@rival - Meet The Witnesses #48


#48 - @rival

Rival is a diligent blogger, and he posts weekly witness updates that cover not only his technical situation, but also which projects he is helping with or sponsoring, and any important posts he has made that week.

Rival is a friendly Steemian, who I have had the pleasure of chatting with in the comments of my own articles. I know he was eagerly hoping I would continue to write witness reports long enough to reach his position, which has moved up from below 50 in recent weeks!

Rival keeps up an impressive posting frequency, with 35 pages on his ChainBB page. He is on day 138 of posting a music recommendation every day. He tends to post most often in the music or photography tags on Steem.


Rival has also been looking for a developer to work on merging an existing game with the Steem blockchain (with additional details TBD).

I would invite him to stop by in the comments and update us on anything he’d like us to know.

Rival holds 2,000 SP and is powering down.

Rival’s Current Witness Update: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@rival/rival-weekly-witness-update-report

Rival’s Original Witness Thread: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@rival/rival-new-witness-on-the-block-chasing-my-dreams

Game: https://steemit.com/steemit/@rival/looking-for-a-developer-please-read

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he does a great job considering he has limited steempower. Glad to see you mention @rival.


Thank you for the nice words.

Thank you for this post and mention my presence on steemit. I love the platform and being a Witness.


Thank you for stopping in to say hello!

@lexiconical you are a great steemain.your post is very helpful .i respect you.go ahead bro.God bless you.

I simply like your post, great presentation and content @lexiconical , and how to see your bar-chart ?


The bar chart is thanks to the Steemit More Info mod, credits to @armandocat


Thank you @lexiconical , I'll check it.

He does looks like doing a great job !
Go on buddy @rival


thank you

Congratulations @lexiconical!
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I see that @rival is very strict and ambitious, according to what you have posted I think he knows his way and his goal, my best wishes for him and for all the researchers of the success,
my regards @lexiconical


thank you

wow i like your post..
This is a wonderful post

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Great job my friend @lexiconical.
Go ahead.best of luck.

Yeah good to see our Dutchy @rival getting some well deserved attention