be harder and harder. In a year you will be one of the early accounts, and who knows how much a steem you made now is worth then. Have patience.

I appreciate you for that. I would love to know how to use that bot...

i am learning to code on codecademy that offer some free some paid courses, github lessons are next for me so will use your bot after that learning

Please curate manually ;-)

That's what I am doing :D

wow this post was great!! Definite upvote!
follow me at @ezekielz-revenge for exciting posts like this one

Your picture was so captivating I read your whole post and was very grateful for the direction you went. I clicked reply when I realized something. I had no idea what your title was, so I scrolled up to read it. I've always wanted to met a whale, so Hi. Nice to met you. Please don't stop upvoting. It's every little fish dream to write a piece worthily of a 💯 upvote.

You mentioned this new bot, do you plan on delegating to other bots too?

Hello, nice to meet you too :D

I don't delegate, no. My bot could be seen as another way of delegation already, but it's more flexible for me.

Cool, look at us bonding. The reason I ask about delegation is because if you created a bot I thought you might also like to donate to the minnowsupport project.

Since you know, kindness is your religion. :) Anywho, I hope you write another post soon.

The minnowsupport project is already supported by my bot ;)

I knew you were awesome! Thanks for support the cause. :)

It's very nice to here a whale supporting the new Steemit users. I can see how many people get discouraged after a month or two and leave the platform. The trending page is just awful! The same people that are always on trending rarely seem to give back to the community. I too have spent more time commenting recently than curating. Though I do think the best way to boost oneself is to put money into steem. I'm not in a position to do this right now but is certainly the plan in the next couple months. I'm following you now and I'm going to review whom I am following and unfollow those who are not here for the community. Thanks for sharing your code.

One question. Is there a stats page to find out how many new users have abandoned their accounts in the first couple months?

There's an overview how many are still active at least, at (when it's not in maintenance mode)

Thanks @pharesim ! You were one of the very first to support myself and the Witness I put up over a month ago to help support the steem blockchain. And it helped me so much, I will be forever grateful and you are without a doubt a tremendous asset to Steemit and it's users.

Its amazing to see someone spending so much time on supporting the steemit community, I thought I have been putting in a lot of effort lately with creating posts filled with useful information for new users. I mean Im sure it helps a few but this is great! I defiantly agree the trending page does always have the same few users on it that always receive crazy high amounts of curtain per post! I always assumed it was due to hard work, maybe it is. I will need to do more research on this. Needless to say glad to have you in this community. Your doing a great service!

This sounds wonderful. I'm going to have a look now. It's so interesting to hear the perspective of a whale on this topic. Yes, the trending category is somewhat discouraging. But I've "met" a few whales in the trails they all seem to be philanthropic - as I stated in my post, if everyone is like them then Steemit will go even further than it already has. You clearly have that attitude too so THANKS AGAIN :)

I always wondered who @pharesim was. Sometimes I even thought you were just a bot. Now I know you are not only a real person, but one of the true leaders of the community.

Agree 100% with everything you said.

hi, I voted you as my witness, wish you help increase my rank , thank you .

Thank you for your post and useful information for me!

Hey @pharesim, I always wondered when I saw your upvote on either my post or comment if it was an automatic thing since it seemed to come with other votes. I do like knowing that people are actually reading and enjoying what I post, but either way it is always appreciated. Kindness first is always the best philosophy. Thank you for supporting the community.

This is awesome, @pharesim, an inspired initiative from a creative brain! I love that you keep thinking of ways to keep the playing field even. I'm relatively new to posting, but have been on here for 10 months and it's been really interesting to see how the platform has grown and evolved. Nice to know that people like you are so concerned with keeping it fair. Thank you!!

It's awesome that you speak out on that. It's truly challenging when you are new. Thank you

Word! Was just thinking of this, that I would say is a huge problem for steemit when I stumbled over your text.

Your curation deeds did not go unnoticed!

That's why you were my first vote that i gave for a witness.
And I've only voted for 2 witnesses for now ... :)

Thank you for your support for minnows!

I hate the trending page too because really the users there only post for additional money and they rarely support the users who follow them
they are just self-voters for their own favor

Finally a whale is talking about the situation! Appreciate your hard work to make steemit a whole lot better. I will spread the word in our german community :))

Post highly qualified master @pharesim

thanks to you i made it to trending page first time ever !!! thank you @pharesim
you made my day !!! :D my first upvote from a whale the way you voted on this link
i guess it will keep me motivated till the end of this month has always been discouraging to see some paintings going up as 130 $ on trending though they seem to be a work of dabbler....i started to have doubt on my own skills ...but your small vote brought it all back !!

Great work, I'm sure you will be able to build a bigger following over time!

Hi @pharesim... thank you for giving us new steamit minnows a chance to show our work. I appreciate it

lets hope so !! and thanks for liking my another painting !! the fact you went inside my profile and scrolled down to see another painting boosted up my moral ! i posted another one today titled "Story of a river.....and a poem of my own #painting 06" may be you can check that out too
here is the link

Thank You for sharing your thoughts on this, a question I have had from the beginning is the bots and their purpose and how they help or harm the community aspect of steemit and what the end goal is with them?
The main reason I am here is the connecting with real people, learning about how some of these bots can be programmed to seem human kinda detracts from the experience of being here to build on the community.

Good idea @pharesim I've only been on steem a few weeks or so and been scouring over the different pages looking for content/how to get my stuff upvoted/useful information. A lot of what I see is either garbage regurgitated stuff, hot girls, or whales, posting for the sake of getting more rewards. To be fair though, if the system is skewed in your favour, why not take advantage of it. That is pretty much how our civilization works.

