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Yesterday, I noticed the #witness-blocks channel on posted this message.

Very odd, I thought, considering I have never been a witness. Sure, I've mucked around with mining before, but I never expected to be scheduled for producing a block. In the past, a few people have mistaken me for a witness, and I've had to go out of my way to clarify that I'm not. It appears that people still vote for me, under the mistaken assumption that I'm indeed a witness.

I'm not going to fight it anymore, and have gone ahead and set up a witness node.

I don't have any groundbreaking witness initiatives to announce, or humblebrag about my credentials. Neither do I have any grand philanthropic plans for my witness rewards. I'll use all rewards to provide compute infrastructure for the Steem network in various ways, depending on the level of rewards of course. If I'm left over with any, I'll buy some good coffee.

I don't plan to campaign for votes. It's a time consuming process, I'd rather use that time contributing to Steem socially. This will likely be the first and the last time I'll ever ask for votes.

Yeah, this is certainly the worst witness application in Steem's history! I'm definitely not making a good case for receiving your vote. :)

All I'll say is I'm in it for the long haul, I have always been actively contributing to the network with unwavering motivation through the highs and the lows, and I'll continue working at it quietly, behind the scenes.

Important disclaimer - I have been managing the technical side of @curie's witness for the last 11 months, and will continue to do so. Do note that major witness decisions are often taken after discussions with top curators and operators at Curie. All witness rewards (or indeed, any rewards) earned by @curie are paid back in full to curators, reviewers and operators. My decisions will be completely independent of @curie's. If ever I feel a conflict of interest or otherwise inability to manage effectively, I'll pass on responsibilities for the @curie witness to my colleagues at Curie.

You can vote on the Vote for Witnesses page. Scroll down, enter "liberosist" and hit Vote. Cheers!


I'm a sucker for the soft sell approach. The I don't care one way or the other charm offensive. Works every time. Well if you don't really want my vote then I will just go and give it to you, wont I. That's what you get for doing so much for the Steem community.

Hope you enjoy your coffee :)

Or maybe I'm a manipulative, conniving bastard indulging in a bit of reverse psychology!

Thanks for your vote, and everything you have done for the Steem network as well. :)

Ah, the old reverse psychology Jedi mind trick. Damn, gets me every time.

And thank you, happy to be a part of this community :)

Yea that is it because I find my self voting for your! Sucker for manipulation. : ) I do have a big belly.

I'll vote for you just for your curation efforts. Anyone who is willing to be involved in that deserves recognition. And good coffee.

When I wrote you in the curie channel and asked how it works, you were totally friendly, but I didn't get it, how it works.... Still I am asking myself - how the heck does curie work and am I worth to get an upvote? What do I have to do...? Is there anything I can do?

Still the same questions you see @liberosist, but you were friendly :-) So I think you will get my upvote beside three other witness I like!

It's quite simple, really. Curators find posts and submit them to Curie. Reviewers verify it meets all the guidelines and vote (or not) on them. The top curators can in turn recommend new curators to Curie. However, there's a very strong focus on quality curation, so only the best curators with high approval rates get to submit freely.

Ok, so I just can hope that one day someone finds me and says: hey he is doing a good job and he deserves an upvote. Thanks for explaining @liberosist

I may not be among those ones who voted you before this witness thread.

But upon reading this I gave you a vote with no questions asked. You're essential to the ecosystem and I look up to you very much. I know my witness vote is well spent on you.

Thank you! I'm just a small part of the ecosystem, but yes, I'll agree that my efforts have had a non-zero impact on the Steem community.

my efforts have had a non-zero impact on the Steem community

Of course you do! what kind of understatement is that!! ;D

You've definitely got my vote. I love the curation work that you do. Thank you for contributing to the stability of the Steem network by running a witness.

Thank you!

@liberosist I think it goes without saying you have my vote. Outside of @timcliff I cannot think of someone who embodies what should be expected of a witness better.

Thanks for all your efforts to bring a much more diverse array of content to Steemit through curation.

Well, that's certainly a unique perspective. Thanks!

