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RE: [증인 출마 선언문] DEV.SUPPORTERS를 소개합니다

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Education on the operation of this blockchain and all the processes of the rules of working in the code are of great importance as many users like me have recently witness. Not only the informatic implications or economic, but it's been emotionaly difficult beeing in this process. People on this team have been admirable strong and deserve all the respect on the steem ecosystem. It's time to move on and bring some good projects and ideas. Maybe you can find interest in some developers that have been in steem in the years that this blockchain have been working. I'm not dev expertice but I remember beeing impressed by this contributor some years ago: @ontofractal

Also I'll take the opportunity to present to your team with a little project of my own, thinking in constructing a better space for creation and also learning about the principles of using a blockchain. If you find time it would be great to count with your input and advice and if you like please to share.

Best wishes for your witness project, it's already voted!

KNITRIAS PROJECT | Definition and Roadmap


We will look into your project. Thank you for dropping by!

Thanks for your kind response, @Glory7!! It will be great to see the development of this blockchain going forward!!
Send my best wishes for all the projects!!

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