However, having said that, I greatly appreciate you taking time to look out for the little guy, it's steemians like you that keep minnows motivated. Keep it up

Thanks for sharing, this is a great way for people to vote even if they don't have the time to parse through hundreds of posts each day.

I try to be nice to all of the new steemians. They deserve it. They are just starting and don't quite know how everything works.

I liked the post and you willingness to find ideas to help even though you are of a higher rank. I like the concept of upvoting comments and think it would help stimulate more interaction amongst users.

It's comforting to see this kind of thought and consideration coming from someone who could just as easily sit back and milk the reward pool.

I'm still manually curating, mostly because I cherish the opportunity to interact with logical, intelligent & for the most part, rational people.

You should post more often.

In like Twelve days I have here I noticed that there are different ways to make money on Steemit. It took me like half hour of thinking to decide the aproach I was going to take. Quality Posts, Read the posts well so I can understand the posts better, understanding the post better will allow me to make a quality comment, Being Gentle, Respect others opinions, etc.

Regarding the upvote-myself issue. I said in another post that although I respect people that vote themselves (in the end is their vote) I don't do it myself because I think Steemit is a community of giving and sharing so I save my Upvotes to give and not breaking the circle of giving and receiving.

Oh finally someone addressed this. This is also my concern since i joined Steemit.

The trending page.

I'm always having a deja vu.
Like i'm having a groundhog day.
An endless cycle, the big players voting the same people again and again.
It's like 80% crypto posts always there on the trending page.
Like tunnel vision.

People should look outside of the box.
There are a lot of content to see, read, to enjoy.

Well, that's my 0.01 cent.

This is fascinating...Ive been around about a month and have not really done the research on how everything works - just starting to get my feet wet with a minnow contest i seems like if this trend continues it will ultimately cause a cap in steem's accessibility to newcomers. Im not sure when that point is - and I could be wrong - but it feels like steem would continue to drift from a social platform to a money make pyramid in someways - which is fine if thats the goal...not sure the longevity of that however...then it'd be back to FB until another crypto similar is developed...

either way very interesting....thanks for caring


Phareism, I do like what you're trying to do. We all know that kindness is better if you aren't expecting to be rewarded. I am a member of Github when I thought I wanted to be a data scientist. I never used it. I upvote people and make comment when I feel I have something to say about what is written. All the rest I simply don't understand, it's fine though, as I have fun posting things. Keep up the good work! Jvalentine

A good post, and I have upvoted it too....but I don't think that people will feel good to post your links in their posts....some will even flag your I think you can do better than this.

This sounds very interesting, would you mind expanding of the advantages of a trail-bot vs a trail-human?

Thank you for sharing! ^^

Awesome post my friend ,thanks for the share ,, kindness is my motto

As a newbie minnow, It's so difficult to break through the chatter and be noticed. It can get discouraging. For now, I'll just keep plugging along....following

That's why I like hot page....It has continuously different posts....and some of them are good too....hope I see the same effect on trending too....not that I don't like the people on trending page....but I want to see something more on it apart from some current people also retaining the page in future.
You are the first whale I have seen posting exactly what I feel. Thanks a lot for your diligent curation.

I think you are right. There are many users which really write good articles and I myself have found good advice and guide line in some articles which did not get more than 0.03 cent. They should do something about it and I hope it will be soon.

Absolutely love this! And one love for your title because its one of my favourites quotes ever. Money is essential in life but everything you do should not have to revolve around it! People are driven by it because the more money, the more power. Thats not the mindset I have. My goal in this world is to make a change. Make a difference. My entrepreneur projects are not done in order to become a millionaire. I put my heart into it because I want to make this world a better place!

Thanks for sharing man! @pharesim

Thanks for your work!!

It's great for us newcomers to feel that some people care about “inclusion”. I also agree with your rant about the trending page and I think it's a source of frustration for news users that don't know how this type of platforms work and expect to be rewarded for hundreds of dollars since the very beginning.

Hi. This is a lovely post. I am new here. And I look forward to writing interesting and genuine posts. I love to know everything plays out fine on this platform.

I'm continually impressed by you guys who put so much effort into improving the Steemit platform. I have this gnawing suspicion that as the platform grows it will become more and more like Twitter -- I hope very much that won't be the case.

No sense going on, @Fredrikaa wrote what I'm sure a lot of us are thinking.

So far I've only voted for two witnesses, and you just got my third vote. Thanks for what you do. @roused

I do agree with you.. @pharesim

Excelente que buena información, gracias por compartirla voy a ver el código, aunque no conozco mucho de steemit ya que soy bastante nuevo me gustaría saber como crear un robot. Saludos

A breath of fresh air on a very muggy day for me - thanks @pharesim

Yes, noticed the trail a while back based on vote patterns. It's a great idea as manually voting is more and more difficult as the community grows bigger.

I'm still manually voting outside of some delegated SP to a few minnowsupport related bots. It does take up a lot of time and I may delegate more - and I'm just a small dolphin. You workload would be much more.

good post
thanks for sharing

I am with you on the trending page, its sad to see the same stuff and same people every single day. Now all we need is content creating bots to go with those voting bots and we can eliminate the need for people on this platform! lol
I do like the fact that your bot follows manual voters

good work.. im new here,, please keep liking n upvote..

@pharesim, good post.
Thanks for sharing for all of us.