@liberosist in many ways I think we as a community need to reward the non-technical individuals as well as the technically adept. Becoming a witness can be very lucrative, and I think it's a reward you deserve for the curation you've done in the past. Many writers on here would not have been successful without the efforts that both you and the #curie project put forth. I think you've earned the reward, my friend.

I've been rewarded for my curation, both through curation rewards and the fees Curie pays. Whatever witness rewards I receive, I plan to put back into supporting the Steem network technically. :)

Before I vote for a witness, I normally like to learn more about that person's views and how he/she will help build the Steem ecosystem. In your case, having known you well for over a year, I already know what you'll do: keep supporting great content and helping to build great communities. I'll vote for you soon.

All I've ever wanted to do at Steemit, or 'thought' I wanted to do, was to share my art work and communicate with fellow 'creatives' here. But I've found that the scope of Steemit is far wider than the artist/photographer segment and I'm beginning to become more and more curious about how curation and witnesses work.

You have already supported my work for which I've been truly grateful and you have my vote now, as the least I can do for both you and Steemit.

This is awesome! i didn't know what is a witness but always thought you are one of the big ones from here .thank you for the support on my posts in the beginning , now that I am a month plus old , your resteem and votes somehow give me motivations and ideas that if I keep continue writing quality and great contents ,somebody will appreciate. I am so grateful for what you have been doing in this community, I believe everyone deserves a chance and that's what you have been doing! Now then I got a slighly bit idea of witness, it's my pleasure to vote for you. Best wishes.XXX

Thank you. Witnesses are people who run servers that keep the Steem blockchain running. They validate and save all posts, votes etc. made here.

Just arrived here via the link in the witness report. Curation is frankly underplayed on Steemit and Curie puts the spotlight back on it in a wonderful manner through a rewarding initiative.

Your modest approach will truly win many hearts and minds. You can count on my vote when I go into voting mode in a bit.

Promoting yourself for witness is a great way to promote Curie as well. So don't shy away from selling your witness candidature more aggressively in the future.

Thanks for the initiative and for putting in the effort. Wish you all the best!

Thank you. I'm not really interested in campaigning for two reasons -

  1. It takes a lot of time, and I'd rather spend that curating etc.
  2. By never canvassing for votes, I never have to think about who is voting for me. I can be completely unbiased and objective without any fear whatsoever. No matter what anyone tells you, anyone holding an electoral position is subservient implicitly to their voters.

You'll see that I'm way down the list in #75 now, but I don't care. I'm never going to sell myself aggressively.

I can see where you're coming from. To me it highlights your dedication and humility.

I am quite sure that your work(along with your team's) will continue to speak for itself..

I'm not one to drop links in my comments, but I just published a post that features Curie. Please do read it HERE and give your thoughts on it. Thanks for your reply!

I always try to understand what the witnesses are doing on Steем. Do they provide technical support for the platform?

No, witnesses keep the blockchain running. They do the same job as miners on Bitcoin or Ethereum, but using a different process called Delegated Proof of Stake.

Thank you for this, you just save the confusion I have over a month. :D

Of course I'll vote. Thanks for your support and curation.

Have culled all of my witness votes going to 'teams'. It is nice that you have a connection to @curie. For that reason you get their old vote, @liberosist.

Have a good start @liberorist, maybe it was fate:) I will vote for you, keep up the good work:)

You're one of the best curators on Steemit, and being a curator myself with @ocd, I know it's not an easy job supporting authors or discovering content. Regardless, you do a wonderful job.
I know you will do good for steemit, voted and all the best!

Active curation and supporting good coffee strike me as better reasons to support a witness than knowing they built the fastest node currently residing in a robot castle on the dark side of the Moon...

you are in my list of witness already. Nice one @liberosist

Voted! Keep up the curation work and enjoy the coffee! ;-)

Well you've certainly got my vote.

I study the witness and be very comfortable with the person idea and plans for steemit community before voting ...however lot of great people here, upped.
your post on steem power inspired me to write my new post ...check it out, I referenced you there. More success to you


Voted and resteemed; you obviously put hard work into this platform and I feel we can trust you to care for our interests.

'Humblebrag'; what a word! You have my vote that alone!

Have a good coffee time!)))