I've voted for you, for these reasons:

  • You've proven you are in this for the long haul with power ups here and there. Not everyone needs to power up all the time. But sometimes is nice
  • You've proven that you have the technical ability to be a good witness
  • You've shown community and project involvement. You make efforts to attend these types of things
  • You've been online since 1993. You not only have a wealth of internet experience, but life experience.

I trust your credentials. You will serve the community well as a legitimate witness on this blockchain. You have my vote, and my support.

See you, and talk to you again on BeyondBitcoin Friday Mumble Radio shows in the future. :)

Thank you @intelliguy for the detailed list! It means a lot to me that you took the time to state your reasons so clearly and I'm flattered. Cheers!

I second @intelliguy with exactly what he said. I'll give you my vote as well, do us proud. :-)

My vote doesn't have any weight but you have it (at least it should count as moral support).

Congrats on joining the witness family! Steem will definitely benefit with your many skills! You've definitely got my vote!

I voted for you! You have the knowledge and the experience and your name is also Bryan and live in Arizona as well! Upped!

Thanks for all the votes and support so far everyone! Special thanks to @complexring @renohq @jesta @laonie and @will-zewe

Said account does not exsit.

Where are you seeing that error?
Did you try copy/pasting nonlinearone into the box at the bottom of the witnesses page?

Based on the info on it looks like your vote was cast

If you saw an error that's strange :/
Either way, thank you for your vote!