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RE: Running for Witness: Embracing the Crypto Life™

You also have a supporter here :) ! I like your honest and straight to the point way of putting things @kevinwong and while I don't understand much (or about nothing) on tech and programming specifics I can agree on how we need to build communities that create points of interest for new and potential users. As a musician I've been finding a great joy networking around here and building new relationships , also it has allowed me to have some sort of revenue for my own art , also helping others is a possibility for me here , even as a minnow account I've been able to push and support initiatives that I like . After being kidnapped and blackmailed ....ahem....invited by @diebitch and @dj123 to the COM family I've come to see one of the hardest working communities around here and am also grateful for your support over there :) ! Cheers!




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