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@noblewitness has been operating for two weeks, and our progress has been absolutely phenomenal! Thank you to everyone voting for us. We’ll be sure to keep earning the trust you’ve placed in us with your votes!

Server Status
We now have our larger capacity server up and running. The hardware we have available for this server instance is:

  • Dual Xeon L5630 CPU w/ eight cores
  • 96GB DDR3 RAM
  • 480GB SSD
  • 1 Gb/s port w/ 30TB of bandwidth per month

The 64GB server we currently have through our other provider will continue to run as a back up until the server hosting expires in July. At that point, we will purchase a second 96GB server from our current provider as a backup node. This should ensure not only our continued operation at our current level but our capacity to grow with the requirements of running the blockchain.

Current Standing
As of this posting, @noblewitness is ranked 66 among the witness listed at @drakos’ witness monitor. Discounting the inactive witnesses, our rank is up to 65. Given the fact we transitioned from two active witness nodes as well as a former witness to a committee account, we’ve made excellent progress.

Current and Future Projects
The Writers’ Block - This past weekend, @noblewitness team was present for the first ever Writers’ Block meetup in Gatlinburg, TN. Every one of us showed up to listen to what was being pitched with regards to the Block and the future of small-press publishing utilizing the Steem blockchain. It was an extremely productive meeting, and while the end product is still some ways off, the team at the Writers’ Block responsible for implementing the ideas discussed in the meet up are serious about their vision and have a roadmap to track their progress. We look forward to partnering with and supporting this initiative.

Seed Node - We have plans to stand up our backup witness server once the current backup server expires. However, we don’t plan on stopping there. The next technical milestone we want to hit is setting up a seed node. Our long-term plans also involve establishing our own RPC node, but the seed node is going to be the next step in our plan.

Thank you to everyone voting for our witness! We will keep you posted regularly as to our progress!

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what is the difference between a seed node and an RPC node?


A seed node is a blockchain node that helps speed up witness replays, among other things like providing additional security via decentralization.

An RPC node is a development node that is necessary for developing applications that use the Steem blockchain. It requires much more RAM and storage capacity, as it's not just the blockchain, but also all the development libraries that applications use to operate.

Think of the seed node as just a copy of the blockchain, whereas the RPC node is the blockchain plus everything you need to make apps run off the blockchain.

Great update. The Writers Block is one of the best projects on the platform, didn't know you had meetups as well for it.


This was the first one we've ever had. I have a feeling it won't be the last, though. You should come to one some time if you're in the area. We'll be sure to announce early and give everyone plenty of time to plan!


I'm about 20 hours away unfortunately.


some from the writers block will be in Toronto in September @guiltyparties

Good stuff you all, happy you were able to have a sit down with everyone face to face.


So were we. It made an enormous impact on all of us to sit down in the same room together and discuss things. We're all looking forward to doing it again :D

Awesome job everyone. Keep it up.

Great progress and those servers are monsters! Wish I was in Toronto for the next meet up :/ Keep on it guys!