Witness Update: Steem Cache

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have set up a new service on my webserver for the use of my fellow witnesses and aspiring witness operators:

Steem Cachealpha

Click here to see the witness_data_dir/blockchain folder on a Steem Seed Node running also on my web server. You can use this to quickly get new witness node up and running by downloading it with wget or curl into the witness_data_dir/blockchain folder.

To download with wget use the following commands:

cd /path/to/witness_data_dir/blockchain
wget -c http://projectinception.lt/steemcache/{block_log.index,block_log}

My webserver VPS is also running a minimal witness that only serves as a Seed Node. You can use it in your steemd config.ini file:


We can't code here! This is Whale country!

Vote #1 l0k1

Go to steemit.com/~witnesses to cast your vote by typing l0k1 into the text entry at the bottom of the leaderboard.

(note, my username is spelled L Zero K One or Lima Zero Kilo One, all lower case)

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gives me

probably you're aware of this but haven't had time to get to it. FIgured I'd let you know.


you added a hyphen. https://projectinception.lt

Thanks for this useful service! (@gtg also provides this but redundancy is always good.)


I may have to do a memory upgrade to make it work, it's syncing with no plugins or api's except witness, and only getting about 40% through replay after about 10 hours running... The files I will resync once a da or so until I have got the witness fully operational. I also think I need to make sure that it's not going to try and take on the job of processing a block though I doubt it would respond fast enough to beat the other server with 16gb and shared file in /dev/shm.

I am starting to understand how the witness really needs to be dead idle to catch a block, I am going to take the tor router off the witness server and also see what else I have left on it that shouldn't be.


Getting steemd running these days is even tougher than it used to be, and it used to be very tough.

What's the next step with your webservery? Is it always better to rent the hardware?

added as seed.